Thai Culture

Songkran 2019

As part of the Thai new year celebrations, parents and HeadStart staff joined in the Thai Buddhist tradition of giving alms to monks.This tradition is about showing kindness to others and doing good deeds, values that are irrespective of religion. A big thank you to our international community for coming together to share Thai culture in a meaningful way. As part of our Songkran celebrations, students observed the ‘Song Nam Phra’ tradition of pouring scented water on a Buddha statue.

The all school Songkran assembly was not only culturally rich with Thai tradition but also a lot of fun. The HeadStart support staff began the event with a procession of drums and a lively Thai dance. Nick Gold and Anna Mali, Year 10 students, were excellent hosts as they narrated the history and traditions of Songkran. Our Thai After School Programme dancers gave a beautiful performance of ‘Kai Mook Andaman’ while the Year 5s performed an upbeat version of ‘Ohlanor’ by Bert Thongchai. Students were then invited to perform traditional ‘water blessing’ for their teachers after which they were sprinkled with scented water as they exited the football pitch. What a wonderful way to end a very busy but productive term 2.

Thai Etiquette Competition 2018

On August 15th, HeadStart entered eight Thai students into the annual Thai Etiquette Competition at Sapan Hin. The event was organised by the Phuket Municipality Office. Over 200 students from over 21 Thai schools entered in this competition. HeadStart has been the only international school to ever participate. We have won this competition for the 3rd year running. A big thank you to Kru Bo and Kru Way for training these polite young students. They have put in an excellent effort and have made this project a great success. We are really proud of each student thankful for the support we received from this group of parents during the training and during the competition.

The winning prizes were awarded by Khun Somjai Suwansupana, the Phuket town mayor. Congratulations to these following students.

1st place Pailin in Year 10, Opal in Year 4, Tete in Year 3

2nd place Namon in Year 1, Tangton in Year 10


Saturday Thai Culture Club

On the last Saturday of each month, the school organises a plethora of activities that are designed to help our Thai community learn more about their own culture, way of life, food, agriculture as well as topics such as respect for elders and religious awareness. Students are also encouraged to participate in charity work so that they learn how to become a good member of the community. A highlight of the Saturday Thai Culture Club has been going to visit children in the Pediatrics ward of the local hospital. HeadStart students, parents and teachers have brought cheer to the patients by giving treats, talking and reading to the children in order to get their mind off their discomfort.

Wai Kru Ceremony

Wai Kru can be translated into English as ‘Teacher Appreciation Day’. At HeadStart a traditional ceremony is organised where students make speeches of appreciation outlining how their teachers have influenced them and helped them succeed socially and academically. The students then take turns to give flowers and ‘wai’ to their teachers.

Songkran Celebrations

Songkran is a festival celebrating the traditional Thai New Year and is marked by the throwing of water as it is typically also the hottest time of the year. At the end of term 2, the Thai department organises a day of activities to celebrate this occasion starting with giving donations to the monks, pouring water on miniature statues of Buddha, song and dance during assembly as well as learning about Thai traditions during their Thai class. The day ends with water play for the students and staff which is always a lot of fun for everyone!

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