Student Council

The Student Council is a representative body that meets on the last Friday of every month. The Student Council is made up of two representative students elected from each homeroom.

The purpose of the Student Council is as follows:

  • Represent student feelings, opinions, and interests.

  • Give students a share in decision making.

  • Encourage students to participate in school activities.

  • Help students understand and accept their role in school government.

Issues discussed at Student council meetings range from school jackets, the Coffee Shop in the new school, afternoon snacks for Secondary students and lockers for students at the new school.

The Student Council has an impact around the school. For example, due to issues raised by the Student Council, there is now an additional water fountain at the astro pitch, there is a wider selection of vegetarian options at lunch time and Secondary students now receive an afternoon snack on a Friday.

‘Students thrive on the leadership opportunities available. The student council plays a full and active part in making improvements in the school. The councillors feel listened to and know that their suggestions will be given full consideration. Their impact is evident across most aspects of the school; from their concern for car park attendants to wear high visibility jackets, to further improvements to the healthy meals on offer, to curriculum changes such as extra PE time for Years 10 and 11 and changes to the ICT IGCSE syllabus choice options.’ Education Development Trust (EDT) Accreditation Report, June 2017

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Scotty Parkinson

Year 5 Yellow

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Mika Caspi

Year 5 Yellow

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Frederico Solaroli

Year 5 Blue

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Alan Na Takuatoong

Year 5 Blue

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Lucky Diamond

Year 6 Yellow

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Abbie Page

Year 6 Yellow

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Apisara Ngarmseang

Year 6 Blue

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Archie Barrett

Year 6 Blue

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Charles Callens

Year 7 Yellow

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Dayu Kim

Year 7 Yellow

Jamie Udomritkul

Year 7 Blue

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Jessica Rich

Year 7 Blue

Square b88d9d01 4b23 4727 993d 2c3b0fe88966

Aneeta Mettapanyalert

Year 8 Yellow

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Nikki Kasatkin

Year 8 Yellow

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Denis Solodkov

Year 8 Blue

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Pattarachanon Ngernanek

Year 8 Blue

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Esther Herbold

Year 9 Yellow

Square 17cf93c2 4274 4dd4 88f3 96ea4cdf2cfc

Nutcha Phaisamran

Year 9 Yellow

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Harry Darton

Year 9 Yellow

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Nicholas Gold

Year 9 Blue

Square 519c92b2 a7a6 42d4 9e5c 81795f614c78

Anna Hull

Year 9 Blue

Square d21e192c 5e89 47c6 81d6 611ced1492ef

Lucy Mester

Year 10 Yellow

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Brendon Boyle

Year 10 Yellow

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Anna Kraphak

Year 10 Blue

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Thomas Nuetzel

Year 10 Blue

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Anton Kvitkin

Year 11 Yellow

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Veronica Kungertceva

Year 11 Yellow

Square bf2e6a56 3654 4d12 a0f7 965a85dff9cf

Eve Whittaker

Year 11 Blue

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Natalia Kotova

Year 12

Square acea4ff9 68ea 4d60 9d6a 5c46477e59c3

Isabella Mason

Year 12

Square de6c3a8c 9925 42d3 9db1 380201c7729b

Hyerin Cho

Year 13

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Sean Byrne

Year 13

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