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Our Academic Staff members are at the very heart of our School. It is their enthusiasm and commitment in providing learning to our students that inspires our high standards and continued success.

HeadStart’s over 90 specialist teachers have British, Australian, US or similar internationally recognised qualifications which include Bachelor and Master Degrees and Doctorates. They bring with them a wealth of current experience from their home countries and from other international schools. Teachers in Foundation and Primary School are supported by a team of qualified teaching assistants.

The dedication and commitment of our Operational Staff in supporting the day-to-day running of HeadStart ensures that our students receive the very best in learning and extra-curricular activities.

‘Throughout the school, teachers’ subject knowledge and understanding of how students learn are strong. Relationships between students and teachers are positive. The ratio of qualified teachers to students, especially in the early years and lower primary classes, is high. ‘Deputy’ teachers, who are fully qualified teachers in their home countries, support class teachers. Due to their expertise, they make a significant difference to the rates of progress that students make. Teachers know students well and assess them accurately. This enables teachers to plan work that matches the ability of individual students and caters well for their varying needs.’ Education Development Trust (EDT) Accreditation Report, June 2017

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Liam Moore

Year 1 (Blue) Homeroom Teacher / Year Leader / Primary Phonics Coordinator
[email protected]

Hello and sawasdee krap. My name is Liam Moore and I will be the Homeroom teacher for Year 1 Blue, Year 1 year group Lead and Phonics Lead. I come from a small farming village in Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. I have always wanted to teach abroad and this is my first ever teaching position out of the UK. I am so excited to not only be teaching in Thailand but also at Headstart! I studied for my teaching degree at Leeds Metropolitan University, gaining my BA hons in Primary Teaching with Qualified Teacher Status. Prior to moving over to Thailand, I have taught at schools in Bradford, Leeds, Hull and Doncaster, where I have had the opportunity to work in different year groups and take on a range of responsibilities. For past 6 years, I have worked as the subject lead for Science, where I helped write and set up the curriculum from EYFS up to Year 6, ensuring we had an inquisitive, hands-on and challenging curriculum. I love working with children and seeing the journeys they go on both personally and with their learning and seeing them grow in confidence to become independent and resilient learners. I love hands-on and practical learning and I strongly believe children learn best when they are able to experience something first hand. Outside of school, I have a huge passion for sports, mainly badminton and tennis. I have competed across England at badminton and can’t wait to be able to experience playing in one of the top countries in the world for the sport. Welcome to Year 1 Blue!

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Ivy Carlos

Year 1 (Blue) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

My name is Ivy B. Carlos, Deputy Teacher of Year 1 Blue. I am from the Philippines and gained my Bachelor’s degree in Education majoring in Early Childhood Education (ECE) from the University of Northern Philippines at Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. I experienced teaching Year 1 and Year 3 in my home country. I have been working at HeadStart since 2013 and I can say that I am enjoying my stay here. For the past years I had been assigned a variety of different age levels. I love working with children and aim to support them in order to enhance their learning abilities the best that I can. I believe in the saying, “Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning.” I am looking forward for another great and fun year teaching Year 1 Blue.

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Bridie Roche

Year 1 (White) Homeroom Teacher
[email protected]

Hello and Sawadee ka! My name is Bridie Roche and I am Homeroom Teacher for Year 1 White. This will be my first year teaching at HeadStart and I am really looking forward to getting started. My teaching journey began at Canterbury Christ Church University in England, where I studied Primary Education. I then moved back to work in a school near my hometown of Buckingham. I taught there for 4 years, working in both Year 3 and Year 1. I am passionate about making each and every child’s experience of primary school a positive one and strive to ensure this happens in my classroom. I am inspired by children’s curiosity and inquisitive nature. Having qualified as a Level 3 Forest School practitioner, I hugely value to the role of the natural environment in my lessons. It has been a pleasure to have seen the positive impact of spending time outdoors on the personal growth of my pupils and their learning. When placed at the centre of their learning journey and given opportunities to make their own decisions, children are able to fully explore their own lines of enquiry. This has proved an invaluable approach to learning and one that I will ensure is implemented in my classroom. Throughout this academic year, I will devote myself to developing confident learners when working independently or collaboratively by encouraging and nurturing the children’s growth mindset. My classroom will always be a safe and secure environment for the children to make mistakes and take risks. Their thinking will be challenged in a positive context and the children will always be praised for their efforts. I greatly value my role as a teacher and take pride in ensuring that all pupils in my care receive the opportunities, support and encouragement to reach their full potential. If there is anything you wish to talk to me about, please come and see me. Thank you and khob khun ka!

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Yieneves Durana

Year 1 (White) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Mabuhay! Hello, my name is Yieneves, but you can call me Yien. I am from Visayas in the Philippines, from Iloilo City, the city of love. From a young age I knew I wanted to be a teacher, and always helped my brothers, sisters and cousins with their school work. I see teaching as a noble profession, making a difference to each child, and touching young lives. When I was in high school, I used to go in an outreach program to help one of the indigenous tribe in our country to help them know how to read and write. After high school, I studied at West Visayas State University, and gained my Bachelor in Education, specialising in Elementary Education, and gaining my teacher license. My other passion is music. In high school I was in the school choir, and performed in concerts across many areas of Iloilo City. I do believe music helps the body and the mind work together and I do apply it to my teaching with the children. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meaning of the words. Dancing to music helps the children to build their motor skills. I have taught in private schools in the Philippines for many years, and taught children across all grades of Primary and Foundation. I came to Thailand to further my knowledge of the world, and work with children from all nationalities and cultures, which I find very interesting. This is my ninth year joining HeadStart International School and it’s a great team and place to teach. I am very excited to meet the children and do lots of fun!

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Mark Blacklee

Year 1 (Yellow) Homeroom Teacher
[email protected]

Hello, it is great to meet you. My name is Mark and I was born in East Grinstead; however, I spent most of my home life in sunny Worthing, on the South coast of England. I have an undergraduate degree from the Open University, UK. My core units were language and social science. To complement this qualification, I obtained my Postgraduate Certificate in Education from UPHSD. I also have a master degree in education, with a specialisation in English to speakers of other languages from Fort Hays State University. I have lived in Thailand for 10 years and love the lifestyle, also the people. I previously lived and worked in Bangkok, then the Hua Hin area. I have now been on Phuket Island as a Primary homeroom teacher for six years. I joined HeadStart in 2020 and feel privileged to continue working at such an amazing school. I am a very hands-on teacher and strongly believe lots of encouragement is very important for young learners. I always provide lessons with plenty of enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge. I will give my students confidence and support them in every way throughout the year. Hobby wise, I am a keen surfer and kite boarder, also being a registered UK instructor for both the British Kite Sports Association and the British Stand up Paddle Board Association. If I have any spare time I like gardening, restoring old two stroke motorcycles, and not forgetting my fourteen rescue cats to keep me busy. I try to promote a healthy, fun, active lifestyle and believe a positive learning environment is the key to a fantastic year ahead. Welcome to Year 1 Yellow!

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Jaysel Dollolasa

Year 1 (Yellow) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Hello! I am Jaysel Anne, Year 1 Yellow Deputy Teacher. I’ve been working at HeadStart since 2011 and I am very excited for another year of exploring new knowledge, enjoying activities and experiencing great adventures that I will be spending together with amazing kids in this institution. I am from the Philippines and I graduated a four-year degree of Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED) at University of Antique in 2009. I am currently studying my Master’s Degree in education major in Early Childhood Education. I had worked for a year as a Public School Teacher in our country until I got an opportunity to work abroad. In 2010, I worked in a Bilingual School in Chalong before joining HeadStart. My experiences throughout these years made me aim to support children enhance their learning capabilities as well as unlock their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Being a professional educator, I know that every child is special in different ways and it is important to discover a child’s abilities, assets and areas for improvement in order for a teacher to determine what methods and practices should be used to provide a suited learning experience that encourages children to pursue academic excellence. As well as this, I want to give children a safe and motivating environment to discover and involve themselves in every situation wherein they can learn and acquire desirable performances and achievements. I am looking forward to a year full of fun activities and great learnings. See you all.

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Laura Seabourne

Year 2 (Blue) Homeroom Teacher / Year Leader / Primary Maths Coordinator
[email protected]

Hello and Sawadee ka! My name is Laura Seabourne and I come from Swindon, a large town in England. I trained to teach at The University of Gloucestershire where I completed a BA (Hons) degree in Primary Education in 2010. Since then, I have enjoyed teaching across the primary phase ranging from Nursery to Year 6! I was lucky enough to take a career break to travel a few years ago, during which time I travelled to some of the USA, numerous countries in South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand; Thailand, of course, was one of my favourite places and I am so pleased to now be living here! My classroom is a happy, friendly and warm environment where children are all treated as individuals- because they are! I strongly believe that children need to feel that they are understood, valued and supported in order to approach learning confidently. I have high aspirations for all children in my care and I am committed to helping them achieve their full potential. At times, my classroom will be very quiet and focussed and at others, it will be quite busy and noisy! I am also very passionate about children’s literature and love delving into a good book with my class. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, yoga and spending time with friends. As a beach lover, I spend lots of my free time exploring Phuket’s beautiful beaches! I am also interested in History and love to visit new places and learn about their past. I am really looking forward to working with Year 2 Blue class this year!

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Jeddah Dollolasa

Year 2 (Blue) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Sawadee Kha! My name is Jeddah M. Dollolasa. I am deputy teacher of Year 2 Blue. I am from the province of Antique known as the Land where mountains meet the sea. I studied at St. Anthony’s College accomplishing a degree of Bachelor in Elementary Education- General Education in the year 2018. After I graduated in my course, I immediately work here in Thailand in one of the International School as an Assistant Teacher in Early Years Foundation for almost four and half years and spending my half year in Year 3 as an Assistant teacher also. I took the Licensure Examination for teachers (LET) held in Bangkok last December 2022 and luckily I passed. This is where I spend most of my time, taking care of the Learners with determination, dedication and courage. I love working with the kids aside from their sweet hugs, I love watching them to become more independent, how to think creatively and solve the problems in their own ways. I am very passionate about helping students both academically and personally and I always wanted to have a positive, inspiring impact on children’s lives that is why I am grateful and blessed every single day. I am very excited to be part of this institution and looking forward to meet you all.

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Lily Shum

Year 2 (White) Homeroom Teacher
[email protected]

Hello and sawasdee ka! My name is Lily Shum and I am very excited to join the Headstart community. I am originally from Barnard Castle, a small town in the North East of England. I went to University in Carlisle, Cumbria where I completed my Primary Education degree in 2016. Upon graduation, I moved to London where I taught in an Outstanding local primary school. After 5 years, I moved to Krabi and so began my wonderful journey of international teaching! I loved life in Thailand so much that I decided to continue my teaching career in Phuket, here at Headstart. Outside of school I enjoy watching sunsets at the beach, exploring new places on my bike, learning the Thai language, going to the markets and spending time with my cat. I believe that children need to be happy and healthy to grow and learn. In my classroom, children know it is okay to get things wrong. Being wrong allows us the opportunity to correct ourselves and learn from our experiences. It is important to me that my pupils understand everybody is unique and special, and I want them to embrace and celebrate their differences, as well as those of their peers. My classroom is a fun environment where children feel happy, safe, supported and part of a team. I can't wait to meet all the children in Year 2 White - we are going to have a wonderful year together!

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Kimberly Quince

Year 2 (White) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

My name is Kimberly Quince, and I come from the town of San Juan, located in the beautiful province of Batangas, known for its local wine and butterfly knife. I am a highly motivated, dedicated, and passionate teacher with a Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English from Batangas Eastern Colleges, which I completed in April 2018. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work as an ESL Teacher for a Korean school, teaching primary to college-level students for a year. I also had the privilege to work at Satree Phuket Scool for 3years teaching English to lower and upper-level students. This opportunity gave me much more confidence to provide what is best to my students. I just started to work here, HeadStart International School, last April and 4 months at Bridging School brought me a delight. I never thought that I would have fun being around with kids, since I used to teach high school students, but I was confident that I can relate to them. I am thrilled to teach Year 2 this coming semester. In my free time, I enjoy dancing and singing which help me to relax and unwind after a long day of teaching. I also love spending time with my dogs, as they bring me joy and comfort. My passion for teaching and education, with dedication, makes me fit for any teaching position. I am confident that I have the skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to make a positive impact on my students and contribute to the growth and development of any institution.

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Jake Stiff

Year 2 (Yellow) Homeroom Teacher
[email protected]

Hello and sawadee krap! My name is Jake Stiff and I grew up in Kent, South East England. I will be starting my first year at HeadStart this year, in Year 2 Yellow. Prior to moving to Thailand and teaching internationally, I taught at a school in Bexley for 4 years. During my time there, I taught Year 2 and Year 5 and enjoyed the contrasting dynamics of these age groups. My experience so far has taught me the value of establishing a learning environment based on mutual respect and kindness. Within the school setting, I aim to promote a love of music and enjoy seeing children explore the skill of learning a musical instrument. I look for opportunities to incorporate this passion into a range of educational contexts and as my ukulele survived the long flight from England, it will be incorporated into Year 2 Yellow throughout the year! Outside of school, I enjoy running and I succeeded in completing the London Marathon 2023 in aid of a UK-based charity. I also enjoy playing football and find it incredibly rewarding to play as part of a team. My classroom will be a calm space which encourages collaborative discussion and challenges pupil’s thinking. I always set high expectations and support the children in achieving their full potential. At the centre of my teaching values is for all children in my class to feel safe, respected and happy when coming to school as I feel that this encourages them to become the most successful learner that they can. I am looking forward to teaching Year 2 this year and will always be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Thank you.

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Cynthia Lo-Manipol

Year 2 (Yellow) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

My name is Cynthia Lo Manipol, Deputy Teacher of Year 2 Yellow. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I am married and blessed with a son. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Secondary Education in 2010 from the Adventist University of the Philippines at Silang, Cavite. I taught Foundation and Primary level for two years in my home country before coming here to Thailand. I started working at HeadStart in 2012 as a Deputy Teacher. I have passion for teaching children and watching them grow and progress in every aspect of their lives. Teaching is full of challenges but also very rewarding experiences. I believe that it is important for parents and teachers to work together to create a positive learning environment for each student to achieve their goals and dreams in life. I am excited and looking forward to fun learning experiences in this new academic year 2023 – 2024.

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Immy Page

Year 3 (Blue) Homeroom Teacher / Year Leader / Primary Computing Coordinator
[email protected]

Hello! My name is Immy Page and I am the homeroom teacher for Year 3 Blue and the Year 3 Lead Teaching. This will be my second academic year teaching at HeadStart. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed living and working in Phuket, seeing the infectious smiles has been a huge positive. I attended the University of Brighton (UK) and studied Journalism. Following this, I sought out working with and educating children. I taught sports to children in the USA, then when I returned to London I worked for a year as a teaching assistant in many different schools to gain valuable experience in the education sector. In London, I completed my training to become a qualified teacher and taught across Key Stage 1 and Year 3. I then embarked on the journey of teaching internationally. In my teaching journey I have now taught across all year groups and have experienced life in China and Egypt. What I love about my job is that I get to impart knowledge and watch students grow and develop, it fills me with pride to see happy and motivated pupils! I believe we are lifelong learners and, as such, I am constantly picking up nuggets of information from my students. In class, I like to encourage plenty of partner and group work as it is essential to teach and learn from one another. I love playing games and setting challenges, sometimes I will even challenge the class in a ‘Teacher vs The Class’ competition. In my spare time, I love keeping active and love encouraging others to do so. I like to set myself challenges, which is why I love running because I can chip away at them times! Football is a huge passion of mine and I used to play a lot. Fortunately, I support the greatest football team in the World; Liverpool FC. I have also become very mindful about sustainability, and am constantly seeking out new information on the subject. Finally, I love movies and books, and love taking on quiz questions based on movies.

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Francis Otong

Year 3 (Blue) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Hi there! My name is Francis Feb Paña Otong. I was born in The Philippines and come from the municipality of President Roxas in the province of North Cotabato famously mostly known as “The Fruit Basket of Mindanao.” I am a passionate, diligent, and resilient person. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Education major in English at Notre Dame of Kidapawan College. After graduating from university, I became a public servant in our rural community to help people in need, especially young adults. However, after a while, I decided to seek greener pastures and pursue my teaching career in Thailand. In June 2022, ECC offered me a job teaching an IEP (Intensive English Program) at Khokkloi Municipal School. By the end of the first term, I became a direct-hired English teacher at Thetsaban Ban Yan Yao School, teaching students in an English program. In my spare time I enjoy calligraphy and origami. I also like watching movies, and reading articles on the Internet and listening to podcasts. Throughout my career I have been inspired and motivated by a famous quote from St. Marcellin Champagnat one of the founders of Notre Dame of Kidapawan College: “If you want to teach young people, first you must love them. You must love them all equally.” This quotation is very powerful to me, and reminds me to do whatever it takes to motivate my students, be patient with them, and always believe that they are all intelligent in their own ways.

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Nisha Gorania

Year 3 (White) Homeroom Teacher
[email protected]

Sawadee Ka, my name is Nisha Gorania and I am from Leicestershire, home of King Power’s Leicester City Football Club! I am the homeroom teacher of Year 3 White and this is my first year working at HeadStart. I have lived in many places all over England, I recently worked in a primary school in Kent in the South East. I also lived in Cambridge when I completed my BA(hons) in Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University, and shortly after I moved to Exeter to complete my teacher training with a PGCE. I fell in love with Thailand 4 years ago, visiting the Northern regions of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai and am very excited to explore island life here in Phuket too. I enjoy cycling, hiking, cooking and especially love drawing. I wholly believe in a holistic approach to child education, equipping learners with all they need to succeed in their future education and beyond. I ensure that children are supported and engaged whilst ensuring they build on their independence and love of learning. I am very excited to teach Year 3 this year and work closely with colleagues, families and students to ensure all children reach their full potential.

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Charmaine Edjan

Year 3 (White) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Hello there! I am delighted to introduce myself as Charmaine May Edjan, hailing from the province of Iloilo, in the Philippines. I have a passion for learning and personal growth which motivates me every day. It is with honour that I express my interest in joining Headstart International School as Deputy Teacher in Year 3 White. Having completed my bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with a major in Mathematics from Phinma University of Iloilo and with more than six years of experience as a homeroom foreign teacher in Thailand I am thrilled at the opportunity to contribute my skills and expertise to this esteemed institution. Throughout my teaching journey, I have been entrusted with the task of nurturing minds by delivering a comprehensive curriculum. I have had the honour of teaching subjects ranging from Maths (grades 3 to 6) Arts, Occupations, and Health. I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to exchange my experiences, gain insights from the viewpoints of the students and make a positive impact on their educational and personal growth. Thank you for making me a part of your team. Have a fantastic day!

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Marianne Laming

Year 3 (Yellow) Homeroom Teacher
[email protected]

Hello and sawasdee ka! My name is Marianne Laming and I am originally from Brunei, a tiny country on the island of Borneo. This will be my third year teaching but my first year at HeadStart. Prior to moving to Phuket, I taught for two years at a Primary School in Islington, London. I have an Undergraduate Degree in Business Management, a Master’s degree in Human Resources, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education. In my classroom you will find a happy, calm, and challenging learning environment within which children feel safe and are motivated to learn. In such an atmosphere, children have the confidence necessary to persevere toward achieving daily personal successes. I am a compassionate and conscientious teacher dedicated to inspiring a love of learning! Every child has the right to learn and I am driven to help empower children to grow into active, open-minded, compassionate global citizens. I am really looking forward to the year ahead in Year 3 Yellow Class and working with all the staff, children and parents at HeadStart Phuket, developing and inspiring young inquisitive minds to help reach their full potential.

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Joseth Pon-an

Year 3 (Yellow) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Hi! I am Joseth Paulene Graellos Pon-an but most prefer to call me Joseth. I am excited as I embark on a new journey as the newest Deputy Teacher of the school and hopeful at the same time to be able to work well with amazing HeadStart Team. As a background, I obtained my first degree as a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy graduate at St. Anthony’s College, San Jose Antique in 2017 and passed the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Licensure Examination in 2018. And I got my second degree as a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education at Inter Asian International Education (IAIE), Bangkok, Thailand last May 2021. I worked at a private school in Bangkok as a Math Teacher for 2 years so I can say one of my greatest strengths as an educator is meeting each student’s unique needs by developing a personal understanding of each of them. I achieve this by seeing and assessing the students as individuals and tailoring lesson plans to accommodate multiple intelligence. Furthermore, my goal is to increase students’ motivation, awareness and understanding. As a Deputy Teacher, I am now ready to extend assistance to the students in discovering and constructing learning their own way, expressing themselves and accepting differences either in views or understandings, weighing opinions, learning to regard and disregard, and coming up to a better resolution.

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Jamie Robertson

Year 4 (Blue) Homeroom Teacher / Year Leader / Primary Humanities Coordinator
[email protected]

Sawadee khap! My name is Jamie Robertson and I am thrilled to be the homeroom teacher for Year 4 Blue, and the Year 4 lead teacher. I was born in Lancashire, England, and I moved to the USA in 2007 to complete a football scholarship (soccer) while completing my undergraduate Bachelor's Degree in Organisational Communications. In 2013, I went back to university to complete a Masters Degree (MBA). After nearly 10 years in the USA, I briefly moved back to the UK, before taking a job in a government high school in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. My role as an EAL teacher made me fall in love with teaching, and I knew right away that it was a dream job for me to be able to work with and learn with such inspirational young people. In 2020, I moved back to the UK to complete my PGCE course and subsequently moved to Doha, Qatar to work at an international school. In my classroom, I'm a big believer in installing a growth mindset approach for both the children and myself. I strongly encourage a never give up attitude and that if we’re not making mistakes, then we’re not learning! I love to have children taking an active approach to their learning, as well as incorporating learning outside the classroom as much as possible. I truly feel that positivity is contagious and I aim to foster a safe, accessible and welcoming environment in my classroom Outside of the classroom, I’m a keen football fan and support the mighty Liverpool FC! I also like to get out on the course for a round of golf (sadly, my enthusiasm for golf strongly outweighs my talent). I love to travel and have been lucky enough to visit over 35 countries and I can honestly say that Thailand is right up there with the best. I can’t wait to meet all the children and parents this year!

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Deborah Langcao

Year 4 (Blue) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Hi! I am Deborah but most prefer to call me Deb. This is my sixth year in this amazing school and it excites me to be here for another potentially great academic year. Prior to HeadStart, I studied at the University of the Cordilleras, gaining a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. After graduation, I was able to pass my board exam and get my Philippine teaching license in the same year. Additionally, I also graduated with my Master's Degree in Education in July of 2021 and finished a 120-hour TESOL Certification last year. In connection to this, I believe that as a teacher, education doesn’t stop and lessons are everywhere, even in life. I know for sure, that this class and academic year has something to develop and hone in my being not just a professional but as a person. Moreover, I was given the chance to gain experiences in teaching, both in a Philippine and Thai setting. Those experiences gave me opportunities to work with a variety of administrators, co-teachers and students. I believe that all children are unique and have something special that they can bring to their own education. I will assist my students to express themselves and accept themselves for who they are, as well as embrace the differences of others. Every classroom has their own unique community, and my role as the Deputy Teacher will be to assist each child in developing their own potential and learning styles. With utmost effort, I will be a guide in each child’s path to the future.

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Jen Rapkins

Year 4 (White) Homeroom Teacher
[email protected]

My name is Jen Rapkins. I joined HeadStart in August 2018 as the Year 4 White Homeroom Teacher after teaching for five years in an international school in Bangkok. My move from the city to the island means I can still indulge my love of travel and scuba diving by continuing to explore the wonders of Thailand, Asia and beyond. Before moving to Thailand in 2013, I was teaching for many years in a middle school in Poole, Dorset in the UK. Despite originally specialising in teaching Key Stage 1, the majority of my teaching experience since then has been in Key Stage 2 and even Year 7 French! My passion for teaching has grown with each year and it is my privilege to work with each and every child and guide them along their journey as lifelong learners. I believe that by capturing their interest and imagination through engaging and innovative lessons in a safe and stimulating environment, children will strive to remain resilient, show consideration and be the best they can. In turn, they will effectively develop their abilities to communicate, to collaborate and to think both creatively and critically. As the new academic year starts, I am looking forward to getting to know all the children in my class, along with their families, throughout this year.

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Kimberly Angala

Year 4 (White) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Hello! I am Kimberly F. Angala and I will be the deputy teacher in Year 4 White. This is my first time at Headstart. I am excited to share my skills and knowledge to young learners in a way that they can enjoy and learn. I obtained my Bachelor of Elementary Education – General Education at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University- Mid La Union Campus in the year 2019. I passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers in 2020. Way back in the Philippines, I was able to hone my teaching skills through my experiences as a private tutor. I believe that joining the Headstart family will expand my knowledge and develop my social skills in this diverse community. I am looking forward for great and fun academic year!

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Ben Stephenson

Year 4 (Yellow) Homeroom Teacher
[email protected]

Sawadee khap! My name is Ben Stephenson and I am the Homeroom Teacher for Year 4 Yellow. Having arrived in August 2020, my first three years at HeadStart were a fantastic, enriching experience and I cannot wait to start at HeadStart again. In 2011, I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and then trained as a teacher and completed a Postgraduate Certificate of Education. This upcoming year will be my twelfth year as a teacher and my fourth year working outside of the UK. I have been lucky enough to teach in all four years of Key Stage 2 and I thoroughly enjoy working within the Primary phase. My primary focus whilst teaching is to ensure that all of the children in my care feel happy, safe and encouraged. It is my job as their teacher to help them progress and reach their full potential. My classroom ethos is focused around teamwork, challenge and resilience and I do my best to ensure that all of my lessons are creative and fun for all. Teaching is a collaborative process and I am excited to learn from the children as well. I have travelled extensively around the world to explore and to raise money for charity and I cannot wait to continue exploring Thailand and its rich, diverse culture. If there is anything you wish to discuss with me, please feel free to email me to arrange a meeting. Khob khun khap.

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Clyde Carlos

Year 4 (Yellow) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

My name is Clyde B. Carlos from the Northern part of the Philippines -the Ilocos Region. I finished my studies at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMMSU) Mid-La union Campus in 2009 with a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education majoring in Home Economics (HELE). I successfully passed the Professional Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) in the same year. I had been teaching primary children in my home town before moving to Thailand in the year 2010. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with different levels of children which makes me understand more about my profession and passion. I am an enthusiastic and committed educator who thoroughly enjoys working with children. I am looking forward to another exciting year in Year 4 Yellow.

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Sean Clarke

Year 5 (Blue) Homeroom Teacher / Year Leader / Primary Science Coordinator
[email protected]

Hello and sawasdee krap! My name is Sean Clarke and I am originally from Yorkshire in the North of England, starting my first year as the homeroom teacher of Year 5 Blue and the Year 5 lead teacher, after two years in Year 4, and three in Year 6 at HeadStart. Prior to embarking on my teaching adventure in Thailand, I worked as a videographer for a media company after completing an undergraduate degree in Film and Television production. I enjoyed my time in the media industry; however I missed working with children. I then completed a PGCE in Primary Education and began my teaching career near my home town in Leeds, England. During my four years in Phuket I have really enjoyed immersing myself in the local culture and island life. Along with football, rugby, hiking, yoga and fitness, I have taken up surfing; a sport that I am immensely enjoying on the island’s beautiful beaches. As the leader of the Primary Student Council, I really look to make a positive impact on the overall school experience for the children. We work as a team to address the issues and concerns at the heart of the school as well as running school wide events and initiatives. For one of our projects, we designed and painted a ‘buddy bench’ to help children make relationships and feel safe at break times. Look out for it in the school’s primary playground! In my classroom you will find a fun environment where hard work and laughter go hand in hand, as well as an environment where children are supported, encouraged, challenged and engaged in their learning. I am also very passionate about fostering a setting of kindness, tolerance and respect towards others, enabling children to grow and become their true, authentic selves.

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Marijoice Bariuan

Year 5 (Blue) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Hello! I am Marijoice Melad Bariuan, but you can call me Joice for short. I am the Deputy teacher for Year 5 Blue. It is my first time to work here in HeadStart and I am excited and honoured to be part of this amazing and esteemed team. I graduated from Cagayan State University with a degree in Bachelor of Elementary Education. In 2017, the same year I graduated, I passed my teacher's license test. With five years of teaching experience, I have had the privilege of working with diverse groups of students across various age groups and backgrounds. My teaching journey has encompassed different levels, allowing me to tailor my approach to suit the unique needs and learning styles of my students. I believe that education is not just about imparting knowledge, but also about nurturing students' curiosity, critical thinking skills, and emotional well-being. Every student has a unique journey of learning, and as a deputy teacher, my role is to guide and support them on that journey. I am thrilled and eager to be part of creating empowered individuals and a brighter tomorrow through the magic of teaching.

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Kathryn Parkin

Year 5 (White) Homeroom Teacher
[email protected]

Hello and Sawadee ka! My name is Kathryn Parkin. I am originally from England and grew up in Windsor, Berkshire. At the age of eight, my family immigrated to Johannesburg, South Africa, and after finishing my high school education, I studied Business Science at the University of Cape Town majoring in Organisational Psychology. I started my teaching journey after arriving in Thailand in 2013. I have worked in several schools in Phuket, mainly working as an upper primary homeroom teacher and completed my Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International) through the University of Nottingham in 2016. In my classroom, I strive to create a positive, safe and supportive learning environment that not only helps students grow but also encourages them to flourish both academically and holistically. I believe this is best achieved by establishing, at the outset, positive relationships with each child and using this to tailor lessons that are relatable, engaging, and meet their individual learning needs. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, running, and spending time with my family exploring all that Phuket has to offer. I am really looking forward to the year ahead and am excited to get to know all of my students in Year 5 and their families.

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Endly Mindaro

Year 5 (White) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Hi, I am Endly Mindaro, born in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental, in the Southern part of the Philippines, and grew up in Baguio City, Benguet, in the Northern part of the Philippines. I studied at Benguet State University, completing a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in Biology. After college, I immediately worked here at Headstart International School Phuket as a Shadow Teacher. I learned a lot of things working with different students who needed support in learning. I’ve been working at Headstart for mostly 3 years cumulatively, due to the nature of my work contract. I also worked at Kajonkietsuksa as a Reading, Science, and Math teacher, but due to a COVID situation, I was later moved to a municipality school in Phang Nga, where I taught Science for Primary. I would describe myself as someone who is always energetic, passionate, hardworking, and very patient with students. I am an easy-going person, and I can say that I am a person with a good sense of humor. I always get along with others easily, and I am always focused on my goal, may it be for my students or for myself. I enjoy arts and crafts, cooking, motorcycles, and creating different things with my hands. I always believe that all students are equal and that they have their own strengths academically or in extracurricular activities. I am so grateful to be part of Headstart Primary Team and I am looking forward to more fun experiences working with the students.

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Dan Nicholson

Year 5 (Yellow) Homeroom Teacher
[email protected]

My name is Dan Nicholson and I am originally from Grimsby, in the North East of England. I have lived in Thailand since 1999 and so I now consider it to be my second home. I began my international school teaching career as an Early Years teacher in Bangkok. After five years in the capital, I moved to Pattaya, where I worked for five years as an Early Years teacher and a further seven years as a Primary Year 2 teacher. I completed a BSc with the Open University and then earned a PGCE (International) from the University of Nottingham, while working full-time as a teacher. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge and rewards of teaching pupils from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. I believe in setting high expectations for attainment and behaviour and that a positive attitude to learning is a key component of success. I try to engage children with activities which allow them to build on their existing knowledge and skills and apply them in new and interesting contexts. I think that providing tasks with the right balance of challenge and reward is the key to motivating students and fostering a love of learning. I’m an avid supporter of the English cricket team and an occasional player of the game. I also enjoy hiking, adventure cycling and playing the bass guitar - which I do with more enthusiasm than skill! I’ve been with HeadStart since 2017 and I’m pleased to be part of the school’s continuing growth. I look forward to getting to know both students and parents in the coming weeks.

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Shea Sagpaey

Year 5 (Yellow) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Hello! Sawadee kha! My name is Shea Sagpaey, you can just call me Miss Shea. I am from La Trinidad, Benguet. My hometown is referred to as “Rose Capital of the Philippines” as well as “Strawberry Capital of the Philippines” – thanks to the municipality’s rich agricultural economy. I am the Deputy Teacher of Y3 Blue and I am thrilled to start a new school year here in HeadStart. I am a Registered Medical Technologist by profession but have furthered my career by taking up education units and have been teaching here in Thailand for the past 4 years now. I was an ESL teacher in Kajonkiet Pattana School and was a former homeroom teacher in Anuban Phangnga School wherein I taught English, Science and Health to kindergarten and primary students. Hence, these experiences have made me better as a teacher and it is a privilege to be part of the HeadStart team today. Last school year, I was assigned to Y3 White and was moved to Y3 Blue where I will be staying this school year. I love teaching children and supporting them in every way I can. In return, I get to learn from them as well. I believe that every student is unique and I am eager to meet and get to know each and everyone in the class. This year will be filled with lots of fun learning and I am looking forward to working with HeadStart to further my profession as an educator and to keep encouraging young children to love learning. This will surely be an exciting year for everyone!

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Jack McEvoy

Year 6 (Blue) Homeroom Teacher
[email protected]

Hello everyone! My name is Jack McEvoy. This is my first year living in Thailand and I will be the homeroom teacher of Year 6 Blue. Prior to my arrival in Phuket, I have experience teaching Year 2, during my time in Albania, Year 6, whilst in Qatar and, most recently, Year 4, in England. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Plymouth, in the South West of England and subsequently achieved my PGCE from the University of the West of England. It has become immediately evident that Phuket is a beautiful island, due to the scenic mountain views and the incredible beaches, whilst also being home to a truly welcoming and friendly people. It is for this reason that I am certain I will love spending my time here. My reasons for coming to Thailand are two-fold. Firstly, I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to many different countries across Europe, North America, South America and Asia, which has provided me with the opportunity to experience a variety of different cultures and ways of living. I believe this has been essential in allowing me to become a thoughtful, caring and rounded person. Secondly, I have visited Thailand multiple times, with a member of my family living here, and have always considered it a place that I could one day call home. I have already made many wonderful memories in Thailand and living here provides me with a platform from which to make many more. As a teacher, I look to ensure the students in my class are welcomed, engaged and challenged. I aim to provide lessons that are inclusive, supportive and provide every student with the opportunity to succeed. It gives me great pleasure to teach Year 6 Yellow and I am looking forward to us all enjoying a wonderful year together.

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Ayce Rico

Year 6 (Blue) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Mabuhay! My name is Ayce Rico and I am from the island of Romblon known as the Marble Capital of the Philippines for its lucrative production over the country. I have been living in Phuket since 2010. I am very excited about this academic year as a Deputy Teacher of Year 6 Blue. I am looking forward to my thirteenth year at HeadStart International School. I graduated in 2010 from Romblon State University with the degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management and I successfully completed my Diploma in Teaching Education at Ifugao State University in 2016. Working at HeadStart for almost twelve years, I learned the importance of relationship with students; taking the time to know them, what they stand for, and what they like. I have had the opportunities to educate my students, where I aim to be flexible and efficient when performing my duties. I continue to develop my passion, helping students to engage in a creative and fun learning experience. I hope to encourage the children to develop and also inspire them to have a lifelong love of learning. Outside school, I love to do running, cooking and singing with friends.

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Carla Whitehead

Year 6 (White) Homeroom Teacher / Year Leader / Primary English Coordinator
[email protected]

Hello and Sawadee ka! My name is Carla Whitehead and I come from a small city in the South West of England called Gloucester. My teaching career began in 2010 at The University of Gloucestershire where I completed a BA (Hons) degree in Primary Education. I then went on to teach in a local primary school for six years before deciding to seek an international job to enable me to combine my passions of teaching and travel. I started teaching at HeadStart International School in 2019; I enjoy being part of such a diverse and dynamic team here and have loved immersing myself into life in Phuket. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher with a strong belief that children should be given a wide range of opportunities in order to promote a life-long love of learning. I enjoy looking for ways to encourage self-identity and individuality in the classroom by teaching creatively and I also like to provide as many opportunities as I can to endorse empathy and respect for others and the environment. I love children’s literature and I take great pleasure in sharing books and stories with my class to enhance their imagination. My classroom is a happy and safe environment where children are inspired to have fun while learning. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy exploring new places, hiking and keeping fit, photography and spending time at the beach. After such a brilliant and rewarding few years at HeadStart, I am really looking forward to this year and getting to know the children and parents of my new class while facilitating a learning environment where all students can fulfil their potential in a fun and engaging environment.

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Danny Isiguen

Year 6 (White) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

I am Danny Allan C. Isiguen and I grew up in Baguio City in the province of Benguet located in the in the Northern part of the Philippines. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in Biology. I taught in a public school in the Philippines for seven years. I do believe that collaborative learning and limited or small numbers of students in a class can increase opportunities for students to learn. Knowing also the background or personality of the students makes me a more innovative, effective and creative teacher. I also believe that learning take place better in a conducive environment which also drives me as a teacher to be creative in classroom. I am looking forward to starting the new academic year here at HeadStart as a Deputy Teacher in Year 6 White and to contribute to the success of the institution.

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Matthew Stanbra

Year 6 (Yellow) Homeroom Teacher
[email protected]

Hello! My name is Matthew Stanbra and I am originally from London, England. I have moved to Phuket this summer to begin working at HeadStart as the homeroom teacher of Year 6 Yellow. Before this, I studied at Canterbury Christchurch University to earn my degree in Primary Education and then worked as a primary teacher in Kent for 4 years. After spending the majority of the last year travelling around Europe, I decided that I was ready for a new challenge and wanted to fulfil my ambition of moving to a different continent which has led me to HeadStart and Phuket. I am very excited to immerse myself in the local culture and am already enjoying the island life. Some of the hobbies and activities that I enjoy include film, games, learning a new language and travelling, however, I am always eager to try new experiences. I am very passionate about teaching; my family in England consists of many educators and, before studying at university, I was coaching tennis and teaching karate. My firm belief is that education should be as fun and engaging as possible and I aim to create a classroom atmosphere where hard work is rewarded and pupils are given all the support and challenges they need to reach their full potential. I am looking forward to teaching Year 6 this year and to ensure they are ready for the next phase of their education in secondary school.

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Hannah Soriba

Year 6 (Yellow) Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

My name is Hannah, and I come from the city of smiles, Bacolod in the Island of Negros Occidental known as the “Sugarbowl of the Philippines,” producing more than half of the country’s sugar. I completed my Bachelor in Elementary Education and then passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers in the year 2005. I am currently taking up a Masters of Arts in Education Major in Educational Management. This is my fifth year working at HeadStart and will remain as a deputy teacher in Year 6 White. I’ve been living in Thailand for sixteen years and have had the opportunity to teach various subjects to all levels from kindergarten to college students. My exposure to different educational settings has made me flexible and easy to adapt to new situations and faculty concepts. Throughout my career, I have followed the philosophy of motivating and developing an urge of learning amongst my students as I want them to be excited about coming to school, engaged purposely in their learning and be aware of their potential. I am a very active person. Outside of the classroom, I love to be outdoors running and swimming. I do Yoga and Muay Thai weekly and I also have a passion for street photography, travelling, reading and writing.

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Rey Quemado

Primary Associate Teacher
[email protected]

Kruhay! I am Rey Michael Escalante Quemado, but most prefer to call me Mr Rey. This is my third year at HeadStart and I am excited as I embark on a new journey this year as a Primary Associate Teacher. I am eager at the same time to be able to continue working well with the amazing HeadStart Team. I obtained my Bachelor of Elementary Education – General Education at the University of Antique, Philippines in 2015 and passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers in the same year. Currently, I have finished all the academic requirements leading to Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management at Pangasinan State University – Open University System. My three years of teaching experience both in public and private schools in the Philippines and another three years as a Homeroom Teacher here in Thailand prior to working at HeadStart, has been a great opportunity for me to work with administrators, colleagues, students and parents across cultures. I always believe in the potential of each student to learn things their own way and such uniqueness makes them special. I teach not only for knowledge but also for life-long lessons. As a teacher, I am always ready to facilitate students in discovering and constructing learning their own way, expressing themselves and accepting differences, either in views or understandings, weighing opinions, learning to regard and disregard, and coming up to a better resolution. I ensure my commitment to this role, with sincerity and dedication, to be a part of a learning community that aims to hone holistic growth of the students.

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Vernette Ann Montemayor

EAL Associate Teacher
[email protected]

My name is Vernette and I come from Lucena City, which is a city south of Manila, Philippines. I studied Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos (UPLB), and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Enverga University, Lucena City, Philippines. I am a passionate teacher with many years of experience in an ESL program for Korean and Japanese students at the University of the Philippines, and recently in a government school in Thailand. I have also worked in educational settings in the UK and the Middle East. My journey at HeadStart International School started as a Learning Support volunteer and although it was a brief experience, the challenge in that time was an uplifting experience for me. It is my absolute pleasure to work as an EAL Teacher at HeadStart. Being with our HeadStart children makes me look forward to coming to work every day, and I enjoy being part of a team that is committed to making sure our HeadStart pupils are happy and learning at school.

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Angel Rabacal

Cover Deputy Teacher
[email protected]

Hello and sawadee Kha! My name is Mary Angel Rabacal. I'm a cover deputy teacher in Primary. I grew up in Iloilo City known as the Heart of the Philippines where part of Panay, a ♡ heart-shaped island found right smack in the central location truly proves handy, especially for travelers who are looking to explore other parts of the country. I graduated from The University of San Agustin holding a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education (2017). I found an opportunity in Thailand and taught in various places, but mostly spent 4 years teaching in Bangkok where I got my Teacher’s License. and finally decided to move to Phuket. I am so eagerly anticipating the chance to meet my wonderful students this year and establish a resilient connection with them. Beyond cherishing their affectionate hugs, I take great joy in witnessing their journey toward independence, fostering their creative thinking, and guiding them to tackle challenges using their unique approaches. My enthusiasm for supporting students academically and personally is unwavering, driven by my desire to instill a positive and "inspiring love of learning" in the lives of young ones. Each day, I am filled with gratitude and a sense of blessing. The prospect of joining this esteemed institution fills me with great excitement, and I anticipate the opportunity to meet with all of you!

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