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Weekly Update #13, 24 November 2023

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Announcements & Meetings

Positive Parenting Workshop on 21.11.23

On Tuesday 21st November, Thai parents in Foundation and Key Stage 1 were invited to join a parent workshop on the topic of ‘Positive Parenting’. Kru Nee shared information on different strategies and techniques for how parents can support their children helping them to become a happy learners in a diverse environment. Parents were encouraged to use positive language and encouraging words with their child as sending their kids to an international school can sometimes be challenging.

Mandarin Speaking Parents meeting on 28.11.23

We invite all Mandarin-speaking parents to attend the Parent Meeting scheduled for November 28th, from 8:15 to 9:30 AM at HeadStart City Campus. This meeting is specifically for parents from the city campus. The school management team will provide updates on school information and address questions from the previous survey. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting! -Language Faculty, City Campus

UPrep Talk #7 on 29.11.23

Inviting all interested parents to a talk on ‘Applying to UK & European Universities’ presented by Mr Roscoe, University Counsellor, on the 29 of November at 8:30am in the Secondary Hall.

Upcoming Events

Book Your Tickets for the Wizard of Oz

The much anticipated wait is over! Book your tickets to watch the fantastic production of The Wizard of Oz performed by over 60 of our Senior CAPA students. “When a tornado rips through her home, Dorothy finds herself in a magical land facing challenges, making friends and having adventures. Join us somewhere over the rainbow as Dorothy and Toto make friends, battle witches and dodge flying monkeys. This is a story of fun, friendship and family but above all, an understanding that there is no place like home.”

Booking notes:

  • You do not need a Paypal account to book and pay for your tickets. Simply read and follow the instructions. When you click on ‘Thailand’ you can change the language from Thai to English using a small button in the corner of the page.
  • Your booking request for The Wizard of Oz will be pending. Once our ticketing reservation team has confirmed your seat selection, and have received payment via Paypal, you will be sent another email with your ticket and seat numbers. Please do not book repeatedly.
  • If you have not received a confirmation email, your payment has not been received. Payments must be made within 24 hours otherwise your booking will be cancelled and you will have to retry.

  • Link for tickets on 29th of November 2023 at 6:00pm in the Sports Hall
  • Link for tickets on 30th of November 2023 at 6:00pm in the Sports Hall

If you have any questions or need any further information please contact us at [email protected] or call us on <088-765-5878> or <076-61-2875>

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Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation Fundraiser

We continue to break records with our term 1 fundraiser for the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation, a foster home for children in need and out of the 100 children that we have committed to support (with school uniforms, shoes and socks as well as transportation to and from school), we have to date sponsored a total of 52 children. Aside from individual sponsorships, our ‘Casual Clothes’ day generated over 60,000 Baht. As Community Links Coordinator, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your kind generosity. This is what it means to be a kind and caring community! If you haven’t yet, please consider sponsoring a child. You are welcome to sponsor as a family, as a group of families, as a company or in any other capacity that you would like. Simply contact our helpful admin team in the front office and a member of staff will guide you through the steps required.

Parent Fitness

Kru BT invites you to breathe and get your Asana moving every Tuesday and Thursday in our ever-popular parents yoga classes. All level are welcome!

PE & Sports


Our HeadStart basketball Academy’s U16 team traveled to play BISP U16 squad. After a very intense battle throughout the match, our U16 boys team won by a score of 37-33. Thank you for all the family members, friends, and staff who came out to support the team. The Panther support thus far has been no short than amazing thus far! Congratulations once again to the U16 HeadStart basketball Academy team on the win. -Coach Mike

Football News

A fantastic performance from our U13 Girls Academy Football team which travelled to KIS. The girls worked extremely hard throughout the game and as a team they showed great teamwork and concentration. A big well done for a solid defensive performance from the girls and a shout out to Maya and Emma for their two great goals. Well done Girls!


Learning and growing, making new friends and developing new skills in Foundation. Through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) we provide children with an environment that is designed to support the development of children in a way that we recognise as being the most effective tool; play. Our dedicated Foundation teaching team provides endless opportunities for children to play, experience, explore and learn whilst developing intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally.


Learning about the Rehabilitation of Rescue Animals

The Year 2 children had a fantastic visit to the Soi Dog foundation this week! Whilst we were there, we learnt all about how the foundation was established to help homeless cats and dogs from all over Phuket. We heard some amazing stories about animals that the Soi Dog foundation has helped and saw how happy some cats and dogs were in their new homes after they had been adopted! The children were in awe of all of the work that the vets and volunteers do at Soi Dog to help sick or injured cats and dogs. We were especially pleased to meet some of the gorgeous puppies and cats; we had some nice cuddles and played with them! Many of the children have been inspired and are spreading the message amongst the community that we should ‘Adopt, don’t shop!’ if we would like a pet cat or dog. You might spot some of their posters with this message around the school. Thank you to Soi Dog for such an educational and exciting trip!

Author Visit Gail Clarke Poster November 2023

Model United Nations (MUN)

Last Thursday, the MUN (Model United Nations) club at HeadStart had the honour of participating in the very first MUN conference in Phuket at BISP. Along with three other schools, we debated four topics in four different committees. MUN is about emulating the United Nations and form solutions to world problems, MUN is often split into multiple committees which each debate and discuss (topics such as human rights, environmental issues, and other current global issues of concern) in the same format as the real UN. These conferences assist students to develop their public speaking and debating skills.

A notable committee was the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Committee) which debated the topic of Human Rights in relation to counter-terrorism. Very heated debate occurred between a HeadStart student, such as the delegates of Iran (Charles Callens) and the United States (Krit Phaisamran) with support from the delegates of Croatia (Andrian Shatalin) and France (Theo Hulot). This was all under the watchful eye of the Chair (Liam Mizrahi), who carefully reminded all to respect UN debate rules such as using the third person to refer to themselves. Ms Tuppen - the Lead Advisor of MUN - said that, “This committee was very successful for HeadStart, resulting in the Chair (Liam Mizrahi) and Iran (Charles Callens) obtaining the award of Best Chair and Best Delegate respectively, which was extremely gratifying to see!” We are thankful to BISP for hosting this event and hope to perhaps one day hold a similar event at Headstart. -Charles Callens and Andrian Shatalin

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Benjamin Salmon

Head of Languages
[email protected]

My name is Ben Salmon and I have been working at HeadStart International School since 2016. I was born in Paris, France and grew up on the outskirts of the French capital not far from Versailles Castle. I hold an International Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Nottingham as well as a Master Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from BridgeTEFL. I started my teaching career in 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand and have also lived a year on the Canadian East coast before coming to Phuket. On top of my teaching qualifications, I also hold a Master’s Degree in International affairs. I have a true passion for teaching as well as learning new languages. I intend to continue using this passion to inspire my students. My classroom is always a positive environment where students are free to express themselves, through fun language activities and dynamic expression. I have had the chance to teach both Primary and Secondary schools, and really enjoy what each age group has to bring to the lessons. I am looking forward to make this new academic year an exciting and successful one. Outside of school, I am a very active person and enjoy working out several times per week. I also like to swim, play football and love going to the beach. My likes in music include jazz, pop, rock, electro, hip-hop, salsa and more…

Language Department News

We begin on a note of celebration as the Languages Department proudly acknowledges the outstanding achievement of Jeong, Yewon (Clara) in Year 10 White. Clara has successfully obtained an HSK level 3, showcasing her dedication to language proficiency. For those unfamiliar with HSK, it stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, a standardised Chinese proficiency test. This accomplishment reflects Clara’s commendable linguistic skills in Mandarin. We encourage our students to explore such language proficiency tests, as they not only enhance linguistic abilities but also open doors to various opportunities.

In addition to HSK, there are other proficiency tests available for our students, and our school is here to support them in their language-learning journey. The DELF Junior, for instance, can be taken at the Alliance Française of Phuket. DELF (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française) is a certification of French language abilities for non-native speakers. For those interested in having their children take this language proficiency test, a preparation to Delf Junior ECA will be opened for the start of Term 2, if you are interested in joining it please contact our ECA office in school. Similarly, HSK tests can be arranged with Prince of Songkla University, conveniently located near our school.

Furthermore, for our students who are native speakers of languages other than English or Thai, we offer exam options such as IGCSE in Italian, German, French, or Russian, as well as A levels. Notably, students have the option to self-study for these exams, providing a flexible and personalised approach to language acquisition.Undertaking these exams not only strengthens language skills but also adds a valuable dimension to university applications. It is worth noting that universities often appreciate the diversity and proficiency that multilingual students bring to their academic communities.

If any parents are interested in exploring these language proficiency opportunities for their children, please feel free to contact me via email [email protected] Your continued support and encouragement play a vital role in our students’ success.


BTEC Business students had the privilege of attending a session with a distinguished guest speaker who shared invaluable insights into the world of business and entrepreneurship. The speaker Phillipe Pageau-Goyette, a successful businessman and entrepreneur with a remarkable journey, shared stories of challenges, achievements, and essential lessons learned along the way. Philippe began the session by recounting his personal journey, identifying opportunities and overcoming obstacles. The students listened as he detailed the highs and lows of business ventures, one of which was DRG, a fully integrated real estate development and management company based in America. Phillipe provided a realistic portrayal of the unpredictable nature of business.

The session included a Q&A session, allowing students to interact with Phillipe. Students were not only inspired by the success story of a real-life entrepreneur but also gained valuable insights into the mindset and skills required to navigate the business world. This session along with many other aspects of BTEC Business fosters an entrepreneurial spirit within the students, encouraging them to dream big, embrace challenges, and embark on their own paths to success remaining resilient and determined! -Ms Yardenna Jones

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David Pollicutt

Head of English
[email protected]

My name is David and I joined HeadStart International School in 2018. I am from the UK and grew up in the large port city of Bristol. I studied English Literature at the University of East Anglia, and trained to teach at The Institute of Education in The University of London. I taught in East London for four years, before moving to teach for eight years as Head of English in Viet Nam and China. I am a firm believer in developing students to be natural enquirers, following the Sir Ken Robinson model of best preparing students to use transferable skills for the shifting landscapes of their futures. I seek to encourage an epistemological approach in my lessons, urging students to evaluate the efficacy of the information they consume and the validity of interpretations. I am passionate about literature and will often be chortling at David Lodge’s tragicomedy or swooning at Ian Mcewan’s literary sleight of hand. Outside of the classroom I am a keen student of Philosophy, Politics and Film. I am a particular fan of the intellect and charisma exuded by Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris and the late and much missed Christopher Hitchens. I have a terminal case of devotion to Tottenham Hostpsur Football Club; it teaches me patience and humility.

News from the English Department

‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ So says Socrates in Plato’s Apology. Ironically, he said it when he had been charged with impiety and corrupting the youth. I may not be the most pious, but rather than corrupting Year 12, I like to think that by leading a successful Socratic seminar, they have had their learning experiences enhanced rather than corrupted. Taking control of analytical discussion; developing their powers of expression and by open-mindedly exploring a text’s ambiguity students helped develop a deep appreciation of an Unseen text in their A Level Literature lesson. As students themselves said:

I found the process interesting and surprising. Of all teachers, I least expected Mr Pollicutt to be embracing the ‘Harkness Method’ which devolves a high degree of autonomy to the learners. Perhaps he decided to introduce the concept at the end of the first part of the course now that we have gained a grasp of the fundamentals of how to read critically. I thought that it was very insightful and I felt that it went relatively well, especially for the first time. Even though the conversation was mainly dominated by Erica, Liz and me, everyone, even those who did not speak as much, said very insightful things which drove our collective ideas forward. Some of our lessons can be heavily reliant on Mr Pollicutt’s ideas, so today’s session was a break from that, with minimal intervention from him. Despite this, we came up with many ideas, which really shows the potential of the class, the potential of every individual and especially the potential and insight gained if we all work together. - Krittat Phaisamran

I found it very useful because it was helpful to listen to other people’s insights. It made me reevaluate my own opinions and understand everyone else’s thought process when they analyse a poem. - Zoe Fuchs

I really liked it because it was fun and engaging to explain my ideas to other people. It was also pretty interesting to hear other people’s thought processes and to get different perspectives. Although it was a bit awkward at first, we soon got the hang of it and when the class ended I was really into it. Even after the lesson Christina and I kept talking about it and sharing our ideas so I think that shows how fun it was. I’m surprised at how much I talked after I saw the paper with the lines because I don’t normally talk that much in class but with this circular seating I was much more comfortable and confident to express my ideas; it felt like a conversation with friends rather than trying to say the correct answer. I learned that with these types of discussions it isn’t about winning and making everyone agree with you (I kind of did that) but about articulating your thoughts clearly and listening to other views. I would definitely like to do this again and I think it’s very beneficial for me and some people in my class who don’t engage in much discussion in regular classes. - Erica Ilstam

Although I am quite late in the pursuit for public speaking, I find that this is a nice way to force myself to speak and think faster to be able to converse more constructively. Even the few things I said felt like a little accomplishment and gave me deeper appreciation for these sorts of discussions as there is always something to get out of it along with the occasional fun discussions where we have to piece our ideas together. It’s nice to see that its utility lies in exploration and feeding off of each other’s ideas instead of reaching a definite answer. - Manar Srivakul

ECA News

HeadStart’s Chess Grand Prix Continues!

With a series of 10 monthly tournaments. Players battle it out for unmissable prizes. Click through the pictures to see the current standings - well done to all those who took part. Do you think you have what it takes to win the grand prix? Only seven tournaments to go!

Student Success Out of School
  • Color in Y4Y on his Belt Promotion, in the Kukkiwon Academy.
  • Nyk in Y3Y for coming 1st place in the Relay mix, 2nd place 100 M, 3rd place 50 M at the Children’s International Finswimming Competition.
  • Stas in Y5Y for coming 2nd place in the 50 M, 100 M and 4x50 Relay mix.
  • Mason in Y6Y for his award for best goalkeeper at the Krabi U10 Football Championship at the Andaman Sports Club.
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Promotions from Around the Island
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