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Creative & Performing Arts

The CAPA HeadStars Academy includes vibrant and varied opportunities for our students, starting with our youngest learners in Foundation Stage and engaging students all the way through to the end of their school journey at HeadStart.

Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) HeadStars

There are three categories of CAPA HeadStars: Senior (year 6-13) Junior (years 3-6) and Mini (foundation stage to year 3). These groups meet weekly and rehearse and develop material for live performances. We have four CAPA HeadStar performances per year, these vary from small scale-invite only (CAPA Mini) to large scale musical theatre productions (CAPA Senior). In our Senior and Junior groups we hold auditions for lead roles but look to include all students who are interested in being a member of CAPA HeadStars and demonstrate performance skills across music, dance and acting.


Our school orchestra is a very able pupil (VAP) provision. These students are selected by our Music Co-ordinator who expects a high standard of musical knowledge and an excellent approach to collaborative work. Our orchestra works throughout the year, performing at numerous events. Of particular note is their work as our annual ‘pit band’ for our CAPA Senior productions. We are incredibly proud of the journey our orchestra has been on, we now populate our pit band with over 18 talented students.

Instrumental and Voice lessons

We offer private instrumental lessons to all students who are interested in learning a new instrument or developing their skill with an existing one. All our classes are with highly experienced instrumental teachers and are delivered one-to-one. We currently offer the following instruments: drums, piano, voice, trumpet, ukulele, violin and guitar.


LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) is an accredited and highly regarded programme of study for students interested in and passionate about performance and communication skills. We offer classes and examinations for students in every key stage, building their skills and confidence through fun and engaging activities. In term 1, students work collaboratively, creating performance material and developing the necessary skills. At the end of this term, students showcase their work to an invited audience of parents. In term 2, students work towards their examination, this is a more focussed period with one to one support from their teacher in preparation for their exam in term 3. The classes currently offered are: Introductory Level, Verse and Prose, Musical Theatre, Communication & Performance and Performing.


Our dance provision is a real highlight of our CAPA HeadStars. We offer a wide range of lessons and there really is something for everyone! Our dance students are afforded opportunities to showcase their work in numerous performances throughout the year, culminating in our annual Dance Show! Classes are offered in ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, modern jazz, aerial hammock, rhythmic gymnastics, acro-dance, twirling and cheerleading.

CAPA HeadStars Dance Performing Group

For those students with an intermediate to advanced level of dance technique in one or more disciplines we offer our very able pupil (VAP) programme. This is an audition only group where students audition in August and commit to working hard, training 3 to 5 hours per week throughout the year ahead. These dancers are involved in our CAPA productions and other performance events throughout the year, including our annual Dance Show.

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