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Weekly Update #7, 6 October 2023

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Meetings & Presentations

Foundation Parent Workshop: Helping Your Child with Behaviour on 10.10.23

Welcoming all Foundation parents to a workshop on the topic of ‘Helping Your Child with Behaviour’ on Tuesday 10th October in the Secondary Hall. We will be starting at 8.15am.

FastForWord Workshop for Parents of Primary EAL Students on 11.10.23

If your child is part of our English as an Additional Language (EAL) program at HeadStart International School, you are invited to a special workshop that will be given by our distinguished guest Mr. Naresh Indhewat, who is the director of BrainFit Thailand. Naresh is an expert on the FastForWord (FFW) reading program that your child is currently using as part of our EAL program at HeadStart International School. As you may be aware, FastForWord (FFW) is a research-based program that is designed to improve language and literacy skills for English as an Additional Language (EAL) students. The FastForWord program is designed to improve reading fluency, reading comprehension, and vocabulary skills, which are essential for success in all academic areas.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide parents with an overview of the FastForWord program, and to answer any questions that you may have. We will also be discussing how to ensure your child makes the most progress and how you can support them at home. The workshop will also provide you with an opportunity to practice and experience the program firsthand, with expert guidance available from Naresh to answer any questions and troubleshoot any issues. I strongly encourage parents to attend the meeting to learn more about the FastForWord program and how it can support your child’s academic success. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting. -Sam Khan, Head of Foundation and Primary

08:15-09:30 on Wednesday 11 October Years 1, 4, 5, 6 Primary Computing Room (2nd floor)
02:15-03:30 on Wednesday 11 October Years 2 & 3 Primary Computing Room (2nd floor)
Upcoming Events

Mid-Term Camps

Looking for a way to keep your little ones busy during the upcoming break? Why not enrol in our mid-term camps from 16-18 of October. We have fun and challenging swimming, football and basketball programmes available and all that’s left to do is sign up!

Wai Kru Ceremony 2023 on 25, 26 & 27 October

We are delighted to extend an invitation to all students and parents to join our very first Wai Kru Ceremony (Teacher Appreciation day). This ceremony holds deep cultural significance and takes place in schools throughout Thailand at the start of each academic year. It is a special occasion where students express their respect and appreciation for their teachers by presenting them with flowers. Students are encouraged to bring flowers to express their appreciation for their teachers.

Wai Kru 2023 update v3 1

Russian Language Day

Здравствуйте, уважаемые родители. 28 октября (в субботу) с 9:00 до 12:00 пройдет день русского языка. Мы хотим уточнить у вас некоторые детали. Пожалуйста, заполните данную анкету. https://forms.gle/TayEXv5t8kQNpcvZ8. С 9:00 до 9:30 пройдет конкурс талантов в атриуме. С 9:30 до 10:05 игры для начальной и средней школы.С 10:10 до 11:00 в Secondary hall пройдет инсценировка сказок. И с 11:00 до 12:00 в столовой будет трапеза за общим столом, где вы можете поделиться с другими гостями блюдом, которое вы принесете. Если вы не записались, вы можете прийти к 11:00 за совместный стол. Будем рады видеть вас на дне русского языка.

С уважением, русскоговорящая команда школы HeadStart.

Russian language day poster v3
PE & Sports
  • The U11’s took part in a very competitive game with Republic Academy this past Saturday. A particular highlight was the resilience the boys showed, by coming back from 4 goals down to level the score with 15 minutes left of the game. The boys continue to progress in preparation for the November tournaments. -Coach Dave Francis
IMG 7464 1

After Monday’s game was postponed our U9 Boys were desperate for the game to go ahead on Wednesday, however the heavy rain throughout the day put this in doubt. Luckily one hour before kick off the rain eased off and the game was a go! The HeadStart U9 Boys returned to KIS to play in two 5 v 5 matches across the pitch. The boys played really well and their work rate was fantastic. It was also great to see our Headstart parents in their new supporters shirts cheering the boys as they played their games. Happy faces at the final whistle for both teams and another enjoyable fixture for all. Well Done Boys! -Coach Frost

BISP Cross Country

Very well done to all of our Secondary competitions who ran in the PISAC Cross Country race at BISP on Tuesday. Special mention - Anoushka, the only HeadStart Over 15 competitor!

U13 Boys 3rd Place Aleksi 7B
U13 Girls 2nd Place Maya 7Y
O15 Girls 6th place Anoushka 11B
Extra Curricular Activities

What an incredible showdown of strategic brilliance at our recent school Chess Tournament! Relive the magic and see who emerged as the Chess master of September 2023. It was a day filled with jaw-dropping moves and unforgettable moments. From daring openings to epic endgames, our young chess prodigies showcased their skills to the max! A huge shoutout to all the participants, parent supporters, and chess enthusiasts who made this event a roaring success! Stay tuned for more chess action and future tournaments. More information to come soon!

  • Champion - Andy - Year 6 City Campus
  • Runner-up - Aaron - Year 4 City Campus
  • Third Place - Luka - Year 5 North Campus

Stay & Play - All About Me!

Last week the Foundation department welcomed parents to our first Foundation Stay and Play sessions which was based around the theme ‘All About Me’. Parents joined us for a fun-filled journey of discovery as they explored their children’s unique personalities, interests, and talents. All while discussing who they are and what makes them unique. These sessions are a wonderful way for parents to explore play based learning and have fun with their children while creating strong home school bonds. We cannot wait for our next Halloween themed Stay & Play!


Growing Garden

Year 6 Yellow had a fantastic introduction session to the rooftop garden. They started in the classroom learning more about what the rooftop garden is, why we have it and what its purpose is. Once we were in the garden, the children had the opportunity to explore and look at the many different types of plants that were there before Miss Hannah guided them through what some of the plants are and discussed how the garden had changed from last year. The school gardener then spoke to the class and asked for their help in harvesting the sunn hemp seeds so they can be dried and planted which the children immensely enjoyed doing. -Mr Matthew Stanbra


Humanities Update

As the first 1/2 term comes to a close students are adding the final touches to their Artifacts of Learning. These artifacts enable learners to showcase and display their knowledge, understanding and skills in a range of ways. For Year 9 this is through an academic and evaluative essay exploring the impact of Human made and Natural hazards. Year 8 battled it out through debates relating to the significance of rivers in our lives and particularly issues around the human relationship with the Mekong River. Following their exploration of Identity and Citizenship our Year 7 learners created Identi-me Infographic poster to communicate their sense of what Identity means to them.

We would like to invite all parents to view these Identi-me Infographics which will be displayed in the Atrium from the morning of Wednesday the 11th of October. We believe a public display of work, or Showcase, is an authentic way for students to share their learning with a wider and meaningful audience. Across the year every Year group will have at least two opportunities to publicly share their learning. We look forward to welcoming you to these Showcases.

Secondary Student of the Month - September

In the Secondary Assembly on Friday afternoon we announced the first Student of the Month Awards this year. It was especially important as it was our first awards using the school’s Learner Attributes as the theme for the awards. September’s awards were based on the attribute of being courageous and we’re awarded to students who showed courage in their learning during September. Students received the awards for how they may have shown courage by embracing new challenges or tasks, and by taking risks with their learning in ways they had not done previously. This is such an important attribute that all our learners are encouraged to display daily as only by taking risks and embracing challenges does growth in learning occur. -Mr Richard Lukats, Head of Secondary

IMG 1521

Message from our Student Leadership

This year more than ever, we, the student leadership team, want to make an impact on the school, and this all starts with Lunch Bunch. Lunch Bunch is an event which occurs every Lunch Time and aims to bring the student body together by connecting older and younger students. Each Lunch Bunch is run by a different committee:

  • Monday: Service committee
  • Tuesday: Student Welfare Committee
  • Wednesday: House Committee
  • Friday: Sustainability Committee

Below is a quick introduction to each committee written by the head of committees themselves! -Charles & Nae Nae, Deputy Head Boy and Girl

“This year we want to bring in more charity events in order to open our schools to more activity and to fund new and unspoken of charities that also need our attention. We would like to host monthly activities to raise funds towards these charities and encourage more student to join us. During our lunch bunches we will be spreading awareness on different matters around the world and providing fun relaxing games.” -Grace Holtby, Senior Prefect of Service

“This year in lunch bunch, the welfare team wants to focus on making themed lunch bunches, instead of just social games. Each Tuesday could have a unique theme to it for example, bracelet making day, or Tuesday twister! Obviously social games are still part of the lunch bunches, however this year the welfare team has decided on getting brand new games in order to make lunch bunch more approachable. Hope to see you at our Tuesdays lunch bunches!!!” -Fleur Masson Sauter, Senior Prefect of Student Welfare

“House is a busy committee this year with multiple new plans for different events coming up. For lunch bunch we plan to have small house events with little mini games that create competition. There is difficulty in finding events that everyone enjoy so we are going to start asking the school what they would like to see and hopefully create an event that majority of the school will participate in.” -Alex Patterson, Senior Prefect of House

“We want to introduce new initiatives this academic year to raise sustainability awareness throughout the school. We’ll keep holding monthly beach clean-ups, and will add a social media campaign and more eco-friendly focused lunch bunch to complete the combination.” -Kirill Kotchekov, Senior Prefect of Sustainability

IMG 1611

BTEC Block Chain Tech

In an exciting and educational adventure, our BTEC IT students embarked on a journey this week to visit the Blockchain Technology Center (BTC) in Phuket. The primary objective of this trip was to gain insights into the various IT systems used in modern organisations and businesses. During their visit, our students had the opportunity to delve deep into the realm of information technology, not only within the confines of BTC but also in the broader context of diverse job roles within the field. From marketing teams and content creators to programmers to skilled sound engineers and creative digital designers, this trip presented a kaleidoscope of potential career paths. The visit to BTC was an eye-opening experience, revealing limitless opportunities afforded by technology. It is our hope that this immersive exposure to cutting-edge IT systems and the multitude of career prospects will inspire our students to think proactively about their future in the tech industry.

In addition to the insightful exploration of BTC’s offerings, the students also had a chance to unwind and enjoy some of the technologies being used. They immersed themselves in the world of virtual reality (VR) gaming, further enhancing their understanding of the immersive technology shaping our digital future. This visit to BTC was undoubtedly a journey of discovery and inspiration for our BTEC IT students. It not only expanded their horizons but also ignited their passion for the ever-evolving world of technology. We look forward to seeing how this experience will shape their future endeavors in the IT industry. -Ms. Niemand

Battle of the Bands

Last week saw our annual Battle of the Bands event. This year we ran this over 2 days owing to the amount of amazing entries we had! On Thursday an incredible 5 bands performed from KS3. It takes such confidence and commitment to perform as a band to a huge audience, this is an especially big task for our younger musicians but they rose to the task and all performed to a very high standard. Our judges had a near impossible task choosing their winners but after much deliberation The Gooseberries won first place with Arfiking Kong winning second place. On Friday our KS4 and KS5 bands performed, showcasing immense talent and commitment. Events like this really demonstrate how wonderful our students are. With 7 bands, all performing to a high standard, it was difficult to choose our winners. Congratulations to Hypnotise who won the top spot for the second year in a row and Forklift Certified who came in second place. -Ms Alia Sillett


Year 11 IGCSE PE students are in the process of completing their weight training coursework. Once we finished they had lots of fun creating visual maps in preparation for their end of topic assessment next week. This is yet another creative revision strategy which develops improved memory retention, understanding, collaborative learning, inclusivity and self assessment. - Mr Sadler


Year 10 Dante First Language English students are having their introduction to the summary question in Paper 1 of the examination. This question requires precise use of language, devoid of subjectivity, in which a lot of information is conveyed in a finite number of words. To do this, students came to the lesson with pre-prepared concise summaries of images. The effectiveness of their language was measured by how close their peers’ illustrations were to the original image being summarised. As you can see from Mint and Anastasia’s pictures, Jake Walker was particularly effective in the way he communicated Ryan Reynolds’ features. There has been some excellent work from this class this term as they familiarise themselves with the demands of the IGCSE programme- keep it up! -Mr. Pollicutt, Head of English & EAL

Student Success Out of school

Congratulations to:

  • Tiger 4Y for coming 1st place in the TJDT Tour Golf tournament at Blue Canyon.
  • Rita 4B - I Did It Series swim race at Blue Tree - 2nd Place
  • Tanyong 7W - Phupha Tawan Swimming Championships 2023, at Saphanhin Swimming Pool Phuket: gold medal from 100m backstroke,4 silver medals from 50m backstroke 50m breaststroke 100m breaststroke 200m backstroke (3.15.80 minutes)
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