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Weekly Update 35 & 36

Cambridge IGCSE and AS level tests finished!!!–From Mark Goodman

The teachers and School Management Team are pleased to announce that Year 11 and 12 students have now completed their Cambridge IGCSE and AS level tests. These tests are administered at the same time in over 160 different countries over a period of 2 months. We are proud of the way our students prepared and conducted themselves during the grueling test period and look forwards to another year of success when the results are published in August.

Pick Up News

It is currently difficult for parents to see and call their children from their cars in the waiting area and this slows down the flow of traffic after school. We have installed a PA system in the car park and football pitch which will allow us to call out the names of the students as parents drive in. This will allow the teachers on duty to help find and prepare the child being picked up. We will be giving out cards with student’s names and what class they are in printed in bold letters for parents to place on the front of their car dashboard when driving into the school in the afternoon. We now have a team of 3 staff monitoring the waiting area and 2 staff monitoring the entrance and exit to the school to ensure that this procedure runs smoothly.

Please pick up your child’s name card from your Homeroom teacher and be sure to have it placed on your dashboard so that we can start this procedure.

Welcome new staff to HeadStart!

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Run for Richard news

Run for richard 11

HeadStart students run at the Laguna Marathon

The Phuket Marathon will be taking place this weekend so teacher Kayleigh and our athletics team are getting ready to run like the wind! We will be doing the raffle on Monday afternoon so you still have a few days to enter. Every 100 baht will give you a number and a chance to win some great prizes!

There will be a school bus provided for our running team that will depart from the school at 7:15 am and return to the school at 11:30 am.

Sunday should to be a festive day and there are races for everyone starting from a 2km run, so if you would like to come along and support or participate, please do!

If you would like to enter and don’t have the letter, please come and see the PE team and we will help you. Likewise, if you have any other queries, please contact the PE department.

Good luck to all the runners for Sunday, we hope to see you there!

Run for Richard Chart2

Year Book Information

Cover Yearbook With middle

HeadStart is proud to present our 2012-2013 Year Book. In it you will find the happy smiles of over 500 HeadStart students, teachers and staff! There are also lovely pictures of all of the events, activities and projects that HeadStart has been involved in this year.

We invite you to get your copy at only 200 Baht per book from the Year 10 students in front of the school every afternoon from the 24th of June until the end of the term.

With only 400 copies printed this year, make sure to get your 2012-2013 Year Book before they run out!

Secondary Test Schedule–Mr Goodman

Can I remind Secondary students that their end of term exams are from Monday 10 to Friday 21st June.

The schedules are below:

—– ——————- ———– ——————— ——————– ————– ——————- ———– —————– ——— ———– Mon 10 June Tue 11 Wed 12 Thu 13 Fri 14 Mon 17 Tue 18 Wed 19 Thu 20 Fri 21Jun Y7a Science 1 Thai TFL English 1Science 2 Geog/ Mandarin Thai Maths 1 English(2 Maths 2 History Y7b Geog Science 1 English 1 Maths1/Mandarin Science 2 History English2Maths2 French1 French2 Y8a Thai TFLScience 1 Geog Mandarin & Thai Science 2 English 1 English 2 mandarin History Maths1 Maths2 Y8b History Geog Science 1 &Mandarin English 1Science 2 English 2 Maths1 Maths2 Y9a History ThaiSci1 MandarinSci2 Eng 1 Maths1; Eng 2 Maths2 Geog Y9b Thai TFL Hist Geog Mandarin Maths1Sci1 Eng 1Sci2 Maths2 Eng 2 Y10 ICTPractical Science 1 Business /Thai GeogScience 2 Eng 1 ICTTheoryFrench 1 Maths French 2; Eng 2 —– ——————- ———– ——————— ——————– ————– ——————- ———– —————– ——— ———–

Timetable Year 3 & Year 4

+——————–+——————–+——————–+——————–+ Monday 10/06 Tuesday 11/06 Wednesday 12/06 Thursday 13/06 +——————–+——————–+——————–+——————–+ 8.20 – 8.55 8.20 – 8.55 8.15 – 9.00 8.15 – 9.00             Maths 1 Maths 2 Science 1 Science 2 +——————–+——————–+——————–+——————–+ 10.50 – 11.10 10.00 – 11.00 10.00 – 11.00     Maths 3           English 1 English 2   +——————–+——————–+——————–+——————–+

Timetable Year 5 & Year 6

+——————–+——————–+——————–+——————–+ Monday 10/06 Tuesday 11/06 Wednesday 12/06 Thursday 13/06 +——————–+——————–+——————–+——————–+ 8.20 – 9.05 8.20 – 9.20 8.20 – 9.20 8.15 – 9.00             Maths 1 English 1 English 2 Science 2 +——————–+——————–+——————–+——————–+ 9.10 – 9.30 10.45 – 11.30 10.00 – 10.45               Maths 3 Maths 2* Science 1   +——————–+——————–+——————–+——————–+

Exams in other classes are scheduled by the homeroom teachers and subject teachers. Please contact your child’s teachers for more information.

Summer Daycare Camp

daycare camps


Secondary Prom Information

Tickets are available for sale at 500 baht from the 10th of June at the main office upstairs.

secondary 1

End of Year Performance by Foundation and Primary

Tickets are available for sale at 300 baht for Parents ONLY from the 10th of June at the main office upstairs.

End of year performance poster Web 1

Music and Arts Appreciation Day

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Preschool makes Rockets

Preschool makes Rockets

Reception Learns about Money–Teacher Nicola

Reception A Learns about Money 2

Reception A learning to recognise money. Tomorrow we will try to use the money to buy things!

What i want to be when i grow up

Year 4 and 7 visit Wat Chalong for Thai Class

Year 4 and 7 visit Wat Chalong for Thai Class

Year 4 A & B (Thai programme as a foreign language and the Thai intermediate class) went on a field trip to Wat Chalong. They learned about Thai culture and Thai life style. Many students tried to do The Wai and looked at many interesting things around the Wat Chalong temple. It was a great time for them!

Kru Boyd & Kru Yao

Year 8 Business Enterprises

Year 8 Business Enterprises

**French Picnic with treasure hunt **

French Picnic with treasure hunt
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