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Bookings for our 2024 Summer camps will open on 11 March

In the meantime, the dates for this summer’s camps have been set. See below.

Week 1 8-12 July 2024
Week 2 15-19 July 2024
Week 3 22-26 July 2024
Week 4 29 July to 2 August 2024
Activity Camp / Activity English Camp for ages 4 to 5

Activity Camp is a comprehensive day-long program tailor made for younger children that promotes learning through play and fosters self confidence as they participate in a wide variety of activities such as arts and crafts, imaginative play, music and movement, cooking classes, water play, and outdoor adventures.

Children in the Activity English Camp will benefit from additional support from our language specialists and have the opportunity to build their English vocabulary through hands-on learning and engaging activities.

Around the World Camp / Around the World English Camp for ages 6 to 7

Around the World Camp takes young explorers on a journey filled with exciting and vibrant experiences that will ignite their creativity and broaden their horizons. Participants will engage in craft-making and delve into stories and adventures from all corners of the globe. Through weekly themed activities, sports and inquiry-based learning indoors and outdoors, they will grasp the essence of global citizenship, forging lifelong friendships and cherished memories along the way.

Students enrolled in Around the World English Camp will explore identical themes and engage in similar activities, all while expanding their vocabulary and gaining confidence in English communication.

Discovery Camp / Discovery English Camp for ages 8 to 10

Discovery Camp is a dynamic program that caters to older children, offering an exciting journey of discovery designed to spark their curiosity and immerse them in captivating topics in a stimulating environment. Participants will engage in daily group activities such as arts and crafts, culinary workshops, scientific investigations, and sports-based sessions. Campers will have the opportunity to attend a specialized ‘option’ three times in the week, options include: Dance, Art, Football, Tennis, Martial Arts, 3D Design and Coding.

Students enrolled in the Discovery English Camp will explore identical themes and activities while enriching their vocabulary and boosting their confidence in utilizing the English language.

Adventure Camp / Adventure English Camp for ages 11 to 14

Adventure Camp is a purpose-built camp that offers young teenagers an array of adventures both on campus and around the island. Participants will have the chance to enhance their social skills through team-building activities alongside their peers, which encompass practical skills, scientific experiments, creative pursuits and sports based sessions. Campers will have the opportunity to attend a specialized ‘option’ three times in the week, options include: Dance, Art, Football, Tennis, Martial Arts, 3D Design and Coding.

Students enrolled in the Adventure English Camp program, will explore identical themes with an emphasis on increasing vocabulary, boosting their confidence and offering opportunities to utilize the English language.

Booking the Summer Camp

Registration to HeadStart Summer Camp

Registration and payments for HeadStart Summer Camp is taken through our website: or click here to make an account:

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How to make a booking:

  1. Prepare all required documents to upload.

  2. Set up an account (Parent / Guardian)

  3. Make a booking for each applicant; entering pupil‘s details and selecting dates of attendance.

  4. Go to the payment page to complete your booking.

A place is secured in the Summer Camp after a confirmed transfer of funds has occurred. You will receive an email of confirmation when the place is secured. All details of your booking(s) can be found on our website.

A limit of 3 applications are permitted to be made by one account.

A detailed ‘welcome email’ with attachments, including, your child’s timetable, the lunch menu, what to expect, etc, will be sent in the last week of June.

Required Documents to read and sign within the Registration software:

  • Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

  • Privacy Policy

  • Summer Camp Release & Liability Waiver

Required Documents to upload within the Registration software:

  • Scanned copy of child’s passport ID page

  • Scanned copy of (at least one) parent’s passport ID page

  • A recent, clear photo of the applicant on a plain background

  • If you are registering for an applicant that is not your child, a scanned copy of the *signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Amendments to Booking Details:

Before 30 June, amendments to an enrolment may be permitted, including the name of the applicant and student details.

Additional changes including dates and options will only be permitted where available. To make a request email [email protected]

Fees, Discounts and Refunds
Camp Activity Camp Around the World Camp Discovery Camp Adventure Camp
Age Age 3-5 Age 6-7 Age 8-10 Age 11-14
Fees per week 16,500 Baht 18,500 Baht 18,500 Baht 18,500 Baht


Fees include: lunch, snacks, excursions, all in-house activities, lesson materials, art supplies, a t-shirt & basic accident insurance.


The first 100 enrolments will automatically receive a 10% Early Bird discount to the fees.

Outside Applicants: A <1,500 THB per week> savings coupon will be applied, at checkout, to the second and third application paid at the same time.

HeadStart Pupil’s are offered a 20% discount* on the full fees.

*No other discounts or coupons can be used in conjunction with this offer.


All payments must be made through the online booking application form and are handled with our chosen payment gate, Stripe.

Fees cannot be paid in cash or on entrance.

Cancellations & Refunds:

  • 80% Refund for cancellation of enrolment before 31 May.

  • 50% Refund for cancellation of enrolment between 1 - 30 June.

  • From 1 July, no refund will be allowed.

  • Refunds for exclusions or sick days will not be permitted.

To make a refund request, email [email protected]. Once your case has been approved, our Admin team will send you the ##Refund Request Form to begin the process.

Summer Camp Information

Camp Staff

As safety is paramount at HeadStart Summer Camp, our qualified teachers, coaches and staff will ensure your child is supervised at all times and enjoys a memorable camp experience.

A school nurse will always be available on site to care for any students who become ill or injured. One member of staff on every off-site trip will be qualified in First Aid and basic life-saving techniques.

Class sizes and Grouping

The camp divisions are organized within the following ages:

Ages 4-5 / Ages 6-7 / Ages 8-10 / Ages 11-14

Students are assigned to a class according to the child’s age before 31 July.

We have set a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 24 students per class.

English Proficiency

All lessons, instructions and camp activities are conducted in English. Children of all English proficiency levels are welcome to join HeadStart Summer Camp. In order to provide appropriate and safe provision, applicants will be placed in classes according to their English language ability.


Our insurance package covers accidents that occur on and off-site during camp hours only and is limited to 40,000 THB.

It is highly recommended that you purchase additional health and travel insurance when visiting or living in Thailand.


This is a day camp and therefore, we do not provide or arrange accommodation. Serviced apartments, hotels and shopping centers are within walking distance from our campus.

Food Service

A full international lunch buffet as well as two snacks will be provided daily. A packed lunch or pre arranged meal will be packed for off-site trips.

School Bus Service

Transfers to and from the school campus can be arranged for groups of 5 or more children on the same route. The fee is 1,500 THB per week, per student.

Our School Bus Service may be available to the following areas: Rawai, Chalong, Phuket Town, Thalang, Cherngtalay, Bangtao, Patong, Kamala

To inquire about the School bus service, please email [email protected]

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