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Weekly Update #3, 8 September 2023

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference. If you have questions or require further assistance please email [email protected]

Date Time Event Location
12 September 8.15-9.15am Thai Parent Meeting: HeadStart Curriculum Secondary Hall
13 September 8.15-9.15am UPrep Talk 2 - Your Child’s 5 Year Plan Secondary Hall
14 September   Are You Ok? Day  
15 September   International Day of Democracy: Secondary Student Council Announced  
16 September 9.30am - 4.30pm Volleyball Friendly UWCT
19 September 8.15-9.15am Year 1 Parents Meeting Secondary Hall
20 September 8.15-9.15am UPrep Drop In session Nikita’s Cafe
23 September 9.00am - 12.00pm Saturday Thai Culture Club To be announced
25 September 5.00-8.00pm HeadStart University Fair Sports Hall
26 September 8.15-9.15am Parent Meeting: Introduction to the IGCSE Curriculum Secondary Hall
  8.30-9.30am Early Years Stay & Play Foundation building
27 September 8.15-9.15am UPrep Talk 3 - Choosing Subjects & Careers Secondary Hall
  8.30-9.30am Preschool Stay & Play Foundation building
28 September 8.30-9.30am Reception Stay & Play Foundation building
  12.30pm Battle of the Bands Atrium
Announcements & Upcoming Events

Friday Market

Thanks for coming out to the Friday Market last week and supporting the community! If you would like to participate in our next Friday Market on 6 October from 2.30-5.00pm, email our events team at [email protected]

Saturday Thai Culture Club (Chaofah City Campus)

Let’s start our first term with fun activities. We would like to invite students and parents from Early Years to Year 6 to join our unique program provided for everybody who wants to know more about Thai Culture. Our first Saturday Thai Culture Club will take place on Saturday 23rd September 2023 at our Chaofah City campus. If you are interested in participating in these programs, please feel free to contact your Thai teacher.

Saturday Thai Culture Club Term 1 E1 01

University Fair 2023

HeadStart will be holding its first University Fair on the 25th September from 5.30pm until 8.00pm. All seniors from Y9 upwards will be invited to attend, along with their parents. Over 30 international universities will be represented, including, for example, Medical and Business Schools. As well as an opportunity to ask questions of the reps, there will also be a series of workshops on topics such as ‘How to write a personal statement’ and ‘How to apply to European Universities’. This is a really good opportunity to kick start your thinking and research about life after HeadStart and we hope it will provide some reassurance. A full programme and online sign up will be published shortly. - Neil Roscoe, University Counsellor

HeadStart University Fair 2023 02
Parent Meetings & Presentations

Foundation Presentation - Introduction to EYFS on 01.09.23

I’d like to extend a thank you to all parents who joined our Introduction to the EYFS session. Your active engagement underscores the importance of understanding the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is crucial for fostering holistic development, tailoring learning to each child, nurturing young minds during their formative years, and encouraging valuable parental involvement. We look forward to joining you all to our next meeting. -Ms Natalie Walker, Deputy Head of Foundation

UPrep Talk: Your Child’s 5 Year Plan on 13.09.23

Inviting all interested parents to our next UPrep talk on ‘Your child’s 5 year plan’ next Thursday, 13 September starting at 8.15am. The presentation will be held in the Secondary Hall on the 4th floor.

UPrepTalk 16 9 V07 Sep 23

Share Your Child’s Success

We would like to celebrate exceptional students whose achievements reach beyond the classroom. If you would like to share your child’s success with us, and with the wider community, please scan the QR code below to fill out the form. Each week, during our Monday morning Flag Raising assembly, we will share this success with our school community, giving your child the chance to share their achievements with their friends and peers. We can also keep the community informed through our Facebook page, creating a wave of support and empowerment for the student.

achievement PR channel 01
Thai Etiquette Competition 2023

Recently our Thai department organised a ‘Thai Etiquette Competition’ with the aim of finding this year’s school representatives who will compete against other schools in Phuket. This event provided a great opportunity for our students to showcase their cultural knowledge and skills, Thai manners and Thai ways of showing respect. We would like to thank Ajarn Boonkob Aunyarak, a distinguished expert in this field, and Khun Jeab, the mother of Kwankao and Baikhao, for joining our special judges panel.

All of the students did a fantastic job at each station, impressively demonstrating Thai manners in their own unique way. We are proud of the students who participated and gave their full dedication and commitment to this competition. The winners in each group will represent HeadStart and will compete with other Thai schools in the provincial round in October this year.

  • In the 3-4 age group: Tavian and Aob-Aom won 1st place
  • In the 5-6 age group: Tiger and Tiara won 1st place
  • In the Lower Primary level: Tiger and Kim won 1st place
  • In the Upper Primary level : Sense and Kwankao won 1st place
  • In the Secondary level: Putter and Baikao won 1st place

A big thank you to Kru Way, Kru Pla, Kru Fon, Kru Song, Kru Poy, and Kru Lookpla for taking their time to train and prepare these students for the competition. Additionally, we would like to thank our parents for their support throughout the entirety of the activities.

PE & Sports

The PISAC Directors of Sport met at HeadStart on Monday to ensure a full programme of sports are planned and implemented for this academic year. We welcomed Zak Foose from KIS, Jordan Ashoron from BCIS, Adam Chapman from BISP and Keratin Bender from UWCT. We were also joined by future hopeful PISAC schools: Ian Rosario from Oak Meadow and Karl Reid from Finnway. -Mr Nick Carter

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Parent Fitness Classes

Come and join our free parents fitness classes every morning from 8.00-9.00am in the fitness suite. This year has gotten off to a great start and everyone is enjoying Coach Natalie’s Monday Circuit training. To find out more about our morning training sessions visit our web page!

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Student News

Thank you Chaewon in Y6 for the donation of many lovely books to the school library.


Year 5 White have really enjoyed planning and then carrying out their Science experiment. They’ve been testing out which materials would work as the best thermal insulator - with the purpose of designing a coffee cup sleeve to keep a coffee nice and warm! They used a range of materials, coffee cups, terhermotores and hot water to carry out an amazing independent investigation! -Ms Charlotte Myers

IMG 2842IMG 2853IMG 2852

Year 12 BTEC Business students did an outstanding job at the Friday Market. It has been wonderful watching them turn their business ideas into profitable ventures over the last couple of weeks. Their enthusiasm so far has been second to none, and I am really excited to watch them continue to be determined, creative and passionate individuals. The success of these students’ enterprises goes beyond profitability, and their efforts on Friday prove that they can and will make a significant positive impact on the HeadStart community. Congratulations to these budding entrepreneurs who have taken their ideas and transformed them into thriving businesses. Watch this space for more exciting business Enterprise and collaborations. They have a very exciting year ahead. -Ms Yardenna Jones, BTEC Coordinator

Model United Nations (MUN)

Last academic year, five exceptional students from our school, Grace Holtby, Liam Mizrahi, Alex Qiang, Liz Lebedeva, and Charles Callens, achieved remarkable success at the tenth iteration of the prestigious Model United Nations conference at Brighton College Bangkok, THAIMUN. Their dedication, diplomacy, and commitment to global issues earned them official certificates of recognition. These certificates serve as a testament to their outstanding performance and contributions to the conference, reflecting their commitment to making a positive impact on the world through diplomatic dialogue and negotiation. Congratulations to our talented delegates for their impressive achievements on the international stage! -Ms Kelly Tuppen

Community Links

Scholars of Sustenance Foundation Thailand are pleased to submit the Monthly Food Surplus Donation Report for August 2023. Kindly see the attachment for the data we have collected and compiled for you. Thank you for making that impact on many lives, and on the environment. -Ms Pang, Food Rescue Coordinator

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