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Weekly Update # 17, 5 February 2021

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference.

For daily updates and news follow the HeadStart Facebook Page and You Tube channel.

Date Time Event Location
11 February See schedule Yearbook Photo Shoot Secondary Hall
  8.15 am UPrep Drop-in Session Steps Coffee Shop
12 February All day Lunar New Year Activities In school
15-18 February See schedule Yearbook Photoshoot Secondary Hall
18 February 8.15 am UPrep Talk 8: Applying to Thai Universities Secondary Hall
22-26 February All day Year 12 & 13 Mock Exams In Class
23 February 8.40 am Foundation Sports Day Sports facilities
  1.00 pm Year 1 & 2 Sports Day Sports facilities
24 February 8.00 am Year 3 to 6 Sports Day Sports facilities
25 February 8.15 am Parents Committee Meeting Conference Meeting
26 February 8.00-11.30 am Year 7-11 Sports Day Sports facilities
  12.10-3.00 pm Year 7-13 Sports Day Sports facilities
04 March 8.15 am UPrep Talk 9: Applying to Universities in Aisa/Australia Secondary Hall
05 March   School Closed -
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Don’t miss your Yearbook photoshoot. Be sure to come in on your assigned day wearing a clean and pressed uniform, school shoes or sports shoes with black or white socks.


UPrep Drop-in Session Invitation

Parents of Year 9-13 students are invited to ask questions and discuss anything you want to know about university programmes or application in our UPrep drop-in session on Thursday, 11 February from 08.15 - 09.15 am in the Step with Nakita Coffee Shop on the 1st floor. Grab your drink and join Kru Gem, University Placement Officer, for the session!

A big thank you to all of the parents who made it to our last UPrep talk on the subject of ‘Applying to Universities in the USA and Canada’. If you missed the presentation, please find the powerpoint presentation below as a download in both English and Thai. Please don’t hesitate to contact our UPrep team by writing to Ms Bedi, Head of Sixth Form at [email protected] or Kru Gem, University Placement Officer at [email protected]. Our team will be happy to answer any questions that you have regarding university placement.

Upcoming Events

Lunar New Year Activities

Welcoming all members of the HeadStart community to join our Lunar New Year’s activities next week on 12 February. Some ways in which you can get involved are:

✅ Dress in red, gold or national costume if you are from a country that celebrates the lunar new year. (Note: Children should bring along a PE kit if they are timetabled to take part in physical education on the day.)

✅ Contact the office if you wish to participate in the sales of traditional food or if you have something to contribute to the afternoon event such as decoration or musical performances. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Chinese New Year 2 2
Student News

Early Years yellow had a great day swimming! They are all becoming very confident in the and some are able to swim under the water. The children practice swimming and then are able to play games in the pool. It’s lots of fun! -Ms Suzi Chaemchaeng

It has been a wonderful start to Term 2 in Reception Yellow. the children have had lots of fun singing, dancing and retelling classic fairy tales. We practised our team-building skills by working in groups to build their own straw houses and going on hunts around the garden to see which group can find the Big Bad Wolf. -Ms Milly

My keen scientists in the Year 2 Science After School Programme have spent two weeks learning about the solar system and creating a solar system model to take home. I am very proud of their efforts and we had a lot of fun making sure all the planets were in the right order! -Ms Suzi Chaemchaeng

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English Faculty News

Students in Year 9 Austen are preparing for the English Checkpoint exam, deconstructing each criterion in turn and working on the skills needed to address them. This week, students have been looking at what makes an effective opening to their writing and, as we so often do, we have turned to literature to help us. Each student was given a famous first line from some of my favourite novels. They then had to identify and research the novel, the writer and, most importantly perhaps, be able to articulate what makes the line so enduring and effective. How is language being used? What questions are being raised? How is genre being established? How is the reader being addressed? Read their thoughts here and also feel free to quiz yourselves- how many of these first lines do you recognise? Can you identify the work from which they come? -Mr. Pollicutt, Head of English

Around the Island Promotions
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