Student Leadership

Head Boy and Head Girl

The Head Boy & Head Girl are considered to be role models and must act accordingly. They are chosen from students who exemplify good behavior, grades and attendance. They supervise the Prefects and ensure their duties are being carried out. The Head Boy & Girl may be asked to represent the school at public events and may be asked to make speeches. It is the highest honor the school can give to any student.

The selection process for Head Boy & Head Girl involves each candidate collecting two nominations from two different teachers to demonstrate that they are suitable candidates. Candidates also must write a personal statement, explaining why they are the best choice for the position. Each candidate is interviewed by the Head of Pastoral Care. In the interviews each candidate will be asked a number of questions relating to the role of Head Boy & Head Girl. The final decision rests with the Head and Deputy Head of Secondary.

The role of Head boy and Head Girl includes jobs such as running and organizing the Student Council, supervising the Prefects. In addition, the Head Boy & Head Girl will participate in flag raising, talking to the whole school about various issues, giving speeches at award ceremonies and other events in the school throughout the year.


Introduction by Kim Bomnuri, Prefect in Year 12

Prefects are not someone who restricts a student’s behaviour at school, but are there to be a guide and a role model to follow. Consequently, being a prefect essentially requires certain characteristics. Responsibility, awareness, leadership, fluent communication, and being present at all times are some of the features which, in my opinion, a prefect should have.

A strong prefect tries their best to communicate well with everyone with a bright smile in the school and isn’t afraid to question, suggest and advise some of their peers. They should also demonstrate the appropriate attitudes that are important to follow, such as giving the maximum effort to all the tasks set from teachers, parents, classmates and of course, within.

Being a prefect at Headstart is an honor, a valuable experience and another motivational task for any student to put maximum effort into.

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Morgan Kieffer

Head Boy

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Isabel Fruehwirth

Head Girl

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Enzo Couture

Deputy Head Boy

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Luybov Omelchenko

Deputy Head Girl

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Sean Byrne

Senior Prefect

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Anastasia Emelianova

Senior Prefect

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Athena Butler

Senior Prefect

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Elliott Lovotti

Music Prefect

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Music Prefect

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Phillip Westling

Computing Prefect

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Vladimir Vladimirov

Computing Prefect

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Nikol Smirnovaite

Sport Prefect

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Ebba Assard

Sport Prefect

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Andrea Martinez

Sport Prefect

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Nattanicha Chaloemtoem

Sport Prefect

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Bomnuri Kim

Sports Prefect

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Jenny Park

Journalist Prefect

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Hye Rin Cho

Journalist Prefect

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Thanadon Tantivit

English and Humanities Prefect

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Denalyn Kwok

English and Humanities Prefect

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