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Weekly Update #25, 17 March 2023

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference. If you have questions or require further assistance please email [email protected]

Date Time Event Location
18 March 9.00am - 12.00pm Saturday Thai Culture Club  
20-24 March   Science Faculty Week  
24-25 March 6.00pm to 6.00am 12 Hours to Make a Difference Swimming pool/Football pitch
25-26 March   CAPA Junior Rehearsals To be announced
25 March 9.00am to 12.00pm Russian Language Day  
29-30 March 4.45pm Junior CAPA Performances of ‘Rock Bottom’ Sports Hall
31 March 2.00pm Primary Student Council Meeting  
    Last day of all ASPs  
4 April 8.20am Year 3, 4, 6 Swimming Galas Swimming Pool
5 April 1.00pm Year 5 Swimming Gala Swimming Pool
    Last Day of Academy Practice  
6 April Throughout the day Songkran Celebrations To be announced
7 April 8.20-3.30pm Parent/Teacher Conferences (PTC)  
10 April   Songkran Holiday  
24 April 8.00am First Day Back in School  

HeadStart Cherngtalay Construction Update

We are happy to say that construction of the Cherngtalay campus is on schedule. Foundations for all of the Phase 1 buildings are complete. We are now working on the structures for the buildings as well as all of the infrastructure works. To see monthly updates of the progress of the construction, please follow the HeadStart Chertalay Facebook page.

Tickets for Rock Bottom

Tickets for our Primary production of Rock Bottom on 29th and 30th March are now available for purchase online here! The students are very excited to be able to share their work with you and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

The price for a ticket in the middle section is 200 Baht and the price for a ticket on the side is 100 Baht. Booking is easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. Please note;

  • You do not need to have a Paypal account to make the payment.
  • There is the option to change the language to English in the bottom right corner.

This performance will begin at 16:45 sharp. The students participating will be ready to be picked up at 18:15. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with [email protected]

Rock Bottom
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Richard Lukats

Head of Secondary
[email protected]

Mr Richard Lukats is the Athletics Director at Headstart International School. Richard has over twenty years’ experience of working in schools both internationally and in the United Kingdom. He has been a senior school administrator (Athletics Director, Principal/Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher/Principal and Assistant Headteacher) for the past 18 years internationally and in the UK. He is a UK qualified teacher (Post Graduate of Education, PGCE) and holds the UK qualification to be a Headteacher (National Professional Qualification for Headship, NPQH). At Headstart International School, Richard is responsible for leading the overall strategic direction, operational effectiveness and administration of the school’s sports and activities programme, alongside managing the PE Department. He is passionate, about the role sport and physical activity plays in the development of young people and he is looking to further developing the already excellent programme that is on offer at Headstart. He is always looking at ways of working with all members of the Headstart Community to further enhance the opportunities for participation in physical activities for everyone.

Attention Secondary Students & Parents

In Friday’s Secondary assembly, we reminded all students of the school’s policy on wearing sweatshirts, jackets or hoodies in school: if students wish to wear an additional top in lessons or around the school, they must wear the school hoodie. We have recently seen several students wearing various tops over their uniforms besides the school hoodie. We, therefore, ask all students to refrain from wearing additional tops other than the school hoodie in lessons and around the school.

The school shop, open before, during and after school, is fully stocked with the student-designed HeadStart Hoodie. Please, if you have one already or are buying a new one, put your name on the label or add a name label to it as we get a lot of hoodies being handed into the lost property department but often without any names on them, so we are unable to return them to the right person.

Next week from Monday the 20th, staff will be reminding students to wear the school hoodie, and from the week beginning the 27th of March, we will be insisting on students removing clothing covering their uniform that is not a school hoodie. Thank you for your support in this matter.

2021-2022 Yearbook - Come and get your copies!

If you haven’t yet, come and pick up your copy of the 2021-2022 Yearbook from the front office. We are pleased to be able to offer one free book per family and if you want additional copies, they are being sold at 300 baht per copy.

Soft Cover Book Mockup v01

Blood Donations

Vachira hospital is organising a blood donation camp at HeadStart on Monday, the 20th of March at 8:30 - 15:30 in the Secondary Library. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Kru Toom directly by writing to [email protected]. For more information regarding requirements and guidelines, please find the infographics below. Blood Donor Criteria:

  • Donors must be between the age of 17-70 years old.
  • Donors must weigh more than 45 kg. Donors who weigh 45-50 kg. can donate blood for 350 cc. and donors who weigh 50 kg. and above can donate blood for 450 cc.
  • Donors must be in good health. Donors must not have a cold, flu, sore throat or any other infection.
  • Donors must not have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid condition, cancer, etc.
  • Donors with foreign nationalities should be residing in Thailand and be able to provide their current address.
  • Donors should be able to provide an email address and phone number if requested.

Key Stage 2 Parents Workshop

Attention Key Stage 2 parents. Kindly informing you that we will have our KS2 parents meeting about Zones of Regulations - ‘Helping Your Child with Regulating Behaviour’ Parent Workshop on Tuesday 21st March 2023 in the Secondary Hall. We will be starting at 8.15am.

12 Hours to Make a Difference

Next Friday, the HeadStart community will once again unite for our Football and Swimming Academies ‘12 Hours to Make a Difference’event, which runs from 18.00 on Friday, 24th March and ends on Saturday, 25th at 06.00. This year, there will be other events and activities for everyone to participate in between 18.00-21.00. They are:

  • Band and dance performances
  • BBQ and other food stalls
  • Beat the Teacher events
  • Parents Fitness Classes
  • Basketball 3-on-3 games

All events will be raising funds for the Oceans for All Foundation so academy swimmers and footballers may approach you asking for sponsorship for the laps they swim and the amount of football activities they engage in. Please come along whilst having fun, supporting our student athletes and contributing towards ocean sustainability efforts. We look forward to seeing you there. -Nick Carter, Director of PE & Sports

12 Hour Relay 2
International Day 2023

Thank you to everyone who volunteered of their time and resources to make HeadStart’s International Day 2023 a great success! It was wonderful to see the community come together in such a meaningful way. The celebration of cultures, costumes, food, music and dance will most definitely live on in our community for years to come. 📸 A full album of high quality photos can be found here!

PE & Sports

Swim Galas

Please see all the information regarding the days and times of your son / daughter’s swimming galas. Parents are welcome to come and support the children during these events. -Coach Brown

Class Date & time
Preschool Thursday, 30th March 10.00-11.00
Early Years Wednesday, 29th March 09.40-10.35
Reception Friday, 31st March 09.40-10.35
Year 1 Tuesday, 28th March 13.00-13.55
Year 2 Tuesday, 28th March 14.15-15.10
Year 3 Tuesday, 4th April 08.20-09.15
Year 4 Tuesday, 4th April 10.35-11.30
Year 5 Wednesday, 5th April 13.00-13.55
Year 6 Tuesday, 4th April 09.35-10.30

Swimming Spotlight

Allen Johnson is the Swimmer Spotlight for March; he’s made huge strides in his swim progress since joining Academy this year.

Swimmer Spotlight March Allen Johnson

As part of our commitment to make maths exciting and develop children’s fluency in times tables, next week, the school will be taking part in a friendly online Times Tables Rockstars competition involving schools around the world. The competition runs from 00:01 GMT Tuesday 21st March 2023 to 23:59 GMT Thursday 23rd March 2023. Children can play in any game mode to earn points for themselves and the school. To limit screen time, there is a daily time limit of 60 minutes per player in which their answers will earn points in the tournament. They are welcome to play for a little longer and continue to earn coins within the platform, however only the first hour of play each day will contribute to the competition. This is an exciting opportunity to develop enthusiasm and fluency in times tables and we hope to see everybody take part. **-Ms Kirsty Hark **

rotw rocks poster 2023 2 1 page 0001

Mandarin Lessons

Did you know that ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ has been translated into many different languages, including Chinese? Year 1 & 2 students in the Mandarin Foreign Language class have been learning about it. We started with basic vocabulary words and made a gallery wall with some painting activities. Then we listened to the story in Chinese and tried to identify the words we learned earlier. We made a mini-book and recorded what the caterpillar eats every day in Chinese. Finally, we tried to retell the story using Chinese words and phrases and had fun with playdough sensory play. -Ms Wei Wang

Around the World

In Year 3 we have been traveling around the world in our English lessons and learning about different countries. This week, we have been to Japan where we have learned about giant salamanders, flying squirrels, traditional Japanese cuisine, and famous landmarks. We were so impressed with their creativity when they created models of the different landmarks. Can you guess what they are? -Ms Donna Wintersgill

Primary Magazine Club

This term in Primary Magazine Club, the students have been excited by the recent news of a new HeadStart campus opening in Cherng Talay later this year. So, fresh with the knowledge that we have a whole new audience to write for, and in a change to our traditional magazine format, the team chose to expend their considerable creative energies and writing skills designing a brochure to advertise everything that new families should know about HeadStart School and the wonderful island of Phuket that we call home. We hope you will be persuaded by our efforts, including collaborations from the Year 5 team of Amari, Buahom and Anna, the Year 6 duo of Ashley and Emmali and the powerhouse writing talents of Natcha, Title, Tonboon and Mangkron from Year 6. -Mr Alex Bell

HeadStart Growing Garden News

Year 3 were amazed by what the garden had to offer today and it was described as a ‘magical place’. New and exciting things to harvest and taste such as giant white radish and mini eggplants. One of our wonderful gardeners showed us how sugar cane is harvested and we had a little taste. As for the beans, they just keep on growing and growing! -Ms Rebecca Ross


Year 10 travel and tourism students have been studying sustainability in the tourism industry. This week, we travelled to the Sustainable Mai Khao Foundation where the students were briefed by Michelle Mouillé, the founder of the foundation on tourism’s impact on the beaches of Phuket. Students then participated in a beach clean up. -Mr Samuel Kasim

Around the Island
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St. Patrick’s Day Promotion

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