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Weekly Update #18, 12 February, 2021

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference.

For daily updates and news follow the HeadStart Facebook Page and You Tube channel.

Date Time Event Location
15-18 February See timetable below Yearbook Photoshoot Secondary Hall
18 February 8.15 am UPrep Talk 8: Applying to Thai Universities Secondary Hall
22-26 February All day Year 12 & 13 Mock Exams In Class
23 February 8.40 am Foundation Sports Day Sports facilities
  1.00 pm Year 1 & 2 Sports Day Sports facilities
24 February 8.00 am Year 3 to 6 Sports Day Sports facilities
25 February 8.15 am Parents Committee Meeting Conference Meeting
26 February 8.00-11.30 am Year 7-11 Sports Day Sports facilities
  12.10-3.00 pm Year 7-13 Sports Day Sports facilities
04 March 8.15 am UPrep Talk 9: Applying to Universities in Aisa/Australia Secondary Hall
05 March   School Closed -

Yearbook Photo Shoot

Just a reminder that students will be taking their Yearbook photos in the coming week if they haven’t already done so on 11 February. Please support your child and make sure they come to school on the days that they are timetabled to be on camera! Pictured below is the HeadStart Student Leadership team all ready for their yearbook photo.

WhatsApp Image 2021 02 11 at 16.56.39

UPrep Talk #8 Invitation

Welcome to this year’s UPrep Talk 8. The topic will be ‘Applying to Universities in Thailand’. In this session, we will share important details and information about how applications to Thai universities work. Meet us in the Secondary Hall (4th floor) on Thursday 18th February at 8:15 am. Kru Gem, University Application Officer

PE Department

The PE team, and all the students, are starting to get excited for our upcoming Sports Days! Please find below all the information you and your child need to know. On the day, please ensure that your child wears their House Shirt, PE shorts and trainers, a hat and/or sunblock, and brings their water bottle. Parents are also welcome to come and watch their children participate. We look forward to seeing you there! -Mr Nick Carter, Director of Sport

Department Date & time Location
Foundation Tuesday, 23rd February from 08:40-11:00 on the covered football pitch
Year 1 & 2 Tuesday, 23rd February from 13:00-15:10 on the covered football pitch
Year 3-6 Wednesday, 24th February from 08:00-12:00 on the covered football pitch
Year 7-13 Friday, 26th February from 08:00-11:30 (Y7-11) and 12:10-15:00 (Y7-13) on the covered football pitch

Running ASP

I have been super impressed with the Running ASP students. Every week, following a deep stretch and warm-up, we work through a challenging list of fitness movements. From strength and conditioning to short sprints, middle and long distances - everyone’s heart is pumping as they increase their fitness and running abilities. This week, by the end of the class, in total we had run 5.5k and burnt 550 calories! This awesome ASP runs every Tuesday and all secondary students are welcome to join! -Ms Charlotte Myers


Happy Lunar New Year to our HeadStart community! We wish everyone happiness and prosperity in the coming year. 新年快乐,恭喜发财Students in Mandarin language classes had a wonderful time making new year decorations and learning about Chinese traditions. -Ms Wei Wang

Foundation Department

We understand that it can be difficult to decide whether or not to send your child to school when he/she is under the weather. Please use the guide provided below to assist you in your decision making. If you are still unsure, please call the office at 076612975 or send an email to the Deputy Head of Foundation at [email protected].

Preschool children celebrated Lunar New Year in style - look at their beautiful clothing and accessories! We enjoyed some Lunar New Year inspired activities; with a rice sensory tray that had children looking for chocolate golden money, glittery noodles to explore with chopsticks, and celebration card-making! With this, children also practised painting numbers in Chinese, made dragons and looked at beautiful images from people celebrating Lunar New Year around the world. To celebrate further, we then played some exciting party games and got a chance to try some yummy festive snacks sent in by our supportive parents. It has been a wonderful day and we are looking forward to next year’s Lunar New Year already! -Ms Charlotte Myers (Full album can be found in the Foundation Facebook Group)

Primary Department

Congratulations to our Year 4-6 Students of the Month for Math! From youngest to oldest: Mingbo, Nutcha, Tonboon, Paul, Mila, Amalia, Emma, Savelii and Ned. Keep up the good work!

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Year 1 students enjoyed learning a new vowel; Sara ao (สระเอา) by making a vowel ruler and flashcards. -By Kru Cherry

The children in Year 3 have been learning all of the Thai vocabulary related to fruits. A really fun way of remembering the words is by playing Bingo. The children really loved it. -By Kru Yui

Humanities Faculty News

In 2008 History Today commissioned me, Mr Ben Morris, to write an article to mark the 60th anniversary of Britain’s withdrawal from what was then Burma. The task was to examine Britain’s legacy and the nature of the newly independent state’s national government, and its relationship with the Burmese military. In light of events in Myanmar over the past week, it has decided to republish the article, I suppose in order to give some historical context to the current situation. CLICK HERE to read the article

Super Heroes in Year 7

Over the last three weeks, the Year 7s have been studying History. But, contrary to most expectations, we are not currently looking at any time period in history. We are looking at the concept of ‘power’ and leadership. What is it? How many different types of power are there? Can there be good powerful people? Why do so many abuse power? A very important concept to think about before we begin looking at early civilisations. Have a look at some of the photos below of what some of our Year 7 students at HeadStart perceive good leaders to be. Please note - none of these students were influenced by any of my personal beliefs but I’m very happy to see how representative they are of the diverse community they live in. -Mr Richard Cramp, Head of Humanities (Click on pictures to expand)

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English Department News

The world is a big and sometimes scary place. In Year 7 PSHE we are helping to equip students with the resilience and skills of reflection, needed more than ever in this tumultuous Covid age. Their reasoned and considered responses to Covid 19 and its effects certainly make for interesting reading. -Mr David Pollicutt, Head of English Faculty

Written by Jie Jie in Year 7

‘It’s important to try to be positive after a negative event like a pandemic. Being positive can help us focus on the future and enable us to help our friends, who may be struggling with their mental health.’ I do not think that this statement is always true because we also have the right to feel negative, and we do not always have to help others before we help ourselves.

On one hand, I think that it is true because healthy and positive mindsets can help us to live a healthier life, and we also know how to cope with difficult situations. From thinking that ‘everything’s going to be ok’ is very important to help us in the future; especially when we are feeling down, we know that everything is going to be fine. This also helps us to develop self-confidence, knowing that we can be what we want, not be someone. These mindsets can help us become successful in both our lives and careers; we would no longer see obstacles as annoyance or threats, but it is a booster to help us get better.

On the contrary, we can also feel negative because it is something that no one can get used to, and never will. That is how the brain works. It is true that getting bogged down in bad feelings can cause problems. But it can also help us in a way. Negativity is a sign that tells your body that something has to be changed and motivates us to do so. During a pandemic of COVID-19, everyone is afraid. Afraid of receiving the virus, whether direct or indirect. Fear is also a negative attitude, which is a good thing that tells us:‘There is danger ahead. Be fully alarmed.’

In conclusion, I think that it is normal for someone to feel a little negative after something serious, but we have to make sure that we do not stay in those feelings forever and become a positive person again. In those negativities, we know what we need to change, and as a positive human, we can change that error.

Written by Dom in Year 7

I agree that it’s important to remain positive on one hand, because positive feelings can spread really easily. For example, take a smile; when you’re on a walk and you see someone smile at you, it easily lifts your spirits, and honestly, Covid has put some strains on us all, it’s best we try to help others rather than trying to make them feel worse. For some of us Covid is particularly tough, so honestly just support your friends and family, being sociable and positive can be very beneficial

On the other hand, there’s also the fact that you might need time to focus on yourself. so maybe don’t always try helping people, and sometimes take time to focus on your needs and problems, try to fix them somehow, and then get back to helping other people.

So in summary, Just try to support your friends and family, but don’t forget about yourself, don’t worry, let other people help you a little if you yourself are having a tough time.

Written by Christina in Year 7

Being positive is very important for mental health- I agree fully, however, if we only focus on the bright side of the matter, will we be able to figure out solutions to the urgent issues faster? Being positive is important, but figuring out useful solutions for urgent issues faster is just as important.

For example, with the vaccines of Covid 19, we want to stay positive, as the vaccine is already out and it’s saving lives rapidly. But we cannot ignore the fact that the vaccine might still have loads of defects. For instance: some vaccines only last for a year, vaccines in China are not allowed for children under 18 and elders over 60. So if we only look at the positive sides of the matter, the vaccine won’t improve, and the risks of using it won’t decrease or be prevented.

On the other hand, staying positive is a key to overcome Covid; positive thoughts are like hopes, if there’s no hope left in the world, why are we even here? Without hope, the world is just a pile of debris without a crisp of sunshine, there will be no life. If we are negative about Covid from the beginning, because the mass of people are dying, grief and hopelessness spread like wildfire. We will just sit down and shake our heads and say the empty words. Therefore, without positivity, no life would form on earth, not to mention overcoming Covid 19.

Students in Year 9 Austen pose with their First Lines of Novels display, now up in the library, thanks to Khun Mai. Considering authors’ use of language is key to preparing students as effective critical thinkers and, more immediately, for succeeding in their Checkpoints. The class has now embarked on paired and individual exploration into different literary genres, designed to give them a deeper understanding of how language shapes generic conventions and hopefully, to become more ambitious readers. -Mr David Pollicutt

Year 8 Poetry

Students in Year 8 have been studying poetry this term. Their challenge was to write a poem about an animal inspired by William Blake’s ‘The Tyger’. Students were encouraged to echo the rhythm and structure of the original poem, and include poetic devices. Lions, turtles, eagles and even the humble blobfish are immortalised in verse! -Ms Tuppen

Secondary Maths Department News

During ‘Valentines week’, my maths classes have reflected on things they like most about maths. If you want to take a closer look, come visit my homeroom. The displays are just beside our classroom entrance. -Ms Suzanne Downes

Around the Island Promotions
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