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Weekly Update #20, 2 February 2024

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Announcements and Upcoming Events

Teacher INSET Day - No School for Students on 09.02.24

Just to remind parents that next Friday, 9 February, is a Teacher Training Day (INSET) and the school will be closed for students. We look forward to welcoming everyone back after the mid-term break on the 19th of February bright an early.

Thai Parents Meeting on 06.02.24

Welcoming all interested parents to a presentation in Thai on the topic of ‘Helping Your Child Apply to Top Universities.’ The presentation will start at 8:15am and be held in the Secondary Hall.

UPrep Talk on 07.02.24

Welcoming all parents to our UPrep Talk #10 on the topic of ‘Show Me the Money!’. This talk will focus on the cost of studying at university and will go over the difference of the cost of universities in different countries. The presentation will start at 8:15am and will be held in the Secondary Hall.

Foundation Lunar New Year Stay & Play

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University Offer News

It is with great excitement that we announce our Head Girl, Sarita Singhapan, leading the way, with four university offers to study Medicine at Srinakharinwirot University International Programme, Thammasat University, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang & Khon Kaen University. Sarita will achieve both an academic bachelor’s degree in Medical Science together with the necessary qualification to practise as a doctor in Thailand. Sarita has been enroled at HeadStart since Year 1 and has greatly contributed to the school community. We wish Sarita the very best of luck with her exams and onward plans for studying to be a Doctor.

Congratulation 2024 Sarita

Flag Raising

  • Congratulations to Ingfah in Year 11 for winning the Gold prize in the ‘Young Artist Vocal’ category in the London Young Musician online 2023-2024 competition season 3.
  • Congratulations to Valena who was our CAPA HeadStar of the week!
PE & Sports


U11 & U13 Girls

Our U11 Girls and U13 Girls combined together last weekend to compete against KIS. The girls put on a solid performance and were an attacking threat from the first whistle. Defensively the girls worked extremely hard to limit the opponents chances on goal. Smiles and gained confidence at the end of the game as the girls worked extremely well together to play some good football in hot conditions away from home.

U9 Boys

Our U9 Boys played against Golden Boy Academy this past Saturday. It was a competitive game where both teams had times where they were on top. Special mention for Julian who made a number of wonderful saves in the middle third of the game.

U13 Boys

The U13 Boys played against Together Academy and displayed improvements in their creativity, moving the ball forward with speed and their team ethic.

U17 Boys

Our U17’s played against Republic Academy this weekend and put in a very professional performance and managed the game well for large periods. A late goal line clearance from Krit ensured that the boys got the result they deserved.


Is there a wiggly worm at the bottom of your garden? Early Years Yellow taught us all how to wiggle like a little worm in their assembly. It was wonderful to see all the parents join in with the dancing. The children absolutely loved it!

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Growing Garden

As is evident from the pictures, Year 4 Yellow thoroughly enjoyed their return to the rooftop garden. The children were tasked with a scavenger hunt, locating various plants using only their names, pictures or descriptive clues. Upon finding them, they conversed with the gardening team to understand more about each individual plant, including how to appropriately care for them to ensure their continued healthy growth. Alongside this activity, the children helped tend to the garden, watering and pruning plants where necessary. The beaming smiles of Year 4 Yellow showed that this would for sure be one of their favourite lessons across the rest of Term 2. - Mr Ben Stephenson


Secondary Assembly to celebrate our Secondary Students of the Month.

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BTEC Business students continue to collaborate with 5 Star Marine, and are now with their expertise and guidance developing cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns. Through this partnership, students have gained hands-on experience while offering fresh perspectives to enhance 5 Star Marine’s online presence and customer engagement. The students have recently filmed videos, podcasts and Tik Tok shorts showcasing the beauty of marine tourism destinations, highlighting 5 Star Marine’s services, offering valuable insights and tips to potential customers. Here are some fun snaps of the filming process. The campaigns are nearly complete and will be released very soon! -Ms Yardenna Jones, BTEC Coordinator

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In an effort to support and inspire the current IGCSE cohort, Year 11 Gogol students were visited by Prefects Krit, Liz and Christina. As past masters at IGCSE, these three shared their tips and approaches to both the revision process and Paper 1 itself. It was great for Year 11 to hear students’ perspectives from those who’ve been through the process. Seungha Lee said, ‘The tips were useful for sure and it gave us the chance to ask questions about how and what they learned to best prepare for the final exams.’ Hopefully their feedback will compliment my own and lead to even better results in 2024! Mr. Pollicutt, Head of English & EAL

Year 7 Residential Phuket Activity Based Trip

This year, our year 7 group has grown in numbers, meaning our residential trip was the biggest in our secondary school’s history. Students had a fantastic Island adventure over the three days. On day one, students split between Soi Dogs and Sustainable Mai Khao to involve themselves in service learning opportunities on the island, learning and helping out with animal welfare and environmentalism. On day two, students went on an island hopping tour with 5 Star Marine. Students had a great time snorkeling and playing games in the water, having a beach lunch, and playing games. After two days of service and island hopping, the last day was taken up by some relaxing fun at Splash Jungle. Students and staff spent the day going around the lazy river and propelling themselves down water slides and flumes. Students were really able to explore January’s learner attribute of collaboration, as they worked and played in their groups to get the best possible experience; and one they will remember for many years!

Year 8 Residential Trip to Khao Sok National Park

Our Year 8 Residential was truly a trip to remember! The days were filled with jungle hikes, where we encountered everything from spiders to wild elephants. Nighttime brought a whole new adventure as we ventured out to spot nocturnal creatures like scorpions!. We also had our fair share of water fun, kayaking and swimming in the lake. Our accommodation was a mix of rustic charm and unique experiences, from simple fan-cooled rooms under the stars to floating bungalows swaying with the gentle waves on the lake. And let’s not forget the food – every meal was a delicious journey through different cuisines, adding another layer to our unforgettable time in Khao Sok. Well done to all of the Year 8 students and to our amazing and caring teaching staff for making the residential an unforgettable and fun experience.-Mr Jamie Sadler, Trip Leader

Year 9 Residential Trip to Chiang Mai

The year 9 students recently embarked on an unforgettable residential trip to Chiang Mai, filled with a diverse array of enriching experiences. On our journey we visited Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, scenic bicycle rides, hiked to a beautiful waterfall and bamboo rafting adventures. The itinerary also included a unique stop at an elephant poo paper park, where students learned about sustainable practices. The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the visit to an elephant sanctuary, fostering meaningful interactions with these majestic creatures. In addition to nature-centric activities, students engaged in creative pursuits like wooden dolls and umbrella painting, showcasing their artistic flair. The culinary delights of local food and captivating entertainment rounded off this incredible residential, leaving the year 9 students with cherished memories of their time in Chiang Mai. - Ms Alicia Niemand, Trip Leader

HeadStart School Update

Beach Clean

Last Sunday’s Beach Clean at Kata Beach witnessed another great turn out from HeadStart families. In total we had around 58 participants from across the Houses. For those eager to know the House that was best represented and as such get the House points, it was jointly Green and Red. Whoop! Between us we collected around 40 kg of trash, with around 10 kg saved to be repurposed here at school. Our next Beach Clean will take place at the end of February on Rawai Beach.

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Committee Updates

In the last two weeks all Eco Committees met to work on their activities for the remainder of this term. Foundation & KS1 Committee met to discuss how best to now encourage the collection of waste paper in the school, designing awareness posters and working out how to get it to the central recycling point within the school. KS2 Committee met twice to determine how they will identify the features of the Clean Air Problem they believe is present in Phuket. They are now working in teams to research issues of clean air before turning this into an awareness campaign. KS3 Committee launched their Paper Recycling Poster Campaign competition. With over 80 entries for the 4 winning spots the group will meet on Tuesday to identify the winners.

Friday Changemaker Focus - Clean Energy

This half term, our Upper Secondary Eco Committee is exploring the concept of clean energy. HeadStart students and staff alike have been delving into thought-provoking ideas. They’ve considered redefining “clean energy” to signify minimal pollutants and zero carbon footprint. Additionally, there are insightful perspectives on evaluating clean energy, with a focus on enhancing implementations of solar and wind technologies. Furthermore, there are differing opinions regarding the appropriate utilisation of renewable energies. Some argue against the use of biofuels, emphasising concerns that the land designated for biofuel production could instead be utilised for agriculture or growing more essential crops. Moreover, there is a focus on waste products through treatments, such as dumping CO2 deep in the ground so it doesn’t pollute the earth’s atmosphere. Finally, a vote was conducted to determine the most efficient source of clean energy, and the outcome favoured (controversially) nuclear energy! China is a world leader in this respect with plans to lead the world in this area of energy production. Such a route for HeadStart may be challenging so instead we will consider how we can enhance the current green production of energy here onsite. We plan to work with the Science Faculty to explore ways to optimize our current solar capacity as a means of generating more power. Currently solar meets, on average, 80% of HeadStarts daily electrical need. Our ambition is to achieve a realistic outcome of 90% within the next academic year. We welcome community ideas and offers of support as we move forward with this endeavour here at HeadStart. -Co-authored by Alex Qiang & Rob Gratton

Did You Know? Week beginning the 26th of February we will be collecting plastic bottle tops and straws. We will be collecting clean bottle tops from water bottles, milk bottles etc and clean straws ONLY.
Something To Think About! What are you doing to help reduce the Phuket water Shortage Problem? We can all take small steps to conserve water here on the island from fixing dripping taps, running water for less time when brushing teeth and minimising the use of hoses.
**Interesting Links Data on Phuket water consumption. Water issues and solutions and Tips on how to save water!
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