Our Academic Staff members are at the very heart of our School. It is their enthusiasm and commitment in providing learning to our students that inspires our high standards and continued success.

HeadStart’s over 70 specialist teachers have British, Australian, US or similar internationally recognised qualifications which include Bachelor and Master Degrees and Doctorates. They bring with them a wealth of current experience from their home countries and from other international schools. Teachers in Foundation and Primary School are supported by a team of qualified teaching assistants.

The dedication and commitment of our Operational Staff in supporting the day-to-day running of HeadStart ensures that our students receive the very best in learning and extra-curricular activities.

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Indu Bedi

Head of English and Humanities Faculty
[email protected]

My name is Indu Bedi. I have just joined HeadStart International and I am very excited to become a member of a dedicated team of professionals to contribute to the continued success of the school. I learnt my craft as a teacher in England and have taught for twenty years, first in London and then internationally. I am also an experienced Senior Leader, Head of Faculty and a certified Teacher Trainer; I have led teacher training programmes in the UK and internationally. I have a genuine interest in how our pedagogical approaches in the classroom can be developed to enhance the learning of all students. As a teacher and leader, I am a strong believer in the growth mindset; I believe intelligence can be grown through using the right methods to teach and through developing student self belief. I am also passionate about creating effective life long learners through making learning as transparent as possible so students know what steps to take to ensure their own success. With these key ingredients, choosing the right methods to teach, nurturing the growth mindset and making learning transparent, I believe my students not only achieve academic success but also leave school with a belief in themselves as effective learners. I also have a passion for teaching my subject, English, as I believe language and literature lie at the heart of individual empowerment. The study of language allows us to understand how language is used and how to become effective users of language for our own purposes, this is central to success in the world beyond the school gates. The study of literature, whilst contributing to improved language skills also develops intelligence and imagination as well as touching us on a personal level. I look forward to working with the English and Humanities team to continue to develop learning and teaching in our disciplines as well as playing my part to inspire a love of learning in my capacity as a teacher and Head of Faculty. I also look forward to working in partnership with the students and parents of HeadStart International School to ensure the academic success of the students who attend this school.

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Hayley Milner

[email protected]

My name is Hayley and I am looking forward to continuing to work with staff and students from around the world with such a diverse range of cultures. My passion is working with children and youth in the context of language, literature and drama. Following the completion of my Bachelor of Contemporary Theatre, I completed my PGCE in Secondary English and Drama. I have been teaching Drama and English for nine years and in this time held the positions of Drama Co-ordinator and Literacy Leader in the Creative Arts. I have recently completed a Master’s in Education in School Guidance Counselling. I aim to provide each child with a safe and supportive environment where they can feel comfortable to be themselves and develop social independence and collaboration. I encourage building resilience, courage and curiosity in learning whilst engaging students in a sympathetic, genuine and understanding manner. My personal teaching philosophy for everyday practices focuses on the key areas of self-discovery and individualism, considering the interactions children have with the social and cultural world and differentiating for multiple intelligences. I have a commitment to lifelong learning by continual updating of academic qualifications.

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Edwin Dixon

[email protected]

My name is Edwin and I am extremely excited to start teaching at HeadStart International School. I am originally from Surrey in the UK, a leafy county just outside the capital, but I have lived and taught in London for the past four years. I gained my Bachelor’s degree at Swansea University in 2011 where I read History. After this I taught English in Korea for one year. In 2012 I started my PGCE in English Language and Literature where I trained through the educational charity Teach First. I recently finished my Masters degree in Creative Writing. Language is my most treasured companion. I use literary characters to turn to for friendship. I use themes, messages and motifs to seek advice and guidance. But most importantly, I use words to help me express my thoughts and feelings when I need to be understood. It is these values that I hope to pass on to my students and I look forward to witnessing each pupil at HeadStart find their own individual voice and personality in the classroom. I have seen and heard many positive things about HeadStart, Phuket and Thailand as a whole. I am very grateful to have such a fantastic opportunity and I look forward to being a part of this great success story.

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Carl Osborne

EAL and English Support
[email protected]

My name is Carl Osborne and this will be my fourth year teaching at HeadStart International School, Phuket. I am 34 years old and I come from England, born and raised in a town called Stockport, which is just outside of Manchester in the UK. My hobbies include Football, pencil drawing and cinema. I have been living and teaching in Thailand for the past eight years, four of which right here in Phuket. I have two beautiful daughters in Early Years and Year 3 and my wife Siriyupa also works in Foundation here at HeadStart. I have a PGCEi teaching qualification from the University of Nottingham as well as the Cambridge CELTA English Language Teaching certificate. I am also in the final year of studying for my Masters in Education degree, again with the University of Nottingham. Over the past eight years I have gained valuable experience teaching English in some prestigious schools in Thailand including Chulalongkorn University and now here at HeadStart. Everybody learns at a different pace, and every student has different strengths and weaknesses in the classroom. My goal and purpose for the year is to help my students realise and use their strengths to help them overcome their weaknesses, in order for them to move forward, and make strides with their use of the English language.

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Heather Lucass

Head of Sixth Form
[email protected]

My name is Heather Lucass and I am from Cheshire in the UK. I studied the Sciences at A-Level along with Art and Psychology, and later graduated with an honours degree in Psychology and Law. From this I began working at my old high school as a teaching assistant for 2 years, while completing Post-Graduate study in Chemistry. I decided to combine my passion for Chemistry and enthusiasm for working with young people by completing a PGCE in Secondary Science with Chemistry Specialism at Liverpool John Moores University. Shortly after completing my PGCE, I secured my first post as a Teacher of Chemistry at a local high school and college. I have been teaching for 3 years and have been fortunate enough to have had a number of additional roles such as working as a Teaching and Learning Coordinator and a year group Achievement Leader which have helped me to continually develop my skills as a teacher. I love to travel and really enjoy the outdoors; having grown up with horses and dogs, when I was 18, I jumped at the opportunity to work on a ranch in California, teaching children to ride horses. I have also travelled extensively in Europe and spend a lot of my summers in the UK in the Lake District climbing mountains, camping, cycling and kayaking. I have completed a number of triathlons and have successfully competed in Bikejoring championships back in England. When I’m not feeling so energetic I love to paint and read; I am also a keen photographer. I have been fortunate enough to have some of my art work displayed in exhibitions back in the UK. I am really looking forward to exploring all that Phuket has to offer and continuing to pursue my interests here. I am extremely excited about the opportunity to teach Chemistry at HeadStart. I am passionate about nurturing young people’s innate curiosity about the world and leading them on a journey to greater understanding. I believe Chemistry is a fascinating subject and I aim to create a collaborative and inclusive learning environment for my students, helping them to feel confident and able to push themselves to achieve beyond their expectations.

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Letitia Bekker

[email protected]

My name is Letitia and I am from South Africa. I completed my degree in BSc Chemistry and PGCE at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. I have a passion for young people and through teaching I want to make a difference in students’ lives. I firmly believe in student oriented education where learners must be fully involved in their education and I am willing to go the extra mile for each learner. My teaching experience in South Africa included working at IMPAK as a part-time teacher while completing my studies after which I moved, as a full time teacher to Hoërskool Warmbad which is a parallel medium High school teaching Mathematics and Physical Science. Besides teaching I love to travel, scuba dive and to camp. In 2015 my husband and I decided to move to Thailand where I taught Primary Science at an English programme school in Rayong. The dream was always to live in Phuket and work at an International school. I was overjoyed when given the opportunity to join the Mathematics team at HeadStart in January 2016. I am looking forward to continue working with staff and students from around the world and cannot wait to see what the new academic year holds.

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Craig O'nions

[email protected]

I am an English speaking Mathematics teacher from the UK, and I have lived in various places around England, Germany and Northern Ireland as my family is part of the British Military. Outside of school I am interested in sports, particularly rugby, golf and cricket but I have expanded my interests to football and badminton since living in Thailand. I chose to study Mathematics at Portsmouth University, where I spent my summers as an Activity Manager for Italian school students. I enjoyed working with young people and I realised my passion for teaching, returning to Portsmouth University to qualify as a Teacher of Mathematics. Since then, I have enjoyed teaching Mathematics at GCSE and A-Level at two contrasting schools where I have had the chance to enhance and vary my teaching styles. Good skills in Mathematics are important in day-to-day life and I believe students can progress quickest with a varied approach to learning. I am hugely excited to be continuing my career at HeadStart and look forward to further contributing to the success of the students at the school academically and through the Duke of Edinburgh International Award which I am coordinating this year.

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Richard Cramp

[email protected]

Hi, my name is Rich and I’ve been teaching History at HeadStart International School for one year. Previously, I was an English and History teacher at Bromsgrove International School in Bangkok. My experience as a KS3 and KS4 English and History teacher, along with a strong EAL background, has given me the tools to effectively teach students of differing abilities from all over the world. I am also in a position to empathise with international school students, having been one myself (I spent my first 12 years in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan). As HeadStart’s KS3 and KS4 History teacher, I will be ensuring that all students are not only learning the curriculum, but do so in a lively classroom that inspires a love of history while developing crucial historical enquiry skills, such as interpreting sources and analysing cause and consequence. Students will be expected to do individual and group tasks and peer learning will be encouraged. My philosophy is that every student has a potential that must be nurtured and encouraged. I do this by trying to instil self-belief in every learner, which in turn ignites his or her curiosity and motivation. In an increasingly globalised world, a sense of identity, independence and creativity is paramount to forging the best start in life and I model this in my teaching. I recognise that different students have different learning needs and styles, therefore my approach is varied to ensure that no student is left behind. Apart from teaching, other passions include environmental activism, music (listening and composing), travel and being a consistently disappointed Tottenham Hotspur fan. To be able to live near the coast and teach a subject I’m so passionate about is fantastic. My wife and I are enjoying teaching and living in Phuket, especially because the lifestyle here gives our son an opportunity to grow up in the great outdoors.

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David Cook

Head of Science Faculty
[email protected]

I am the Head of the Faculty of Science here at HeadStart and am a new appointment for this academic year. For the past 7 years I have worked at Westminster city school in London, and for the last three as Head of Science. My own specialism is Physics which I studied at University College London, although I am passionate about all three disciplines as a study of the world around us fascinates me. Before moving into teaching I previously worked in finance for some years. I believe that outstanding results are driven by outstanding teachers who really inspire and cultivate a passion for learning in the students they teach and I look forward to leading this approach within the science faculty at HeadStart. I also believe that to inspire a love of the subject it’s application in real life should also be experienced and in the past I have lead my team in offering a wide range of extra-curricular trips and clubs relating to science including biology field trips, an annual visit to CERN in Geneva and many visits to London institutions and lectures. I hope to recreate similar experiences here in Phuket. I have also developed some super-curricular activities for students, guiding them in individual research projects based on areas of interest they have in their subject areas, a real help for university applications. I believe a school is not purely about delivering academic content but making learning fun and developing young minds to be the scientists and engineers of tomorrow. I am really looking forward to getting this academic year underway, meeting you all and sharing in your success.

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Patrick Brown

[email protected]

My name is Patrick Brown, I am from Rochester, Kent England. I graduated with a BSc from The University of London. After working at Greenwich University for 18 years I completed a TEFL course in 1999 and then went on to a PGCE at Canterbury Christchurch University in 2006. I have worked for 8 years teaching science in the UK, 6 of them as Deputy Head of Science. I’m currently looking forward to my third year teaching at Headstart. I am also looking forward to helping pupils develop their skills in scientific enquiry and critical thinking, which I firmly believe help to enrich their overall experience in life and important decisions they will make in it. I am a keen cyclist and photographer and have put both these skills to good use on this beautiful island.

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Paddy O'Hagan

[email protected]

My name is Paddy and I’m originally from County Armagh in Ireland. During the summer of 2015 I travelled to Thailand and was blown away by its outstanding natural beauty and the friendliness of its people. I decided that it would be the perfect destination to make my new home and embark on the next chapter of my teaching career. I am extremely excited by the prospect of working at HeadStart International School. My passion for Science led me to study Biomedical Science at Queen’s University Belfast. After graduation I decided teaching was the ideal vocation. In 2011 I moved to Liverpool where I completed a PGCE in Secondary Science at Edge Hill University. Following this I secured a teaching position and moved to London. The last four years have been an invaluable experience, which has enabled me to develop a range of different teaching styles. My own teaching philosophy fully engages with the idea that every child should have a fair chance of success and be given every possible opportunity to learn. I want to help young people develop an enquiring mind and high self-esteem. In essence I believe teaching should be about guiding pupils to discovery and not just the facilitation of information. I am looking forward to getting started this academic year and meeting the rest of the HeadStart community.

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Narumon Kunjun

Science Technician
[email protected]

My name is Nidchapad Malarat. My nickname is Bo. I graduated from Prince of Songkhla University Phuket Campus where I achieved my Bachelor of Arts degree in Thai Studies International Program in 2013. After graduated, I applied for a position as a Teacher Assistant at British International school. I worked there for a year. I gained a lot of experiences, then I decided to get more experience by working as a full time teacher at Phuketwittayalai school. I started to teach social studies in Senior High school Level. My main responsibility was teaching and being a secretary of social studies Department, Including I was helping Academic Department as an administrator. During I was working I was studying my master degree at Bangkok Thonburi University in Faculty of Education. Next, I applied for a position at HeadStart International school a Thai Teacher. I am appreciating of the opportunity that I have been given by HeadStart International school. I have been teaching Thai as a first language in level Year 6 - Year 9. I got a great experience and met several native students everyday and make me happy to do that. I have been allowed to develop my knowledge and skills to become more professional in my career. In addition, I have been trusted by parents, colleagues and students. This enables me to become more enthusiastic teacher and stimulate me pleasantly. I'd like to thank you for the great opportunity. I am very proud to be a member of the professional team of educators at HeadStart International school. I look forward to working with staff, students and parents of HeadStart International school achieve success honorably.

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Peter Mason

Head of ICT
[email protected]

I am delighted to have joined the HeadStart team to fill the post of Head of Computing, Business and Technology. I have 10 years of industrial experience and now 12 years of teaching and inspiring young minds, seven years of which were within one school in London, UK. Whist employed in London I became an experienced middle leader responsible to the ICT Faculty. I led, managed and contributed to the running of a strong Faculty, the academic successes of the students increased year-on- year and the whole school ICT development. The social and emotional successes of students are important to me along with the academics. With experience up to A-level in ICT and IGCSE in Business Studies I have followed the standards set by; AQA, Edexcel, British Computer Society and Cambridge International Examinations in Thailand and Malaysia. Inspiring values for life My primary aim with every student is to foster a good working relationship. When this is in place, learning is better and the implied life-skills are also learned. In my lessons I promote wellbeing so that students are happy, secure and confident; in turn they can see they are being valued for their individuality. In treating every student in this way, each student can develop spiritual and moral values, self-discipline, responsibility and respect for themselves, others and the environment. In my view all members of staff need to be energetic, passionate about their subject and committed to the value of an all-round education. In extending this I would hope it develops into a positive and inclusive relationship is nurtured with parents, school, and the wider community. I focus my reflective practices on students achieving their academic potential through outstanding teaching which is forward-looking, encourages independent thinking and lays the foundations for lifelong learning. I have enjoyed working with students from primary through to secondary school on an extra-curricular and enrichment level. I believe in an education that offers a wide range of enriching, enjoyable and challenging activities, which stimulate and develop the interests of each child, and promote healthy lifestyles. I am looking forward to getting started this academic year at HeadStart Phuket and hope to add to the successes already present in the school and continue to develop an inclusive learning environment.

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Stuart Stephens

[email protected]

My name is Stuart and I am from the UK. I grew up in the model village of Bournville, famous for Cadburys Chocolate. I have an Honours Degree in Business & Information Technology Education from Brighton University and am an alumnus of King Edward VI Five Ways School in Birmingham. I am very excited to be joining Headstart this year after helping set up two new schools, Epsom College in Malaysia and Dulwich College in China. I have also previously been Head of ICT & Computing at prestigious schools in The Bahamas, Vietnam and Thailand. I have extensive experience of working with Whole School Leadership Teams on initiatives and ongoing improvement, particularly in the field of ICT. I have taught children from 5-18 years both in the UK and Internationally. My teaching experience has been mostly in the English National Curriculum though I have experience of teaching curricula from other countries. I am also International Baccalaureate qualified. I strongly believe the English National Curriculum provides the best all-round education for young learners. I am passionate about promoting the use of ICT as a tool for learning and integrating the use of ICT to assist learning in all areas of the curriculum. I am very much looking forward to being part of the Headstart community and intend to settle in the wonderful country of Thailand. I am a qualified cricket coach and enjoy swimming and playing golf. My passion outside teaching is cooking and I have managed restaurants in the UK, Thailand and China. I also enjoy organising Trivia Quiz evenings.

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Michael Hurley

Business Studies
[email protected]

My name is Michael Hurley. I am from the United Kingdom, born in London, England. In January 2013 I moved to Thailand, fulfilling a long held ambition to live and work overseas. I began teaching at HeadStart International School in August, 2013. My specialist subject is Business Studies. I received my Business Degree from Sussex University, England, in 1998. Following this I qualified as a Secondary School Teacher, having successfully completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at Roehampton University in 1999. Since this time I have taught Business Studies GCSE, A Level and vocational courses to students aged fourteen to eighteen. Prior to joining HeadStart International School, I enjoyed working at a large and very successful state comprehensive secondary school just outside of London for eight years. During this time I held the post of Second in Charge of Department. I am totally committed to supporting my students and seeing them excel. I sincerely believe in the ability of every individual to achieve and enjoy success through hard work, dedication and perseverance. This long held belief has led to students in my classes consistently exceeding expectations. Most recently, those in my Year 11 iGCSE Business Studies class performed exceedingly well in their recent summer examinations. Their personal success fuels my passion and commitment. It is a real pleasure living in Thailand, Phuket, and working at HeadStart International School. I very much look forward to the challenges and rewards the year will bring. I can be contacted at: [email protected]

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Simon Lowcock

[email protected]

My name is Simon Lowcock, and I am from Leeds, England. I completed my BA (Hons) degree at De Montfort University, Leicester and my PGCE at the University of London. It is with great enthusiasm that I join the HeadStart teaching team as the Secondary School Geography Teacher. I am a highly compassionate, motivated and innovative teaching professional, with over 18 years of hands-on teaching experience. Previously I have taught at International Schools in Oman, Qatar, Malaysia and Koh Samui, Thailand. I believe that High School is a truly defining experience and vitally important for growth, learning and understanding. I have a proven track record of inspiring a passion for learning in my students; to surpass their educational expectations and to take their learning opportunities beyond the classroom. I thoroughly appreciate that Phuket is truly a great location for teaching Geography. I plan to actively encouraging my students to develop and apply their practical geographical enquiry skills to the real world through fieldwork studies and investigations! Besides my passions for teaching and travel, I am a keen sports enthusiast. I relish the opportunities presented on Phuket such as mountain biking, water sports (especially snorkeling, kayaking and SUP) and Muay Thai boxing. (I also have a love of Thai food!) I am very much looking forward to creating active, enjoyable and educational experiences at HeadStart that will enable me to make a valuable contribution to your prestigious school!

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Angela Sornhiran

Design and Technology
[email protected]

My name is Angela Sornhiran, I am from Liverpool, England. I graduated with a BSc Hons in Design Technology with QTS from Edge Hill College, Lancaster University. I went on to study an MA(Ed) in Education Management through the Open University. I have taught Design Technology for 15 years in the UK, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and Bangkok Thailand. I greatly enjoyed my first year teaching subject Design Technology at Headstart, and I am looking forward to seeing the wonderful designs and products the students will make this year. Everything around us from the food we eat and the clothes we wear to the buildings we live in has been produced by design and technological activities. The study of Design Technology (DT) is a highly exciting and relevant subject that enables students to make sense of and understand the technologies enjoyed by our society today. DT aims to give students the skills to thrive, adapt and participate creatively in technologies which are still evolving while also highlighting the environmental responsibilities associated with design. I enjoy cooking, watching movies, swimming arts & crafts and spending time with husband and young daughter.

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Jacqueline Feliciano

[email protected]

Hi, my name is Jackie and I am Brazilian-American. I was actively involved in my church and school choirs from an early age, and it was clear that music was my passion. In high school I became the student conductor of our prestigious Camelot Choir for mixed voices, conducting a variety of styles and participating in various music festivals in the state of Florida. I completed my high school diploma and started intensive Musical Theatre training at New World School of the Arts. The highlight of my two years there was being the assistant conductor for the main stage production of Steven Sondheim’s Company. I then transferred to the Florida International University, where I received my Bachelors of Arts in Music Vocal Performance. Since then I have performed in many opera productions, including Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, Norma by Vincenzo Bellini and Cricketing, a new children’s opera by Kristine Burns. In 2003 I sang with Seraphic Fire, Miami’s first professional vocal ensemble, performing in various venues around South Florida. I have helped prepare musical numbers and conducted church choirs in various religious festivities throughout the years. In 2005 I moved to Florence, Italy, where I continued to develop my musical abilities with world-renowned children’s choir director Joan Yakkey. I sang with her professional vocal ensemble Tempus Floridum for five years, performing concerts throughout Tuscany and Europe. I am ecstatic to start my seventh academic year here in Phuket and I am delighted to be a part of HeadStart’s Creative Arts Department. I hope our talented students continue to shine in our productions and enjoy music as much as I do.

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Kamilah Bilbé

Head of Faculty Creative Arts
[email protected]

As an artist, photographer and educator, I thoroughly enjoy inspiring young artists to expand and explore more challenging horizons and produce artwork of a high quality. I believe that students should be challenged to think critically and question information, ideas and contextual theories through the use of their artwork using digital and traditional media. As children grow they acquire prejudices that they constantly desire to unravel and de-mystify. I find it most exciting, challenging and debating with them through creative activity and discussion. Art harnesses the potential in students to use explorative pathways in order to understand about other cultures and the diverse realities of the world around them. I have trained and worked as an outstanding art, photography and technology teacher whilst taking on additional roles within an art department and across whole school curriculum development and the local community. As a result I have delivered training in areas such as differentiation, activities to engage students and progress tracking methods at staff training days at the school I was previously employed and external local schools and colleges. After obtaining my BA (hons) degree in Fine Art at the University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury where I studied, painting, sculpture, photography, film and installation art, I went on to train for my Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Art and Design at the University of Reading. Whilst teaching full time I decided to enhance my career professional development by undertaking a Masters in Education at the University of Reading. Expeditionary learning, experiential learning, learning styles and alternative communication modes used for assessment are areas of action research studied during my Masters degree. In addition to my passion for art I am devoted to the outdoors. Wild camping, hiking, rock climbing mountain biking, scuba diving, surfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding are some of the many activities that I take part in out of school. For me, time spent in the outdoors can help develop the mind and progress transferable skills. I have accompanied various school trips for camping and skiing where I have witnessed students develop in ways that are inaccessible in the classroom. Learning and development of the whole child is key in my approach of education.

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Kirsty Greenwell

Physical Education
[email protected]

My name is Kirsty and I am very excited to be joining you all at HeadStart International School and in Thailand. I have been to Thailand numerous times for restful holidays, sailing yachts, and backpack travel and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know local people, cuisine and culture. I have come from working in Dubai where I was teaching for six years in both Local Arabic and International Schools to children from 3-18 years. As well as teaching I have taken on roles including Head of Year, Interim Director of Sport and Health and Fitness coordinator. I loved my time in the UAE and would recommend for anyone to visit, work or live and I will miss it dearly but I am keen to meet new people, experience different challenges and more adventure. Before moving to Dubai I taught in both state and Independent Schools in the UK. In 2007 I gained a Bachelor of Education in Secondary with Physical Education degree from Exeter University. I grew up in England in Taunton, Somerset. Taunton is where I took part in many sports but due to time eventually had to narrow it down to Swimming and Hockey. Swim training took up most of my time outside of school, training for four to six hours a day and eventually competing in National events. More recently I have been playing Rugby 7’S for Al Ain Amblers in the UAE and enjoy various fitness and cross-fit classes such as Spinning. I am a motivated and experienced educator with a successful career in teaching both in the UK and abroad. I am committed to excellence in all fields with a consistent track record for raising standards and achieving outstanding lessons. I am keen to help all students enjoy learning, giving them the confidence to explore for themselves as well as have the knowledge to be fit and healthy and enjoy life. I am a positive happy teacher with excellent interpersonal and organisational skills who enjoys new challenges and is passionate about teaching and learning and the development of the whole school. I am looking forward to working at HeadStart and getting to know pupils, parents and teachers and I hope to make a difference to all and inspire a love for learning.

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Ar-tit Benawang

Physical Education Assistant
[email protected]

Qualifications: High School: Padang Besar Tinsulanonda School. Bachelor’s Degree: Institute of Physical Education–Krabi Campus, Exercise and Sport Science Program. Certificate: December 30, 2008 Swimming Coach Level 1 Certificate from “The Thai Swimming Coach Association of Thailand” Impression: I have worked at HEAD START INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL since 2011, for 4 years. It’s my good opportunity that is one of co-operate here. Because I am satisfied with exercise and can play several sports. At HEAD START INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, have several of sports; Baseball, Hoagie, that I had never joined before. At the present time, I can play sports and enjoy with students and be happy work day.

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Nicholas Carter

Physical Education
[email protected]

My name is Nick Carter and I am from Brighton, in the UK. I came to Thailand in 2015, after 6 years of living and teaching P.E. in Stockholm, Sweden (where it snows for six months of the year!). So, it is fair to say that I was ready for a completely different climate change, as well as cultural change. My sporting background is very diverse. I grew up with a passion for playing football, but later, in my teens, I discovered baseball. I made my debut for the Great Britain national baseball squad at the age of 18 and played with the squad for the next 14 years. I also trained as a professional contemporary dancer and toured nationally and internationally for 7 years in numerous dance companies. Although I have many other sporting interests, I want to make it clear that P.E. teachers are not just whistle blowing, basketball bouncing individuals, as I am due to release my first fictional novel (in June, 2015). However, participating in sport, physical activity, and leading a healthy lifestyle are very important to me, and I have enjoyed imparting my knowledge in teaching and coaching environments for over 20 years. I am delighted to have been appointed to the P.E. department at HeadStart and I feel I will be able to introduce the students to many activities they haven't yet fully experienced (due to lack of facilities), such as badminton, gymnastics, dance, pilates, athletics, weight training, etc.  Therefore, moving to the new school site in August 2016 (with all the wonderful new sporting facilities) will allow for a much richer and more diverse Physical Education program to be delivered to the students. For example all secondary year groups (7, 8, 9, 10 and 11) will participate in the following sports activities: Basketball, Football, Softball, Athletics, Swimming, Badminton, Volleyball, Dance and Gymnastics (amongst others).

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Francoise Laosuwan

[email protected]

I am French native teacher from Rive-de-Gier, a small city between Saint-Etienne and Lyon. I love travelling, reading, cooking, gardening, cinema and yoga. I really like to meet different people from different cultures which are probably the reasons why I chose to teach French in my country and later overseas. I graduated from Lyon II University with a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree and a Master’s Degree in French as a Foreign Language. I began my teaching career in France with refugee children, helping them to adapt themselves to the school language and to French practices of daily life. It was an amazing challenge, very enriching professionally and personally. Later I taught in the Czech Republic for two years in different schools at various levels and ages. Ten years ago, I followed my husband to Thailand. Before joining HeadStart in January 2011, the French Alliance sent me to various schools around the island (including HeadStart). I taught students at various levels, ages and motivations to learn French. I was also fortunate to gain an experience working with the Primary Years Program from International Baccalaureate at Phuket International Academy. I am very excited to start this 2016-2017 academic year in HeadStart School, teaching again to secondary students from last year and meeting new ones. Another challenging year in perspective leading students to explore French language and culture!

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Honglian Wang

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NiHao! I am Honglian WANG and my English name is Aileen. I am a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese and have 9 years’ experience teaching students all through preschool, primary and secondary schools. I graduated from Tianjin Foreign Studies University in China with a Bachelor Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. I am certificated in the Qualification for Senior International Chinese Language Teachers and completed the professional development course of Cambridge IGCSE Mandarin Chinese. It is a great pleasure for me to carry forward teaching of Chinese language and culture to HeadStart for the 5th year. It has been lovely to see the way in which the students’ skill and confidence has developed in Mandarin Chinese. I really enjoy working each day with all of our students from multi-cultural backgrounds and discussing various topics relevant to their study. Learn to meet practical needs is one of the most important aspects of my teaching philosophy. By this, I can adjust the learning contents accordingly to different aspects of life and surrounding events of the students and hence encourage students to use the new language in their daily life. Learning another foreign language, especially Chinese, can be challenging but also very rewarding and exciting. In my own experience, students always feel excited and contented when they can express their thoughts and talk about themselves in Chinese. Learning Chinese is fun and should be fun — lots of fun.

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Hathaikan Korkimseng

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I am Hathaikan Korkimseng, or Kru Kan. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Language for Development (English – Thai) from Prince of Songkla University, Hatyai Songkhla. I have been a Thai teacher at Headstart International School for 3 years. I am teaching Thai as a Foreign Language in Primary and Thai as a Second Language in Secondary. It is very exciting for me to see the school growing with a number of students, the developing of academic results and our new school where will enhance learning environments with very beneficial facilities. As a Thai teacher, I have strived to provide the appropriate curriculum, especially for non Thai students, suiting for the students can learn language, culture, and critical thinking so they are able to apply to daily life and they will be the qualified citizens of their societies or the world. I feel very high privileged to be a member of the school.

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Sukonta Petkaew

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Hello everyone, My name is Sue and I hold the position of Thai teacher here at HeadStart International school. Last year, my first at the new campus went very well. It was another fabulous year of teaching and learning for teachers and students at HeadStart. It is clear that our continuing success comes from good leadership, highly qualified teachers, a strong curriculum, and outstanding effort from the students. This is my third year working here and I am happy to continue working with great colleagues and students. Over the past fourteen years I have taught students from Year 2 to Year 10 and I have worked in a variety of schools. Previous to this post I taught at British International School Phuket (BISP) as a Secondary Thai teacher for just under 8 years. Firstly I worked as a Teaching assistant, then I was promoted to the position of Second language Thai teacher in the Secondary school until I left the school in 2013. I left because I felt the need to find new challenges and opportunities. The skills I learned were invaluable but it was time to use them in a different capacity to further enhance the learning of my students elsewhere. This is why I came to HeadStart. I am always very professional, honest, and sincere in my approach, both with students and parents. I strive to keep up with current teaching practices and have worked hard to continually upgrade my teaching skills by attending additional training courses and workshops. My passion for teaching comes from a love of learning. My aim is to get students interested and excited in what they are learning about and even to get them to decide what they want to study more. I have undertaken some key roles in providing opportunities for our new staff in a number of areas. I have an additional role as an instructor for the Thai Language and Culture course for new non-Thai teachers as well as a mentor for the many traditional Thai events held at the school. I welcome all parents to contact me about their child/children’s progress and I hope I am successful in making every effort to make them feel comfortable in doing so. It is important for teachers and parents to work together to create a positive learning environment for the students.

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Fuangfa Wattanachalee

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Sawasdee ka. My name is Fuangfa Wattanachalee or Mai. I graduated from The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and have a Bachelor degree of Communication Arts in Public Relations. Between 2000-2011 I worked in the hospitality industry in hotels such as the Blue Canyon Country Club, Maiton Island Resort, Dusit Laguna Resort and Spa, Marriott Vacation Club International. After this I joined Phuket International Academy School in the position of Resource Officer and Librarian between 2012-2015. It has been a great opportunity to join HeadStart International School in the position of Librarian. One year has passed since joining the team but I still have so much fun working in the school because of the lovely management team and students.

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Jennifer Ly

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My name is Jennifer Ly and I am originally from Australia. Though I may not look typically Australian, Melbourne has been my home since I was born. My background is Chinese/Vietnamese and I come from a family who love to cook, travel and sing. Last year in July, I made the bold decision to live and teach abroad, but my only question was where. Being one of my favourite destinations for its beautiful wildlife and humble lifestyle, Thailand, was an easy choice for me. My passion for Science has led me to study and graduate at Monash University, Victoria, with a Bachelor of Science. Shortly after, I began working in the Veterinary Industry with a keen interest in Animal Biology. For the next 4 years, I continued to study and gained a Certificate in Veterinary Nursing. Working at a reputable vet clinic, I was given the opportunity to run information seminars for our clients and it was during this time that I discovered my passion for teaching. I returned to Monash University and completed my Diploma in Secondary Education specialising in Biology. Since then I have taught at a number of schools with students of varying background, ethnicity and abilities. For the last 4 years, I have worked at a successful inner city school, as a Year 9 Science/Geography Curriculum Coordinator and Senior Science Teacher. I am deeply committed to the philosophy of providing a safe and caring environment that fosters high performing learners that feel supported and connected with the community. As an educator, I want to help each individual recognise their strengths and guide them to reach their full potential in the path of their choosing. I want to make learning meaningful to students by personalising their learning course and providing opportunities to challenge and extend their skills. I believe this promotes engaged learners that are self motivated and take responsibility for their own learning. I am extremely excited about beginning my journey teaching at Headstart International and working with staff and students from all around the world.

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