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Weekly Update 18

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Presides Over HeadStart’s Grand Opening

Dear parents, students and staff,

We are writing to express our appreciation for your cooperation during the Royal visit from H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on the 19th of January, 2017. It was a wonderful occasion to have the Princess preside over the official Grand Opening of our school. We are very proud to have been a part of the next step in HeadStart’s successful journey.

We have received compliments from the different government departments that were in attendance on how well the ceremony was organised and how well behaved our students were. Although there was slight panic when we found out that the princess was arriving earlier than planned, everyone remained focused and made themselves instantly ready for the visit.

In commemoration of this occasion we have organised wristbands for the students to keep as a memory of this special day.

Julianna Mester, Year 10 I was honoured to introduce ‘Into the Woods’ to Her Royal Highness the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, and then see a huge smile on her face when we were performing.

Eve Whittaker, Year 10 To dance in front of the Princess was a once in a life time opportunity and I will never forget the experience.

Brendon Edouard, Year 12 I thank Her Royal Highness, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, for coming to visit our school. We are incredibly proud and honoured to be a part of this event today.

Naomi Kochan, Year 10 Just being in the presence of Her Royal Highness makes me feel honoured beyond words.

Robert Abdulaev, Year 10 I was inspired by Her Royal Highness’ kindness and determination to raise a tremendous amount of money for charity.

Dates for Your Diary

Events can be found on the HeadStart calendar on the website School Life → Calendar but we have outlined the main ones here for easy reference:

23 January Chinese New Year Assembly
25 January Thai Parents Meeting
25 January Student Council Meeting
27 January Wear House Shirts
03 February Theatrix Presents: Mixed Up! 5:30 pm
04 February Theatrix Presents: Mixed Up! 4:00 pm
08 February Year 11 Parents Meeting at 3:00 pm
13 February Maths Faculty Week
15 February Year 9 Options Parents Meeting at 3:15 pm.


Russian Classes

HeadStart is happy to announce that we will begin a Russian Language programme at HeadStart with Miss Dina Kalmakhelidze. Students from Foundation to Key Stage 3 can apply to a range of levels and lessons throughout the week. A tentative schedule is on the After School bulletin board in the atrium. Sign ups will run next week for anyone interested in joining this programme. Students will be able to meet the teacher, and sit for a small assessment exam to determine the correct level to be placed in. Classes will cost 350 baht per session.

  • Sign up for Foundation students will be 3:10- 4:00 on Wednesday the 25th in the Reception Yellow classroom.

  • Sign up for Secondary students will be 4:00- 5:00 on Wednesday the 25th in the Primary Computing classroom.

  • Sign up for Primary students will be from 3:10-4:00 on Thursday the 26th in the Primary Computing classroom.

Foundation News

By Ms Fiona Scott

Late Pick Up Procedures

The first two or three weeks back into a new term can be quite tiring for children and it is very important that parents are in school to collect their child on time. This week we have had a number of anxious and upset children at the end of the school day, as parents have been very late to pick them up. Just a reminder that the school day finishes at 2.40pm.

ASPs and Late Pick Up

Like last term, we will run a late pick up club for Foundation students who have brothers or sisters who participate in ASPs further up the school. Please can you inform myself or your child’s Homeroom teacher if you would like your child to register for the Foundation late pick up club. This club will run in the Indoor Learning Centre from 3.00- 4.00 pm Due to the health and safety of all children in Foundation, any children not registered for this club and are waiting for parents who are late, can be collected from the Foundation Dining Hall.

Chinese New Year

Reception and Early Years will be joining in with the Chinese New Year Assembly on Monday morning. Please bring your child to school by 7.55 am so the teachers can take the register and escort the children to the Sports Hall. The Deputy Teachers will be in the classrooms for late arrivals, however, anyone arriving after 8.10 am will not be able to join in with the assembly.

Primary News

By Mr Andrew Whittaker

Punctuality at School

Punctuality - being on time - is a very important aspect of school life (and ultimately, a most important life-skill). It is very important for your child to arrive at school in good time to start the school day, so that they are calm, relaxed and happy to be at school to learn and have fun.

When children are late to school it puts the child at a major disadvantage - they do not feel calm, relaxed and are often not happy to be at school because they are anxious and it is not their fault. Children know if they are late and they can see that the learning and fun has already begun for the other children and they feel that they are missing out.

When children are late to school it is also unfair on the other children and the teachers as they are all disrupted and the flow of the learning is interrupted. The teachers are busy with the children and are not in a position to meet the child as they are if they are early and they are not able to speak to you as parents either.

Children need role models and you as parents are their immediate and most important role models that they will copy. If you are always early then your child will see this as normal and will want to copy this behaviour. Likewise, if you are always late, then again, your child will see this as normal and will begin to copy this behaviour.

Persistent lateness has a significant impact on your child’s learning:

Arriving 5 minutes late every day adds up to over 2 days lost each year - which is the equivalent of missing 11 x 1 hour lessons

Arriving 15 minutes late every day is the same as being absent for over 6 days a year - which is the equivalent of missing 33 x 1 hour lessons

Arriving 30 minutes late is the same as being absent for 13 days a year - which is the equivalent of missing 71 x 1 hour lessons

Over the next few weeks we will be monitoring punctuality and attendance closely and we would like you all to play your part in ensuring that your child arrives at school on time. Remember the bell goes at 7:55 am to call the children to their Homerooms; all children should be here by 7:55 am to start the day properly.

Year 2 Yellow are learning about traditional tales

IMG 20170119 093648

Young Scientists

This week the Young Scientists investigated the effect that different concentrations of enzyme had on the rate of a chemical reaction. This involved the Professors planning an experiment and then analyzing the results. They even had to touch pig liver during the practical……YUCK!!!!!

Year 4 Yellow are reviewing the stages of the water cycle.

Secondary News

By Elizabeth Mason

It has been an exciting and very busy week with the royal visit, Year 11 continuing their mock examinations and A level students beginning their university applications.

On February the 8th 2017, Year 11 parents are cordially invited to the year 11 Parents Evening. This is a very important event which involves 2 presentations and will start at 3.00 pm. Year 11 will be issued with their mock result a letter to parents will follow shortly regarding this.

Year 9 will start the options process in February making their decisions in March. Booklets will be given to students and parents for their consideration.

We also have an exciting Math’s Faculty Week starting on the 13th of February and the math’s faculty are planning some super activities for the whole school.

The Duke of Edinburgh award takes place this weekend and we wish students every success.

This week the year 10 IGCSE classes made observational drawing of Sino Portuguese architecture around Phuket for their current project on structures. They have also been studying the work of Ian Murphy.

What the Student’s Say…

From a student in Year who achieved a double A grade in ‘Coordinated Science’

I just want to tell you that I passed IGCSE science with a good grade. I would like to say thank you to Mr Cook for teaching me. You are a very cool teacher. Your teaching style made Physics look easier than what I used to think before. It’s so fun to have physics lessons with you!

I’m so thankful to have Mr O’Hagan as my Biology teacher. He always made sure that everything in the syllabus was all covered in detail. He’s so organized and he’s my inspiration to be organized too! “Organization is a key to success!” Thank you again!

Sports News

Basketball Tri-series

After the long Christmas break and the excitement of the Royal visit the girls basketball team dashed off to BIS for a Tri Series. They started off with lots of enthusiasm and played brilliantly against KIS winning 16-8. The final match was against BIS who proved to be tough opposition, the girls gave their best but lost 9-36.

House News

By Nick Carter

Another fantastic week of House competitions! As House set the fourth placed Tigers a challenge this week; that they HAD to win the weigh your waste competition! And they did so in emphatic style, wasting only 3.4 kilos of food, beating the second place house by over 2 kilos!

This challenge, along with the Blue Tigers also winning the House Quiz this week, sees the Tigers currently in first place this term. However, they still have a long way to go in order to climb the leader board! Go Tigers!

House points Jan 20

Around the Island News

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