05 Apr 2012
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Snakes and Ladders

In my Mathematics class, we have been working on a project to build our own Snakes and Ladders game. Students started with a cardboard and an instructions sheet. The had to cut out 10 centimetres of f the cardboard and figure out how to draw 80 even squares. They numbered the board from 101 to 200. After that, they had various clues to draw the snakes and the ladders. For example, they needed to draw a snake whose tail is on a multiple of 10 and head 19 squares above or a ladder that starts in a square bigger than 115 and will move the player 11 squares further.

Once all the snakes and ladders were drawn, they had to build a dice and four playing pieces.

It was a fun and challenging project which they finished about a week ago. We invited Year 1A to play with us. Students were very proud to show off their work.

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