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Weekly Update #21, 9 February 2024

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Upcoming Events & Meetings

Safer use of devices for Primary Children Presentation on 20.02.24

We invite all interested parents to join a talk on ‘Safer use of devices’ on Tuesday 20th February, 8:15-9:30 in the Primary hall. Would you like to find out how to teach your primary child to use their device more safely? How to set controls and restrictions. How to set time limits on apps and websites. About specific apps and games. How to talk to your child about inappropriate content and staying safe online. -Ms Cusworth, Deputy Had of Primary

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International Day - A Student & Parent Generated Event on 8.03.24

It is with great excitement that we announce that International Day 2024 will take place on 8 March from 2:30 -5:00pm at our Chaofah Campus and on 15 March from 2:30-5:00pm at our Cherngtalay campus. International Day is a day to celebrate our multicultural community and is a parent generated event. While the logistics of set up and the organisation of the programme is managed by the school events team, food served, performances and national costumes and displays are organised by students and parents, which takes some planning and organisation on the community’s part. It is suggested that parents identify fellow members of their home country and organise a meeting, or form a WhatsApp or LINE group, to discuss and designate responsibilities that include the following:

  • Booking your country’s tent for serving food and putting up displays (write to [email protected] for this purpose);
  • Collecting money from members of your country for incurred costs of food and costumes;
  • Organising performances, practice and costumes for performers.

Please be advised of the Policies & Procedures for International Day 2024 below and let us know if you have any questions by writing to [email protected]

International Day Policies Procedures HSC 1 International Day Floor Plan HSC 1
University Offer News

The Sixth Form Team is delighted to announce that Pimnara Phongworasak (Noey), who has been at HeadStart since Year 5 (2016), has been accepted to Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. During her time at HeadStart, Pimnara distinguished herself as a School Prefect, actively volunteered for the English Camp, and was a key player on the Girls’ Basketball Team. Noey has chosen to accept an offer from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, where she will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design. Her commitment to both Art and extracurricular activities has been exemplary, and we are confident that she will continue to excel in her future endeavors.

The Sixth Form Team is proud to announce that Liam Mizrahi, who joined HeadStart in Year 12 (2022), has been accepted to Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He also received offers from the University of Amsterdam and Tilburg. During his time with us, Liam has been an exceptional Secretary-General of the Model United Nations and dedicated over 100 hours to tutoring younger students. Liam will be pursuing an International Bachelors in Economics and Business Economics in the Netherlands. His academic prowess and commitment to school life have been remarkable, and we are excited to see him excel in his future studies.

PE & Sports News
  • The PE Department and all the students are excitedly preparing for this year’s Sports Days! We are looking forward to what will no doubt be an enjoyable few days, with students working hard to develop their skills across all athletics events. We look forward to seeing many of you cheering on our students during this fantastic event.

  • Save the date! 29 March will be our 12 Hours to Take a Difference event…more news to come!

Languages Department News

Mandarin Language Day

Last Saturday, HeadStart International School hosted an energetic Mandarin Language Day event, themed around welcoming the Lunar New Year. The activities included traditional Lunar New Year crafts, parent-child sports activities, and a tasting of Chinese cuisine. Parents and students deepened their understanding of the traditional festival by engaging in activities such as making paper dragons, writing couplets, and paper cutting. The parent-child sports activities not only strengthened relationships with parents but also provided a joyful experience for everyone. A big thank you to all the parents and students for their active participation. Wishing everyone a prosperous Year of the Dragon and may all your endeavors be successful! 📸 Please find all photos here!

HeadStart 国际学校上周六举办了充满活力的中文语言日活动,这次的语言日以迎接农历新年为主题。活动包括春节手工、亲子体育运动和中华美食品尝。家长和学生们通过参与纸龙手工、写春联、剪纸等传统文化活动,深刻领略了中国传统节日春节的魅力。亲子体育活动不仅拉近了与父母的关系,更让大家尽情享受了欢乐时光。感谢所有家长和学生的积极参与,祝愿大家龙年大吉、事事顺心!🐉🎉 🧨🧧 您可在此相册中查看活动图片:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hJPZf5yp0zOtphGTmamzqgR3EWaaCl_8?fbclid=IwAR3FmJRqGfAHKBpnuvZ9vco9izPUsTlGrgttWWeUYL3slM-C1ZOlqeYeiqU


A heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful parents who joined us for our Lunar New Year Stay and Play event! Your presence made the celebration truly special, and the smiles on the children’s faces were priceless. The children had an absolute blast writing wishes on our tropical wishing tree, creating dragons, making delicious spring rolls and playing the chinese drums while learning all about Lunar New Year. Here’s to many more joyful gatherings ahead! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Students in Mandarin First and Foreign Language classes are enthusiastically celebrating the upcoming Lunar New Year! We have explored the stories and traditions associated with this festival, and we’ve also written red couplets and crafted dragon handcrafts. Check out our festive celebrations here! Wishing everyone a prosperous Year of the Dragon, filled with good fortune and success! 龙年吉祥,万事如意!-Mandarin Team

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Year 8 Volunteers at Special Education Center

On the 5th of February, our Year 8 students from the ‘Thai First Language Programme’ organized a morning of activities at the Special Education Center here in Phuket. The students provided valuable assistance to students with learning disabilities which included storytelling and putting a creative spin on the classic tale of “The Tortoise and the Hare”. They also engaged in artistic activities which included painting clay dolls after which they distributed snacks to the younger students. The students cherished this unforgettable experience of giving back to the community. They were touched by the smiles of the children they had the privilege to help and share with. -Kru Kan

English Department News

There is a practically infinite amount of esoteric argot in the field of teaching. Much of it is coined by second rate thinkers in third rate institutions. One piece of teaching lore to which I have long subscribed though, is Bloom’s Taxonomy. Although more controversial than before, this classification of thinking skills is hierarchical, with the 2001 revised edition going: remember, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate and create. Thus, to create might be said to be a way of showing truly deep understanding of one’s subject matter. Happily, it is also an engaging and stimulating way of approaching revision of literary texts. After an intense half term of mock examinations, I was blown away with the calibre of the efforts produced by Year 11 Gogol. Whether writing in role as either the poet Ted Hughes; the character of Blanche from A Streetcar Named Desire; or as Charles Dickens himself, imagining the epilogue of Great Expectations. Please enjoy their pieces and have a restful half term. -Mr. Pollicutt, Head of English

Creative & Performing Arts News

Last week our wonderful LAMDA students performed to a packed audience of their family and friends. We hold our annual LAMDA Night to showcase the work our examined LAMDA students have completed in their ECA time. This gives our parents insight into our LAMDA programme and gives our students an opportunity to perform in front of an audience before their examinations. This year we have over 75 entries from year 1-9 for our LAMDA examinations, which will be held in May. Students will perform a song, poem or script for an examiner based in London. Historically our students have achieved outstanding results and we are confident this will continue this year. - Ms Sillett, Director of Creative & Performing Arts

Community Links

Scholars of Sustenance Foundation Thailand are pleased to submit the Monthly Food Surplus Donation Report for January 2024. Thank you for making that impact on many lives, and on the environment. -Best regards, Pang from SOS Foundation

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