Student Council

The Student Council is a representative body that meets on the last Friday of every month. The Student Council is made up of two representative students elected from each homeroom.

The purpose of the Student Council is as follows:

  1. Represent student feelings, opinions, and interests.
  2. Give students a share in decision making.
  3. Encourage students to participate in school activities.
  4. Help students understand and accept their role in school government.

Issues discussed at Student council meetings range from school jackets, the Coffee Shop in the new school, afternoon snacks for Secondary students and lockers for students at the new school.

The Student Council has an impact around the school. For example, due to issues raised by the Student Council, there is now an additional water fountain at the astro pitch, there is a wider selection of vegetarian options at lunch time and Secondary students now receive an afternoon snack on a Friday.

‘Students thrive on the leadership opportunities available. The student council plays a full and active part in making improvements in the school. The councillors feel listened to and know that their suggestions will be given full consideration. Their impact is evident across most aspects of the school; from their concern for car park attendants to wear high visibility jackets, to further improvements to the healthy meals on offer, to curriculum changes such as extra PE time for Years 10 and 11 and changes to the ICT IGCSE syllabus choice options.’ Education Development Trust (EDT) Accreditation Report, June 2017

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Rory Wilson

Year 5 Yellow

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Abigail Page

Year 5 Yellow

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Lukas Fisher

Year 5 Blue

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Danielle Lynch

Year 5 Blue

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Charles Callens

Year 6 Yellow

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Jessica Gysin

Year 6 Yellow

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Mantana Gires

Year 6 Blue

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Kirill Kochetkov

Year 6 Blue

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Joseph Parsons

Year 7 Yellow

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Aneeta Mettapanyalert

Year 7 Yellow

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Roy Caspi

Year 7 Blue

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Supicha Songpetchmongkol

Year 7 Blue

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Calvin van der Laan

Year 8 Yellow

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Nattamon Limcharoen

Year 8 Yellow

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Shane Walters

Year 8 Blue

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Delia Baltes

Year 8 Blue

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Lika Shervashidze

Year 9 Yellow

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Emmie Parsons

Year 9 Yellow

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Sandi Davies

Year 9 Blue Prefect

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Joe Miller

Year 9 Blue

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Anton Kvitkin

Year 10 Yellow

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Sarah Ngarmseang

Year 10 Yellow

Square 3fa5af53 a9e9 4ffb 8b1d 7476456e0ec9

Eve Whittaker

Year 10 Blue

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Jinna Phaisamran

Year 10 Blue

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Natasha Chaloemtoem

Year 11 Yellow

Square e70a60db 896e 4ee2 9f82 8cdf1219fd8e

Vladimir Vladimirov

Year 11 Yellow

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Kim Bomnuri

Year 11 Blue

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Thanadon Tantivit

Year 11 Blue

Square d297f946 8344 4d4e 9d7a 359e0286e4d6

Karina Abday

Sixth Form

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Ken Rotman

Sixth Form

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