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Weekly Update #27, 31 March 2023

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference. If you have questions or require further assistance please email [email protected]

Date Time Event Location
4 April 8.20am Year 3, 4, 6 Swimming Galas Swimming Pool
5 April 1.00pm Year 5 Swimming Gala Swimming Pool
    Last Day of Academy Practice  
6 April Throughout the day Songkran Festivities Details announced last week
7 April 8.20-3.30pm Parent/Teacher Conferences (PTC)  
10 April   Songkran Holiday  
24 April 8.00am First Day Back in School  
27 April 8.15am UPrep for Parents, By Parents! TBA
28 April   Humanities Dress Up Day Details shown below
Upcoming Events

Songkran Festival and Last Day of School

On the 6th of April, our last day of school, everyone is invited to come to school wearing a flowery shirt as part of our Songkran festivities. More details regarding the events of the day are shown in the poster below.

Songkran 2023
PE & Sports

April Fun Football Camp from 17-19 April

Offering the perfect opportunity for children in years 2-6 to play fun football and learn new skills in a positive environment at HeadStart International School.

👉 Camp starts at 09:00 am (drop off after 08:30 am) and finishes at 14:00pm with lunch provided! 👉 Expect high-quality coaching, lots of fun and medals to be won!

To sign up please contact [email protected]

April Fun Football

Bangkok International Youth Football Festival

The Under 16 boys and U17 Girls travelled to Verso International to compete in the BSL Bangkok International Youth Football Festival. It was a really fun and challenging competition with that standard of the team pushing each other to play to their best. It was a fantastic experience for our younger girls to play up against some good U17s teams from all across Asia. This was their first competition outside of Phuket and we now can’t wait for the next opportunity. The U16 boys competition was highly competitive and most games were decided by just one goal. A massive congratulations to the boys as they won the Plate Final 3-0 against FC Bangkok to take home the Plate winners trophy. -Coach Frost

Harrow International 7’s Bangkok

It was now time for the U15 Boys and U13 boys to fly to Bangkok to compete in the Harrows International 7’s tournament. It was a fantastic opportunity for our teams to play against some strong teams from around Asia such as Singapore, Myanmar and Malaysia. It was tough for all the teams due to the heat however the standard of the football continued to be at a really high level and extremely competitive. The U13s finished excellently with some great performances and results, having learned from the first day of the competition. The U15s competition was extremely tight and having missed out on the cup competition by 1 point, the boys won the next three plate matches comfortably scoring 15 goals and conceding 0 to claim the Plate Championship. Well done boys! -Coach Frost

12 Hours to Make a Difference!

Wow…and what a difference we made. This year, the massive football and swimming academy squads were joined by our ever-growing basketball teams for the 12 Hours to Make a Difference event, which ran from 18.00 on Friday, 24th until 06.00 on Saturday, 25th March. The swim and football academy squads took the lion’s share of the work, swimming and playing football non-stop for 12 hours and raised over 150,000 Baht for the Oceans for All Foundation. From the hours of 18.00-21.00 we also had beat the teacher events, basketball 3-on-3 games, parents fitness classes and also a BBQ and other food and beverage stalls, all of which also contributed to the OfA foundation. Really well done to ALL of the people who were involved, it was a resounding success and we’re already thinking how we can make it even bigger and better next year! - Mr Carter, Director of Sport

Russian Language Day
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Dina Kalmakhelidze

Russian Coordinator
[email protected]

My name is Dina and I've been working as a teacher in Phuket for 13 years. When I was finishing school, I knew of the career path I should take. My mother and grandmother have been teaching Russian language for 38 and 55 years accordingly. I loved spending time at school and university environments and loved when I was given tasks. I felt proud I could take part at school life and help them, my first and best teachers. Learning is an enjoyable experience and I love when children arrive and leave school with smiles on their faces and I feel I make a positive impact on the student’s life and they also influence me. When you are with kids, you see the world through their eyes and immerse in the world of magic, creativity and laughter. I love teaching as I think it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world and I love making a difference in my students’ lives. I know children learn best when they enjoy their environment, when it is stimulating and when they are given opportunities, promoting a lifelong love of learning where they can learn, grow, discuss and are not afraid to make mistakes as they can learn and find something new out of them. I feel my role is more than just teaching Russian language; I feel it is about supporting the children, teaching them to understand the culture and applying their knowledge to their daily life. Then I feel my role is accomplished.

On Saturday 25th of March was held our first Russian Language Day for this academic year! For this occasion, students from different sections of the school, and their parents, came to HeadStart to participate in fun activities organised by the Russian teachers.

During that day there was a talent show. Karina and Ariana sang «Валенки», «Леди совершенство», «Маленький кораблик» and Polina performed a Russian dance. Primary and foundation children made a doll by themselves and decorated it with threads. Secondary students played a board game «Путь через моря» made by year 9 students. After it everyone painted matryoshka. The day finished with food sharing. Parents and their children brought different pies to share.

The Language faculty would like to thank all the parents and students for attending this event, and are looking forward to the next one that will be held in Term 1 next Academic year!


Здравствуйте, уважаемые родители.

В субботу (25 марта) прошел первый в этом учебном году день русского языка!

Ученики и их родители пришли в школу HeadStart, чтобы принять участие в веселых мероприятиях, организованных русскими учителями.

В этот день прошло шоу талантов. В нем участвовали Карина и Ариана с песнями «Валенки», «Леди совершенство», «Маленький кораблик» и Полина с русским танцем. Ученики начальной школы и детского сада сделали куклу своими руками и украсили ее с помощью ниточек, ученики средней школы поиграли в настольную игру «Путь через моря», которую сделали ученики 9 класса. После чего все ребята раскрашивали свою матрешку. День закончился трапезой. Родители и ученики принесли сладкие угощения и пироги, которые разделили за общим столом.

Факультет иностранных языков благодарит всех родителей и учащихся за участие в этом мероприятии и с нетерпением ждет следующего, которое состоится в первом семестре следующего учебного года!

Saturday Thai Culture Club - Years 2-6

Theme: Peranakan Life Students had a great time visiting the Phuket Museum and learned about many aspects of the history of Phuket. They even had a chance to visit “Lok Tian” a local Phuket restaurant The highlight of which was tasting “O-Aew” an authentic Phuket dessert. -Kru Dia

Primary in the Growing Garden

Year 3W have had a busy session harvesting in the garden. They were delighted that the bananas were perfectly ready and really enjoyed eating them freshly cut from the tree. We had fun deciding between which were the peppers and which were the chilies as they looked just the same! The class completed their end of unit quiz and achieved some great scores. Well done Y3W.


Preschool Story Time

It’s so much fun when parents come into school and take over story time! We aren’t sure who had more fun here: the students or the parents!?! A big thank you to Mr & Mrs Schlotfeldt, for coming to the Preschool Thai class and presenting the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ to the children.

Early Years

The Early Years ‘Thai First Language class’ had so much fun listening to the story of the Three Little Pigs in Thai, read by Khun Anukhakorn Pitikulsathit, Phoenix’s mother. After their story was finished, the children had fun making a piggy mask and did some role play. Thank you for taking the time to organise this lovely activity for our students!

Reception Exercise Time

The children in Reception had fun dancing and exercising together with their mums, Khun Jiraporn Lertsanthiah, Khun Chaninat Dechophakkhaphon and Dr Patchara Nantasri. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to organise this fun activity for the Reception children.

Science Faculty Week

Science Week was an exciting exploration of ideas relating to Space and linked to the ongoing Artemis missions to the Moon. Students across the school in Primary and Secondary were able to develop their sense of scale by investigating the relative size of the solar system across the campus, solving daily challenges and puzzles and having fun with activities in class. Well done to all those who managed to successfully complete the Egg Drop challenge on Wednesday, protecting a raw egg with balloons during its long fall. Year 6 VAP students built viking-style catapults to investigate forces and projectiles and then had a great time launching water balloons at teachers and some volunteer Y11 Physics students. The Y10-13 Science VAP students presented fascinating short talks around the theme of “Challenges to Space Exploration” during our first Science Mini-Conference. We aim to run the mini-conference annually. The week ended with assemblies themed around both the past and future of Space exploration. Many thanks to all the teachers and students who helped make the week such a success. -Mr Dan Marsh, Head of Science

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Year 7 PSHE

Yesterday, our Year 7 Boys spent time together during PSHE reflecting on modern masculinity and what it means to show support to not only to themselves but others as well. The boys learned through some fun games that positive affirmations are a powerful tool to help uplift and inspire those around us. By offering words of encouragement and support, students can help others feel valued and capable, which can have a profound impact on their self-esteem and confidence. Positive affirmations to others can take many forms, from simple compliments and expressions of gratitude to more intentional statements that acknowledge and celebrate their unique qualities and strengths. -Jamie Sadler

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Over the last few weeks, our year 13 students have been learning cooking skills through our Ready Steady Cook programme. This has taken place in our UPrep lessons to prepare them for life after Phuket; at university, gap years, employment and beyond. They have followed recipes and worked as a team to try new things, and picked up a few skills to help them once they leave HeadStart. This week is their final week in which they have chosen a recipe and bought ingredients on a strict budget (just 250 baht!). Their cooking skills will be judged by a panel of expert ‘foodies’ and winners will be chosen based on skill, presentation and taste. We can’t wait to see what they make! -Ms Gratton

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