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Myriam Adams

Music Teacher
[email protected]

My name is Astrid Myriam Adams and I’m originally from Switzerland with a British dual Nationality. From a young age I had the privilege of attending schools where singing and music were widely practiced and held an important place in the curriculum. As a teenager I learned to play guitar as accompaniment to contemporary songs. After moving eastward and experiencing the delightful Thai culture in Bangkok for some years, I relocated to the Middle East. There I participated in regional music festivals and concerts, performing as a singer and back-up vocalist. In cooperation with local NGOs, my husband and I worked to bring meaningful entertainment to underprivileged children. The Ministry of Education in Damascus sponsored our team to create and perform a children’s theatre/music play: “Clown Treasures.” This presentation was also adopted by FIRDOS as a mobile show in order to bring live performances to children in remote villages. I always believed that music is a powerful healer. As part of BASMA’s psychological relief program, I contributed engaging musical activities at a large children’s hospital ward for five years and was instrumental in introducing TRAP, “The Rhythmic Arts Project,” to the region. In 2012, I trained as a facilitator of Music Together, an early childhood music & movement program, and launched weekly parent/child classes, popular with 75 attending expat families, at Enana Ballet Academy and Doha Int’l School in Qatar for a period of two years. Believing that all children are musical, I have trained in the Kodaly method of teaching music for Foundation Stages, and also hold a Child Development certificate from ncfe in the UK. In the past two years, I have enjoyed making music accessible and a joyful experience to young children, and I look forward to continue inspiring a love of singing through all means available, which are many at Headstart’s new campus.

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