At HeadStart we aim to stimulate students’ minds, as well as to encourage them to push beyond perceived traditional academic boundaries.

We use the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum as the basis of our English, Mathematics and Science instruction.

The Cambridge International Primary Programme gives schools all over the world the framework to develop Mathematics, English and Science skills and knowledge in young children.  The Primary Programme provides guidance for curriculum development and classroom teaching and learning and it allows teachers to assess children’s learning as they progress.
All our other subjects are based on the English National Curriculum from the UK.  At HeadStart all our primary students study: Humanities (Geography and History); Personal Social Health Education and Citizenship; Physical Education and Swimming; Art; Music; Information and Communication Technology; Languages.

Well-rounded education

In order to achieve these goals, HeadStart uses balanced and challenging educational programmes developed by educational specialists from around the world. We deliver a well-rounded personalised educational experience. Priding ourselves in being a community school, emphasising individual learning, we are able to offer academic rigor within a compassionate and nurturing environment.

Technology in the classroom and beyond

HeadStart school is committed to learning through technology.  In our primary school we have subscribed to a variety of websites, all accessible from home to assist the students with their learning.
Underpinning our mathematics tuition, HeadStart students use the MyiMaths online teaching and support system which is used in over 65% of UK schools. MyiMaths provides a selection of interactive tools for learning, assessment, personalization and collaboration.

Raz-kids gives you hundreds of animated, leveled eBooks spanning 27 levels of difficulty. Engage kids at their reading level and in their area of interest 24/7. Web access at home or school gives them the practice they need to become better, more confident readers.  All primary students at HeadStart have their own RAZ-kids account. is transforming teaching and learning, helping to improve children’s education. Interactive learning resources cover the core subjects of Literacy, Maths, Science, and French for our young learners in Years 1 and 2.

BoardWorks is used to assist the teaching in learning in our classrooms for a variety of subjects.  Through interactive PowerPoint presentations and activity sheets students can get actively involved in their learning about science, geography, history and many other subjects.

Small classes

In accordance with this strategy we offer small classes with low student-to-teacher ratios that offer students the opportunity to increase their personal knowledge, to build positive attitudes, develop character, practice acceptable social habits and foster positive teaching and learning. Teachers at HeadStart encourage research skills to promote self-reliance and initiative

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Students not proficient in English will be assessed on their English-language skills. These students are assigned to spend four periods a week attending EAL lessons according to their ability. Both students and parents are encouraged to make every effort in developing these skills which are essential to students’ day-to-day school learning and activities.


The main textbooks used within class are listed below. Each class has a set of these books which the students will use during the relevant lessons at school. Some parents may wish to purchase these books for their children to use at home.

In the table below, you will see the ISBN number of each book, the Title and the cost of each book should you wish to purchase these books directly through the school. To purchase a book, please collect an order form from the school’s main office and take this to Mr Andrew Whittaker (Deputy Head of Primary) in order to check that the school has the book in stock. He will then arrange the purchase of the book for you.

You may wish to purchase the book yourself through Amazon or other online retailer, in which case, you may find the ISBN number in the table useful to ensure you have the correct book.