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Weekly Update 26


A big thank you to all of the countries that participated in this year’s International Day! A full album of pictures as well as a video will be available on the school Facebook page and You Tube channel shortly.

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the HeadStart calendar on the website School Life → Calendar but we have outlined the main ones here for easy reference:

27 March Student Council Meeting
29 March Year 3-6/Secondary Sports Day
30 March Foundation/Year 1-2 Sports Day
30 March ‘How to Help Your Child Eat Heatlhy’ seminar with Craig Burton
31 March House Competition Day–Wear House shirts
01 April Saturday Thai Culture Club
3-5 April Secondary Outbound Field Trips
06 April Flag Raising: Songkran Festival
06 April Last day of school/ASP’s for Foundation and Primary
07 April Foundation/Primary Parent Consultation Day
07 April Last Day of School/ASP’s For Secondary

Gruffalo News

Please find the Gruffalo video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mTE26Trb9s. The pictures and video will be distributed on a DVD within the next few weeks. Well done to all of the students and teachers for their hard work in putting together such an enjoyable show.

World Scholars Cup Success

By Ms Hayley Milner

Last Friday, fifteen HeadStart Students travelled to Bangkok to participate in the Regional Round of The World Scholar’s Cup.

The competition has an over-arching theme every year. This year the students have been working with content related to ‘An Unlikey World’. They have studied Art, Literature, Science, History, Social Studies and the Special Area of Modern Mythologies.

The knowledge and understanding that the students gain is then tested during the competition by their ability to debate write analytical essays, complete a multiple choice exam and work as a team under pressure in the Scholar’s Bowl.

With over 320 students taking part of the round, our fifteen students performed exceptionally and all teams qualified for the Global Round taking place in Hanoi, Vietnam at the end of June 2017.


Scholar’s Bowl

Gold Medals Yoon-kyung Lee, Amelie Mason, Franklin Plakhov (7th Place Junior Division)

Silver Medalists Lucy Mester, Elizaveta Stashevskaia, Marc Baeuerle (12th Place Junior Division); Thanadon Tantivit, Enzo Couture, Eve Whittaker (11th Place Senior Division); Bomnuri Kim, Hyerin Cho, Sean Byrne (23rd Place Senior Division)


Individual Gold medalists Elizaveta Stashevskaia (7th Place Junior Division); Anna Hull (8th Place Junior Division)

Individual Silver medalists Marc Baeuerle, Lucy Mester, Yoon-kyung Lee, Anya Belova, Nicholas Gold, Thanadon Tantivit, Bomnuri Kim, Sean Byrne, Hyerin Cho, Eve Whittaker

Gold medal for Top Junior Team Marc Baeuerle, Lucy Mester and Elizaveta Stashevskaia

Silver Medal for Top Senior Debate Team Bomnuri Lisa Kim, Hyerin Cho, Sean Byrne


Individual Gold Medalists Elizaveta Stashevskaia (11th Place Junior Division); Lucy Mester (18th Place Junior Division),

Individual Silver medalists Anya Belova, Amelie Mason, Marc Baeuerle, Anna Mali Hull, Sean Byrne, Hyerin Cho, Thanadon Tantivit, Enzo Couture, Eve Whittaker, Bomnuri Kim

Gold medal for Top Junior Collaborative Writing Team (ranked 5th) Lucy Mester, Elizaveta Stashevskaia, Marc Baeuerle

Silver medal for Top Senior Collaborative Writing Team (ranked 12th) Bomnuri Kim, Hyerin Cho, Sean Byrne

Gold medal for Top Collaborative Writing Team (ranked 10th) Thanadon Albert Tantivit, Enzo Couture, Eve Whittaker

Scholar’s Challenge

Gold Medal for Top Junior Challenge Team Lucy Mester, Elizaveta Stashevskaia, Marc Baeuerle (4th Place)

Silver Medal for Top Senior Challenge Team Bomnuri Kim, Hyerin Cho, Sean Byrne (14th Place); Thanadon Tantivit, Enzo Couture, Eve Whittaker (12th Place)

Students also scored many individual gold and silver medals in the different areas for the challenge!

Top Overall Scholars – Champion Scholar’s

Gold Elizaveta Stashevskaia Silver: Anna Mali Hull, Marc Baeuerle ,Lucy Mester , Yoon-Kyung Lee , Sean Byrne, Bomnuri Kim, Eve Whittaker, Thanadon Tantivit

Phuket will be having our own Introductory Round at HeadStart on May 13th. More information coming soon.

Thai Parents Meeting Activity Update

On Wednesday 22nd of March, Dr. Piriya Athisook, Director of Dibuk hospital Phuket gave a presentation to Thai parents about healthy living for children and preventing flu with vaccination of influenza, chicken pox and dengue fever. Thank you Dibuk hospital team for sharing good information to our Thai parents.

Saturday February 2017sample 5

Sports Department News

By Mr Richard Lukats, Athletic Director

Sports Day Schedule

All the children have been developing a variety of athletic skills over this term and they will be competing on Sports Day not only for themselves but also for points which go towards their House. A reminder to all parents to come along to cheer for your child in all age levels.

Year 3-6 Wednesday, 29th March between 8:10-11:00 am.
Year 7-13 Wednesday, 29th of March between 11:45-3:00 pm.
Foundation Thursday, 30th March (see times below)
Year 1-2 Thursday, 30th March between 1:15 to 3:00 p.m.

Pre-School 9:00-9:30 am in the Sports Hall

Early Years 9:20-10:30 am on the field

Reception 9:20-11:00 am on the field

Sports Faculty Week

From Monday 20th March to Friday 24th March 2017, the whole school has been super active during Sports Week. Whether students have been involved in Swimming Galas, Speed Kubb (a Swedish game of skill), Beat the Teacher/Parent events (Golf,Table-Tennis, Baseball Pitching, Gladiator, Rugby and beat the goalie), being entertained in the mornings by our Panther Cheerleaders and coach Lana (Friday - Flag Raising, fitness) or taking part in the extra activities put on at Lunch Time for our youngest students, it has definitely been a fun week!!!

The P.E. Team would like to thank all those staff and parents who have been involved this week in helping support all the events and most importantly thank all the students for getting involved and carrying out all the activities with impeccable sportsmanship! We hope that everybody has had an active week and seen that participation in physical activity is a great way to have fun and that everybody will continue to be active everyday from now on!

Swim Galas

Pre-school children learned that walking, running and jumping is good for a healthy heart!

Secondary News

Thank you Andrew Heinz, in Year 13, for giving a great talk to Year 7 about how to successfully learn Thai.

Thank you to Khun Dao for coming to school and showing the students how to make food which related to the Thai literature that we have been studying about.

Primary News

This week, Year 6 have been developing their products for selling at a Health Fair in Term 3 as part of a business enterprise project. To enhance their knowledge of how businesses are run, guests who have set up their own local business came in to share their stategies and give advice. They also provided a work shop in which students had to compete in groups of tour companies to try to sell their tours and make the most profit, while considering the ‘4 Ps’: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. We can now apply these strategies to the products that we are creating. Ms Armstrong and Mr Eke

Foundation News

By Ms Fiona Scott, Deputy Head of Foundation

Tiredness and Fevers

With the end of term creeping closer, and with so many events going on, it’s important to remember that our little ones can become tired and drained. Sometime tiredness can lead to children becoming under the weather and more susceptible to catching colds. If your child has been suffering from a cold, a runny, green nose, cough or high fever, please make sure they are kept at home for at least 48 hours to ensure they make a full recovery. Sometimes symptoms are reduced and children appear to be better after having just one day off school, but in order to make a full recovery from a high fever, and reduce the spread of germs in school, please keep them off for a further 24 hours. Always ensure that your child gets plenty of sleep, drinks lots of fluids and keep them at home if they are on any medicines prescribed by the doctor.

A visit from the Emergency Services

As part of our ‘Transport’ topic, children in Early Years and Reception had a fun morning learning about emergency service vehicles. The children had the chance to explore some of the equipment used by the police and fire teams, heard the very loud sirens from the vehicles and even had the chance to climb aboard the fire engine and police pick-up truck. A very big thank you to Vichit Police and Fire Services for taking time out of their busy days to come to HeadStart and make our learning even more fun, enjoyable and interactive.

Tour De France

In Reception we merged the International day and Sports week themes and we took a pretend visit to France for our very own mini Tour de France bicycle race (on tricycles). Thank you so much to the P.E. department for organising this for us and giving us permission to use the race track. Miss Amy

Playground with P.E. Equipment

Every day this week the P.E. department brought down special equipment for us to play on and with. We had lots of fun testing our skills of throwing, balance and imagination. Ms Danielle & Ms Amy

March 23

House News

By Mr Nick Carter, House Coordinator

What a fantastic week of House competitions! Last week’s ‘Weigh your Waste’ winners, the Yellow House, have now beaten the previous record, wasting only 2.2kg of food! I also noticed that Mr Edouard was on hand to police the bins. Very well done on setting a new record!

During the P.E. Faculty Week, every student had the chance to be in a House competition. It’s been a fabulous week of friendly, competitive fun. Students participated in House Speed Kubb, Swimming Galas, and ‘Beat The Teacher’ events every lunch time. During the ‘Beat The Teacher’ events the students were given an opportunity to show the teachers who’s best (the teachers, of course!). The students were also asked to kindly contribute 5 baht to participate in each event to help with the House Mascot fund raiser. So, please don’t forget to keep bringing in all your spare pennies (no sadang please) and put them into your House Mascot Fund Raiser box in the atrium.

During the Beat The Teacher events in P.E. faculty week students were asked to contribute towards their Houses Mascot fund raiser. However, both Peter (Tigers) and Krit (Phoenixes) both showed fantastic teamwork by contributing to every Houses’ Mascot fund raiser box. Well done, chaps!


Creative Arts Department News

By Ms Kamillah Bilbe

Year 4 Giacometti Inspired Figure Sculptures

y4 Giacometti sculpture

Year 8 Van Gogh Artist Copies

Year 8 Van Gogh Inspired Self Portrait

Around the Island

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