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Weekly Update #20, 18 March 2022


Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference. Good news! Our term 3 dates have already been uploaded to the school calendar so that you can plan your summer. If you have questions or require further assistance please email [email protected]

Date Time Event Who for? Location
21-23 March 8.00am-5.00pm Year 8 Residential Trip Year 8 Khao Sok River Side Cottages
22 March 8.00-9.15am Parent Meeting: Secondary Pathways Year 7-11 parents Secondary Hall
21-25 March In class Swim Galas All school Swimming pools
24 March 8.15-9.00am UPrep Talk: Choosing Subjects & Careers Secondary parents Secondary Hall
24-25 March 8.00am-4.00pm DofE Year 10 Bronze Final Trip (Group 1) Year 10 Ao Yon
25 March 6.00pm-6.00am Footie-a-thon for charity Football academy Football pitches
28-30 March 7.30am-4.30pm Year 9 Residential Trip Year 9 Boat Lagoon Hotel
29 March 8.15-9.15am Parent Meeting: Introduction to Sixth Form Y 11 parents & students Secondary Hall
29-30 8.00am DofE Year 10 Bronze Final Trip Year 10 (Group 2) Ao Yon
30 March   Last day of All ASPs and Academies in Term 2    
    Online booking Opens for Parents/ Secondary    
30-31 March TBA Songkran Celebrations All school TBA
31 March 8.15am UPrep Talk: Comparing Different University Systems All interested Secondary Hall
01 April All day Parent Teacher Meetings (PTC) All TBA
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Adam Drew

[email protected]

Since joining HeadStart International School in August 2014, I have been genuinely impressed by the hard work and commitment of all those involved in making HeadStart a place where students are inspired to have the ‘love of learning’ described in the school’s motto. The school community here is one of the best I have ever-worked with and the positive energy that this creates enables us to achieve so much together. Since our last inspection where the school was rated as a good with a number of outstanding features highlighted, I strongly believe that HeadStart International School is well on the way to becoming one of the best schools in Thailand, providing the highest standards in teaching and learning. As we prepare for the next phase where we hope to gain a solid ‘Outstanding’ rating, the next few years will be a truly exciting time for all those involved. Having had a successful Teaching career in the UK for a number of years and having worked in various different management positions, my wife Amy and I made the decision to move to Thailand in 2012 where I worked at an International School in Bangkok. The opportunity to make a real impact at HeadStart and to help shape the future successes of the school drew me to move to Phuket. On a personal level, I am a keen sportsman and have an interest in many sports both as a spectator or participant. A highlight for me was having a leadership position for Event Services at the London 2012 Olympic Games. I am also keen golfer and compete in many of the regular competitions held here in Phuket and further afield. My wife Amy is a teacher in the Foundation department having joined HeadStart shortly after I did. Since working at HeadStart we have become parents for the first time. Ted Drew was born in April 2018 and is excited to be joining pre-school in this academic year. I look forward to continuing to working with the inspired staff and students and the committed and supportive parents that make up the HeadStart. Together we will ensure that we continue to build on the existing successes of the school and make each academic year even more successful than the last. Please feel free to email me at any time to discuss your ideas on how we can do this together. I look forward to meeting you again as the year progresses!

In a world where you can be anything, be kind!

At HeadStart we pride ourselves on being an open, inclusive, caring and supportive community. Within the school we have almost 50 different nationalities represented. We care equally for all nationalities and know that at any given time many of our community may be affected by events around the world and outside of their control.

Last week we celebrated ‘Kindness Week’ and it was a reminder to us all of the importance of showing kindness, compassion, respect and support to everyone; regardless of race, nationality, or beliefs. We should be united in our differences.

  • We may not agree with each other, but when we disagree, we should disagree with grace.
  • Seek to understand an opinion different to your own, whilst your opinion may not change, you will at least gain understanding on another view.
  • We should educate ourselves on all perspectives from a range and variety of reliable sources.

Anyone affected by recent events around the world can contact a number of people within the school including homeroom teachers, pastoral coordinators or Ms Costa our school counsellor.

Pictured L to R: 1. Mrs Edouard passing on the food donations to SOS that the community kindly offered as part of the ‘be kind to your community’ initiative. 2. Axel is proud to present the Secondary ‘shout out!’ board. 3. Kindness tree activity. 4. Secondary team supporting Kindness Week.

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Presentation on Secondary Pathways (22 March 8.15am in the Secondary Hall)

All Year 7 - 11 parents are invited to attend this meeting led by Mr Lukats and Mr Drew. In the meeting, parents will hear about the academic programmes that we follow, their overall objectives and the support we put in place for parents and students to help make decisions as they progress through Secondary school. We will also cover the incredible learning experiences in the academic, sporting and aesthetic spheres available to Secondary Students at HeadStart.

UPrep Meeting (24 March at 8.15am in the Secondary Hall)

Thanks to all of those who were able to make it to last week’s UPrep Talk presented by Ms Bedi regarding ‘Your Child’s 5 Year Plan’. If you weren’t able to make it, the presentation is provided below as a download. The next UPrep Talk will be on the subject of ‘Choosing Subjects & Careers’ on 24 March at 8.15am in the Secondary Hall on the 4th floor.

Introduction to Sixth Form (29 March at 8.15am in the Secondary Hall)

All Year 11 parents and students are invited to attend this meeting led by Mr Lukats, Ms Bedi and Mr Drew. In the meeting, parents will hear about the academic programmes that we follow in Sixth Form, the overall objectives and the support we put in place for parents and students to help with making academic and college decisions in years 11 to 13. We will also cover the learning experiences in the academic, leadership, service, sporting and aesthetic spheres available to Secondary Students at HeadStart.

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Anisa Van Der Laan

Founder/ECA Manager
[email protected]

After School Programmes (ASPs)

Here are some important dates for your diary related to the after school programmes.

  • 30 March - Last day of ASPs and Academies/Online booking opens for parents & Secondary students.
  • 15 April - Online booking closes for parents and Secondary students.
  • 16 April - ASPs are enrolled.
  • 18 April - All ASPs and Academies begin.

As usual, Boosters & EAL sessions will be Pre enroled before online bookings are open. Enrollments will continue on from term 2 for the following programmes: Dance, LAMDA, Tennis, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This means that you do not need to book them again unless you want to discontinue in term 3. If so, please notify the ASP manager by 26 March by writing to [email protected]. All other ASPs must be selected again for term 3. Most ASPs will run for 6 or 7 weeks in Term 3 apart from the following programmes which will run for 10 weeks. They are the academies, CAPA, Dance, LAMDA, Tennis, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Chess Club, Yoga for Kids, Saturday Swimming & Private Instrument classes.

Covid Vaccinations

Over the past few weeks, many students between the ages of 5-11 years old were able to receive their first Covid vaccination. HeadStart would like to thank the Ministry of Education and Public Health for organising this and for making the process run smoothly. For inquiries regarding student Covid vaccinations, please contact me directly at [email protected]

Special Feature

University Applications News

Congratulations to Sophie Callens on her offers to study at all of the universities that she has applied to.

“I have had the pleasure of being Sophie’s Homeroom teacher last year, French teacher for the last two years as well as being her Pastoral Coordinator and what I can say is that Sophie is one of the most hard-working, dedicated, and enthusiastic students I know. What also makes Sophie an accomplished member of our community is that she is actively involved in school life through her role as a Prefect. You can always count on Sophie to lead discussions in the most positive way. I trust that she will have a fantastic time whichever university she chooses, and I am confident that she will have a bright future.” **-Mr Ben Salmon, Key Stage 5 Coordinator

Congratulations to Natnicha Kalajuk on her offers to study Law at Royal Holloway, University of London and the University of Liverpool.

“I still vividly recall my first meeting with Bouquet in Year 10…

A demure, timid character, perhaps a little unsure of her English but already burning with a passionate desire to succeed. I wish- in a way- that I could take some credit for her meteoric rise, but this would be an overreach worthy of Abergavenny’s line in Shakespeare’s Henry VIII (“I can see his pride/ peep through each part of him”). Bouquet is a perfect embodiment of what happens when intellect, desire to improve and industry are synthesised. Despite not studying literature at IGCSE, she has bloomed into one of the leading lights of literary study in Year 13: analytical, articulate and rigorous.

From my shamelessly selfish perspective, I regret that this fine young mind has chosen to read Law rather than Literature at university. But fiction’s loss is the legal world’s gain and, should I need the help of an advocate from Gray’s Inn Road in the future (hopefully I won’t!), I may well find myself dashing to her chambers to beseech Bouquet Kalajuk QC for help!” -Mr David Pollicutt, Head of English

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Swimming Announcement

Swimming Lessons on March 19th are cancelled due to the coaches working the 12-hour relay from 18:00-06:00. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our last lesson for Term 2 will be on March 26th.

Songkran Fun Football Camp

The Songkran Fun Football Camp is a fantastic opportunity for students to play football and learn new skills in a positive environment at HeadStart International School. The camp starts at 09:00 am (drop off from 08:30 am) and Finishes at 14:00 pm with lunch provided. Expect high-quality coaching, lots of fun and medals to be won! Also, it’s Songkran month so be prepared to get a little wet! -Coach Stef Frost

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Having played a really entertaining match last week at UWC, it was our turn to host the UWC U15s. It did not fail to entertain as both teams played some really good football. The work rate and motivation of the players was top level! It was great to see the players taking training to the match, which was evident for the first goal which came from a pre-organised corner and fantastic delivery by the players. Another really good match up and we look forward to the next match!! -Coach Frost


“Mighty Oak-afor’s” late-game magic not enough as Bad Boys Panthers ’ comeback comes up short.

Bad Boy Panthers came back from a double-digit deficit in the fourth quarter, but the Kazighstan Snow Tigers came up on top after some late-game fireworks by both squads. Tune in next week for Game 4 action as the HBA (HeadStart Basketball Association) brings you live action again next Wednesday from 4.45pm.

Kazighstan Snow Tigers 51
Bad Boy Panthers 48

The Bad Boys struggled to rebound against the Snow Tigers, especially when Kazighstan ran lineups that included all three of Judah, Pinyo and Calvin who combined for most of the games rebounds. Alexander “the great” was back, starting in game three of the series as he had to undergo Covid protocol, which left him out of the first two games. The Snow Tigers capitalised on many second and third chance opportunities which helped them lead from start to finish, their rebounding advantage made the difference in the end.

Before the tip, Vegas had the Bad Boy Panthers as favourites going into game 3 with a last minute return of rising youngster “Sir Petch Barkley” into the line-up had the odds in their favour. But The Snow Tigers defied the odds and escaped the onslaught of the Bad Boy Panther’s “mighty” captain (Oak), who in the 4th quarter led the comeback as a one-man wrecking crew. A big shout in the comeback on the defensive end to DY and Omsin! Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to stop the “power of three, who were set free” (Judah, Alex, Pinyo) and too much to handle, taking the upper hand in the series and only one game away from the championship 2-1.

MVP- Judah

Player of the game - Nothing like a one-two punch. A play that reminded me of the late John Stockton assisting Karl “The Mailman” when Dom -inatrix was blown by his defender and through a no look dish for Mr super cool, calm and collective “Petch Barkley “ who finished the play with nothing but net! A thrilling game and I am proud of both teams’ efforts!


Last Friday the Academy had a surprise relay meet in preparation for our 12-hour relay. Events ranged from a 400-meter medley relay to a 200 butterfly relay, in the end, we had an all-out splash war! The teams were evenly matched across the board and we finished the meet in a TIE. We look forward to our next matchup to see which team can edge out the other. -Coach Zak

Student News

Year 12 students came to the end of their Communication Course yesterday. We witnessed some fantastic dramatic presentations from students who have particularly excelled and grown over the course’s duration. Who would’ve thought 12 weeks ago that Linnea would make such a convincing Patrick Bateman (American Psycho); Alicia such a likeable Dewey Finn (School of Rock); Giacamo such a chilling Bill ‘The Butcher’ Cutty (Gangs of New York); or Luna such a swaggering Henry Hill (Goodfellas)? I hope all those who completed the course take away some useful elements they’ve learned which they can apply in future. -Mr. Pollicutt, Head of English

Revision works best when it is active and collaborative. In order to help prepare effectively for Paper 1 of the IGCSE English Literature examination, students prepared flashcards for each of the poems of Carol-Ann Duffy which we have studied, each containing important information about poetic techniques, purposes and themes. -Mr. Pollicutt, Head of English


In Science Year 1 have been learning about the five senses. The children recognised what body part was used for each sense and were able to suggest how the senses are used in an activity such as eating. They then went around the classroom guessing what they could smell in each of the pots, closed their eyes and listened, ate some yummy food, felt a range of objects and looked around the room for anything interesting. A brilliant interactive lesson for our super learners! -Mr Sam Young

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Year 2 Blue started two exciting new topics. In Maths, we explored 2D and 3D shapes with a range of fun child-led activities; as you can see from the pictures, children enjoyed exploring the shapes and had fun learning about the names and their properties! In English, children explored shape poems - the poems all had a chocolatey, sweet theme and the children seemed to be very impressed with this! -Ms Charlotte Myers

As part of our English topic ‘Where in the world would you like to live?’ Year 3 had the opportunity to learn about five different countries. Our amazing parents came into school to represent: Russia, Spain, Israel, Canada and Austria. The children experienced how to make Russian pancakes and Polina performed a Russian dance. They also tried Spanish churros, sweet dessert from Israel, Canadian maple syrup as a salad dressing and had a chance to yodel the Austrian way. -Ms Nicola Fallows

A huge thanks to our parents: 😀 Ms Cristina Fernandez- Spain. 😀 Ms Anna Kochetkova -Russia. 😀 Mr Daniel Fuchs -Austria. 😀 Mrs Yaara Fuchs & Mrs Liana Grimberg - Israel. 😀 Mr David Campbell - Canada

Year 11 students in the ‘Thai First Language’ IGCSE class have been learning about environmental problems. They have discussed ideas for ways to reduce waste and to save our planet. They showed interesting ideas and definitely are realising the importance of saving the earth. -Kru Kan


This week, across Secondary and Primary, our SEL lesson focused on grounding exercises to help the students calm down when they experience overwhelming emotions. One way to do this is to activate our prefrontal cortex (the thinking part of the brain) by listing 6 different types of things from a certain category, e.g: 6 different types of red fruit, or six different countries in Europe. Our older students explored how this exercise and other mindfulness techniques can also reduce stress and anxiety due to assessments and exams. Ask your children what 6 things they will try to list to help them calm down. -Lauren Rose (EAL & SEL)

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