The Creative Arts Academy consists of 3 Categories

  • School Band
  • Performing Arts Academy
  • Dance Academy

School Band

The School band are a group of able musicians who meet once a week to make music together. Any student who can play an instrument, whether it is piano, guitar, violin or voice, is invited to join this group. We rehearse once a week and frequently perform at various school events.

For more information regarding the school band please contact Mr Richard Cramp at [email protected]

Performing Arts Academy

The Performing Arts Academy meets once a week and consists of students who are talented in more than one field of the Performing Arts. This group forms the core when it comes to productions and performances.

For more information regarding the Performing Arts Academy please contact Ms Jackie Feliciano at [email protected]

Annual Performance Schedule

  • Secondary Stage Production in November, 2017

  • Foundation Christmas Performance in December, 2017

  • Primary Stage Production in March, 2018

  • End of year Dance Recital from Dance Academy in June, 2018

Dance Academy

Classes are offered in ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, modern jazz, ballroom/ broadway and cheer leading. We also have the Performing Dance Group which consists of our best dancers. These students frequently perform in productions and across school.

For more information regarding the Dance Academy please contact Ms Fabienne Mester at [email protected]


Baby Ballet For 3-4 year old students. The class includes basic exercises for the little one to develop coordination, rhythmic sensation, body language and body consciousness.

Pink Ballet For 4-5 year old students. Pre-Primary ballet class based on RAD syllabus. The students will start to learn the classical ballet terms and positions. They will develop musicality, body consciousness, flexibility and space awareness.

White Grade Ballet For 6-7 year old students. This class is for beginners based on RAD syllabus Primary and Grade 1. The students will learn the proper ballet terms, positions and moves. They will develop flexibility, space awareness, musicality, energy, control, balance and core strength.

Blue Ballet For 7-9 year old students. This class is for beginners based on RAD syllabus Grade 2. It is recommended for these students to attend twice per week to be able to complete the expectations of this level.

Ballet Fitness Class This class is open to all levels, beginners to Intermediate. The class is based on ballet basics to improve posture, alignment, core strength and flexibility.

Photos from Ballet Dance Recital in Primary Hall, 25 June, 2017

Modern Jazz / Contemporary / Choreography

This class is for beginners to intermediate Secondary students with preferably some ballet basics or gymnastic background. This class is based on basics modern, jazz and contemporary techniques.

Contemporary modern dance is much more broadminded in its discovery of form, technique and musical style. As a technique, Contemporary dance is actually a mixture recycling different styles of dance to find a new angle and to stimulate the students into a creative process by being involved in the research of movements, concept and ideas; students will learn to create a choreography using space, different dynamics, control, emotions and meaning.

Hip-Hop / B’Boy / Free Running

Mini Hip Hop For 6-7 year old students in Year 1-2. This class is for young Primary students to learn easy break dancing using top rock, down rock, power moves and freezes on hip-hop, funk music and break beats found in varieties of music with certain ranges of tempo and beat patterns.

Hip Hop Junior For 8-9 and 10-11 year old students in Year 3-4 and Year 5-6. This class for Primary students to learn Break dancing using top rock, down rock, power moves and freezes on hip-hop, funk music and break beats found in varieties of music with certain ranges of tempo and beat patterns.

Hip-Hop Secondary Open class This class is open to students with no or little experience based on basics hip-hop moves with the dance routines more or less complicated adapted to different level group within the same class.

Free Running / B’Boy Open Class Open to all levels. This class is an acrobatic and athletic discipline learning B’boy tricks (street dance) and learning to jump, grab and climb with gymnastic equipment.


Cheerleading / Acrobatic_Mini cheerleaders For students in Year 1-2 and intermediate level for Year 3-6. The class is open to all leveled students who are athletic, dancers, acrobats. It’s an intense sport activity; students will learn to tumble, dance, and jump and will have the opportunity to cheer HeadStart sports teams at some of their Football and Basket Ball games, but also they will be participating to dance events organized by the Dance Academy.

Cheerleading Academy For students with a good acrobatic level who have been selected to train a few time per week under special conditions to represent HeadStart International School in competition and Sport events at a higher level.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics For 3-5 year old students (Foundation students). In this class, students will explore a range of movements using steps, gestures, coordination, formations, body shapes, acrobatics, contact work, and contrasts in dynamic and rhythmic patterning. They will demonstrate creativity by incorporating control, rhythm, timing and aesthetics into sequences.

Aerial (Silk Loop)

This class combines strength and technique training on fabric and hoop to develop the fundamentals of movement on Aerial apparatus. Student from primary and secondary at any fitness level can start. This class includes an aerial conditioning, acrobatics and deep stretching; a class that will give the student the strength to perform tricks with grace and confidence.

HeadStart Dance Performing Group (HDPG)

This is for students with an intermediate to advanced dance technique level in one or few disciplines (ballet / Jazz / Hip Hop / Contemporary / ballroom) and with the right attitude towards learning, improving and working technically all around different techniques. To be part of this group, students need to audition and sign a contract of loyalty and commitment. They will need to train 3 to 5 hours per week within the schedule provided for the year. The dancers of HDPG will be involved in the CAPA production (Musical Theatre, Creative Art Week), internal and external potential events, Dance competition and End of the Year Dance Recital.

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