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Weekly Update #33, 7 June, 2019

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the calendar on the website School Life → Calendar but we have outlined upcoming events here for easy reference. For daily updates and news follow the HeadStart Facebook Page

Date Time Event Location
08 June 4:30-8:00pm End of year Dance Recital Sports Hall
12 June 4:30pm Sports Awards Ceremony Sports Hall
14 June 6:00-10:00pm Prom Ramada Hotel
17-18 June 8:00am-3:00pm Year 11-13 Camping Trip Borsaen Villa & Spa
19 June TBA House winner’s prize TBA
20 June 4:00-5:00pm Ballet recital: Pinnocchio TBA
21 June   Last day of fee paying ASPs  
22 June 9:00am Saturday Thai Culture Club TBA
24 June 8:30-9:30am Primary Awards Ceremony Sports Hall
24 June 1:00pm Secondary Awards/Y13 Graduation Ceremony Sports Hall
25 June 8:30am Reception Graduation Ceremony Sports Hall
25 June 12:00pm House Captain’s Last Supper Conference Room
26 June All day Activity day In school
27 June All day Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC) In classes
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Celebrating HeadStart’s 10 Year Anniversary

HeadStart’s 10 year anniversary celebration will take place this coming Monday, 10 June between 2:00-3:00pm and we would be honoured to celebrate with you! The day will start with a speciallly themed assembly on the astro pitch at 8:00am followed by classes as usual. Starting at 2:00pm, there will be complimentary food & drinks, a photo booth and lots of things to do and see.

Check out the map below for an idea of what is on offer.

Due to this being an all school event, parents of children in Foundation & Primary are requested to collect their children at 2:00pm from their Homerooms, after which you are invited to visit the activity stations around school.

Secondary students are invited to participate in the event independently. Parents of Secondary age children should be aware that students will be out of classes starting at 2:00pm.

The school buses and paid ASPs will run as usual.

Map of school

BTEC Launch

A big thank you to all who turned up to the BTEC launch meeting. We hope that the information passed on was helpful. If you were not able to attend, have a look at the BTEC launch meeting information below.

As always, you are invited to contact the Head of Sixth Form, Ms Gemma Caines, by visiting her or writing to [email protected] if you have questions or require further assistance.

Library Announcement

The end of this academic year is fast approaching. Please bring back library books that you have borrowed between the 10-14 of June or earlier. There will be no student, staff & parents loans in the last two weeks of term in order for us to account for the books and prepare orders for next year.

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Zak Brown

Head Swim Coach
[email protected]

My name is Zak Brown, and I have a deep passion for swimming. I hail from Bakersfield, California, where I discovered my love for the sport at the age of 10. Throughout my high school years, I had the privilege of leading our team to four consecutive league championships, a testament to our hard work and dedication. After graduating, I pursued my swimming journey at Bakersfield College while representing the esteemed Bakersfield Swim Club. As a part of this club, I had the opportunity to compete in various competitions across California and even ventured to different states for national level meets. These experiences shaped me both as an athlete and as an individual. Seeking new challenges, I made the decision to move to Niagara Falls, New York. There, I continued my swimming career at Niagara University as a Division One Swimmer. During my time at Niagara, I achieved remarkable accomplishments, setting three school relay records and graduating with a degree in marketing and logistics. Swimming has not only shaped me as an athlete, but it has also shaped me as a person. For over 19 years, I have been teaching and coaching swimming, working with athletes of all levels, from beginners to aspiring Olympians. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience, enabling me to meet inspiring individuals from all corners of the globe. Swimming is more than just a sport to me - it has become a lifestyle. The invaluable lessons I have learned through swimming have stayed with me throughout my life. In 2016, I joined the HeadStart team, and it has been an amazing journey thus far. I am thrilled to continue working with the students, supporting and nurturing their swimming abilities. Together, as a cohesive team, we will strive for excellence in the pool this year, pushing ourselves to new heights.

Sports Department News

On Saturday 1st June, our amazing Aqua Panthers finished out our regular season strong at the final Thanyapura Open League! This was the third in a series of meets that started in November. Overall, our team placed 2nd with a total of 4,085.50 points! Though we had several amazing swims, we have a special congratulations to those who placed top 3 in their age groups! Those swimmers are:

  • Anton Solnyshko- 1st place 8 & under category
  • Yejin Lee- 3rd place 9-10 category
  • Michael McLean- 2nd 11-12 category
  • Anna Meakin- 3rd place 13-14 category
  • Shane Walters- 3rd place 15-18 category
  • Nazar Zakharov- 1st place 15-18 category
  • Lisa Kim- 1st place 18 & over category

I am so proud of our team and very happy with our results! Our final meet of the season will be for those who qualified for the Neo Garden Singapore Championships on 19-22 June.


Football News

This week the teams have been trying a few new approaches to training. When players first arrive, they start to play small sided matches. This has helped to ensure any ‘lag’ time waiting for all the players to arrive is avoided whilst making sure all players are actively engaged from the minute they get to the session.

Players have also started working in small groups that are relevant to their own stage of development rather than just their age. This has helped to ensure low coach to player ratios of around 1:6 and has allowed the coaches to plan sessions that are directly relevant to that groups level. We are expecting this to significantly impact on player satisfaction, development and enjoyment.

If parents have any pictures of training or matches from the season, please forward them to Coach Ace so they can be shared in Newsletters and in the presentation evening. The picture below was taken after HeadStart’s match with King George IV from Hong Kong. HeadStart put in a strong display against a tough opposition, well done guys!


English & Humanities Faculty Week News

As part of the English and Humanities Faculty Week many students came in dressed as a historical figure! We were very impressed with the effort put in by those students who came in all dressed up and are happy to announce the winners for Primary and Secondary. The decisions were based on presenation but, most importantly, the effort that went into making these (pictures below). Thank you very much to all the parents that helped along the way, we appreciate it, especially as you have helped us raise more money for our fundraiser.

1st prize winners will get one year’s subscription to the award winning documentary channel Curiosity Stream with 2nd and 3rd prizes receiving book tokens.

Primary Winners:

  • 1st prize: Isabelle Westlie and Libbie Wisnia (Year 5 Yellow). Both came as the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.
  • 2nd: Zishan Ding in Year 4 White who came as “Brainbox” Albert Einstein.
  • 3rd: Skye Bruce in Year 1 Yellow who came as the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale.

Secondary Winners:

  • 1st prize: Giacomo Solaroli in Year 9 Blue who came as a Crusader and Yan Pintusov in Year 7 Yellow who came as The Last Samurai.
  • 2nd: Carry Zhang in Year 9 Blue who came as a Spartan soldier.
  • 3rd: Keira Brain and Juliette Guillerey (Year 9 Blue and Yellow) who came as Cleopatra.

Well done to those students and thank you again for your efforts!

As part of the English Faculty Week, students from Year 7 and 8 have been working with students in Years 3 and 4 to produce tableaux based on African poems and short stories. The level of maturity and sense of cooperation from all students was a delight to behold. Both sets of students learnt a lot, not only in terms of taking collaborative, active approaches to texts, but also about themselves and how to communicate effectively. Well done and thanks to all! I hope this is the first of many more join ventures in English across Primary and Secondary.

Foundation Department News

Reception Transition

Over the next three weeks our Reception fledglings will be strengthening their wings and preparing to take flight into Primary and leave the Foundation nests! With a mix of excitement and anxiety our Reception children enjoyed their first sample morning in Year 1. They returned later in the morning bursting with stories of fun and adventure. Great job Reception, and a big Thank You to the Year 1 teachers for making their first steps into Primary as comfortable and smooth as possible.

Reception House Challenge

Last week was the last Fun House Challenge for Reception children. They ran, hopped, bounced and skipped their way round the playground obstacles to get as many house points on the board before the winning team is announced in the next couple of weeks. A big well done to the Yellow House winning the challenge. Will it be enough to take the Cheetahs to the top?

Star of The Month Awards

Early Years Congratulations to Natalie, Vivien, Sugar, Anya, Ricky, Tawan, Chloe, Punn, Baikhao and Tyoma for working exceptionally hard during the month May and receiving the Student of the Month award.

Reception Well done to Naomi, Arte, Seraphina, Alex, Thep, Woojin, Jacob, Will, Emelie, napat and Yugeon for all of their hard work and 100% commitment in everything they do. Well done everyone.

The Year 1 students traveled to Thailand and Turkey. So many wonderful parents sent so much food that we had a feast! We also had a lot of fun trying to make Big Buddha with the play dough. It was tricky! We also tried some delicious Turkish bread and dips and we all loved the Turkish Delight. We made some mosaics and learnt all about the beautiful mosques you can visit. Tuana also taught us how to say some Turkish words. By Ms Lucie Bevins

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In our Year 3-4 Board Games ASP, some of the children have been getting creative and MAKING board games, not just playing them! They planned their ideas first, thinking of different inspirations (Cluedo, Monopoly and online board games with apps) and then mapped out their ideas. There was a lot of cutting, writing and trial and error involved, but in the end these children made some fantastic games that they can play with their friends and family. Well done! By Ms Saki Shabuya

Year 3 yellow have been studying magnetic forces as one of their Science topics. As part of the experience, the children made their own compass by temporarily magnetising a paperclip then testing if it in deed pointed North. Great fun. By Ms Nicola Fallows

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Year 6 have dried off from their fun and slightly damp residential trip week. They spent two days at Borsean Villas where they enjoyed hilarious team building activities, swimming, games and ziplining. The children demonstrated great team work. communication skills and resilience, particularly when a thunder storm hit at approximately 2am. They were all excellently behaved and got stuck in with all the activities despite the heat and the inclement weather conditions. A full album of pictures can be found on the HeadStart Facebook page By Ms Sophie Webb

In order to celebrate the end of the year, as well as the end of our french exams, the French 1st language students made delicious crepes this week. They learned how to make the best batter there could possibly be, and enjoyed a well deserved end of year treat!

Afin de célébrer la fin d’année scolaire, ainsi que la fin des examens de fin d’année, les élèves de français 1re langue ont fait de délicieuses crêpes cette semaine. Ils ont appris à faire la meilleure pâte à crêpe qu’il soit, et on apprécié une récompense bien méritée avec un brin de malice.

Bonne fin de semaine et bon week-end. Monsieur Salmon

The Year 8 ‘Thai First Language’ students joined in a temple clean up at Wat Get-Ho. The students participated well and enjoyed making merit. They helped to clean the temple. By Kru Kan

The Year 8-10 students have been running ‘Youth Volunteer for Society’ projects. They have been making recycled paper medicine bags to donate to hospitals where they are in need of medical supplies in remote areas such as Umphang and Tak province. The students also included messages of inspiration. Well done to all participants. By Kru Kran

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