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18 Aug 2023
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Parent Orientation Day

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Adam Drew

[email protected]

Since joining HeadStart International School in August 2014, I have been genuinely impressed by the hard work and commitment of all those involved in making HeadStart a place where students are inspired to have the ‘love of learning’ described in the school’s motto. The school community here is one of the best I have ever-worked with and the positive energy that this creates enables us to achieve so much together. Since our last inspection where the school was rated as a good with a number of outstanding features highlighted, I strongly believe that HeadStart International School is well on the way to becoming one of the best schools in Thailand, providing the highest standards in teaching and learning. As we prepare for the next phase where we hope to gain a solid ‘Outstanding’ rating, the next few years will be a truly exciting time for all those involved. Having had a successful Teaching career in the UK for a number of years and having worked in various different management positions, my wife Amy and I made the decision to move to Thailand in 2012 where I worked at an International School in Bangkok. The opportunity to make a real impact at HeadStart and to help shape the future successes of the school drew me to move to Phuket. On a personal level, I am a keen sportsman and have an interest in many sports both as a spectator or participant. A highlight for me was having a leadership position for Event Services at the London 2012 Olympic Games. I am also keen golfer and compete in many of the regular competitions held here in Phuket and further afield. My wife Amy is a teacher in the Foundation department having joined HeadStart shortly after I did. Since working at HeadStart we have become parents for the first time. Ted Drew was born in April 2018 and is excited to be joining pre-school in this academic year. I look forward to continuing to working with the inspired staff and students and the committed and supportive parents that make up the HeadStart. Together we will ensure that we continue to build on the existing successes of the school and make each academic year even more successful than the last. Please feel free to email me at any time to discuss your ideas on how we can do this together. I look forward to meeting you again as the year progresses!

Welcome Back and Parent Orientation Day

Dear Parents,

I wish you all a warm welcome back to the new school year. I hope that you and your children have had the chance to spend some quality time together over this vacation and that the students are excited to be returning! We welcome a significant number of new families to the school and I am sure our returning families and children will welcome them warmly as our community continues to grow.

Parent Orientation Day

I would like to welcome all parents at our main Chaofah City campus into school for the Parent Orientation Day on Friday 18th August. There will be a presentation in the sports hall for each phase where the Heads will welcome our parents, go through important matters for the start of term and explain any changes and improvements we have made since last year. All teachers within each phase will be introduced. We encourage all parents to attend.

Following the meeting in the sports hall, there will be sessions with the homeroom teachers in your child’s classroom followed by specific meetings for our first language Thai, Mandarin and Russian speaking families. Class lists for next year will be released at the start of Orientation Day and will be displayed in the atrium.

Parent Orientation Chaofah

Data Protection Declaration

With changes to data protection legislation in Thailand, it is important that we share with all parents our Data Protection Policy and ask you to confirm that you accept our systems for handling personal data. Personal data that we hold for parents (e.g. contact details, names and relationships to students) can be found on the parent portal under My Details. If parents wish to update any details, they can ‘request a change’ on the My Details tab, or email: [email protected].

We need each parent to complete the Google Form below which has a link to the Parent Portal and also the Data Protection Policy. This does not need to be completed for each child, but both parents need to complete the form separately. Many parents completed this form last year and do not need to resubmit the form again. Parent new to the school should ensure they have completed this form. Google Form: https://forms.gle/uvbAUayswZSMctnYA

Parent Portal Access & Homeroom Allocation

Please note that the student, parent and staff portals are being updated this week to reflect new timetables, class allocations and teacher allocations. As a result of this, parents won’t be able to access their child’s details on the portal during the update process. Homeroom allocations will be shared with all parents during the parent orientation day and there will be class lists in the atrium. The portal should be fully available to all parents again by this time.

I hope your children enjoy the last few days of their holiday before they return to school on Monday 21st August and I look forward to seeing as many parents as possible for the Orientation Day on Friday 18th August.

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