Activity Gallery

Year 13 Visits Reception Students

Three Year 13 English Language students, Anastasia, Hyerin and Ken, paired up with three students at the other end of the spectrum in Reception Yellow: Pun, Jazzy and Aaron. The Year 13s are currently studying a module in Child Language Acquisition, learning how babies and children come to pick up the grammatical structures of the English language. Needless to say, they wish it was fairy tales and not A-Level exams waiting for them in May of this year. By Mr Ed Dixon

Themed Learning Activities

In Reception we used cotton wool to grow our own beans and put them into plastic bags on the window so we can watch them grown in the bags like a greenhouse effect. We have been observing them all week and noticing the changes. We can write sentences about what we see and use full sentences to describe the changes. Because of how the beanstalk grows, we have been doing measurement as well. We measured the beanstalk using Jack and the Giant’s footprints and counting to 20. Did you know that Jack used more footprints to climb because his were smaller? We learnt that! We also traced around our feet and used beans to measure how long our feet are. ​​ By Ms Candice Smithie

Visit to the Botanic Garden

The Early Years students visited the Phuket Botanic Garden as our learning topic was ‘In the Garden’. We loved exploring lots of different types of gardens. We looked at beautiful flowers, found huge leaves, watched the fish in the lake and were very careful around the cacti! The children’s favourite part was walking behind the big waterfall! By Ms Holly & Ms Amy

Holi Festival

Reception classes celebrated Holi, the Hindu festival of colour. We’ve been learning about all the exciting festivals in the world as part of our Religious Education lessons. Thank you so much to the parents for sending in messy clothes for the children to join in, we all had a crazily colourful time!

Reception Graduation to Primary

Super Heroes

Reception classes have had a super smashing time studying Super Hero’s topic. To celebrate the end of our topic we dressed as Super Heros for the day, and used our super powers for good within the playground.

Hospital Visit

Reception classes visited Phuket International Hospital to see what the Doctors and nurses do there. We learnt about X-rays, the emergency room, the dentist, and got to try out some of the equipment in the rehabilitation center.

Teddy Picnic and Dress Up

To celebrate World Book Day, we dressed up as our favourite book character. We also bought our teddy bears into school and had a teddy bears picnic.

Reception Visits the Bird park

Reception Visits the Rubber Farm

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