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Weekly Update 29, 10 June 2022

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference. If you have questions or require further assistance please email [email protected]

Date Time Event Who for? Location
14 June 8.15-9.15am Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Meeting Year 6 parents Primary Hall
15-16 June 6.00pm AIDA Performed by CAPA All interested Sports Hall
16 June   Casual Clothes Day All school  
17 June 12.00-8.00pm Year 13 Graduation Secondary Sports Hall/Ramada Hotel
20 June 10.00-11.00am New Foundation Parents Meet & Greet Foundation department Foundation building
20 June 5.45-10.00pm Surprise evening event for Year 12 & 13 Y12 & 13 & teachers Surprise!
21-22 June 8.30 am - 4.00pm Year 13 residential trip Y13 students & teachers Burasari Resort on Coconut Island
23-24 June 8.30 am - 2.30 pm Year 11 & 12 residential trip Y11 & 12 students & teachers Splash Jungle Hotel
21 June 8.15-9.15am Year 1 Language Options for Next Academic Year Year 1 parents Primary hall
24 June 8.45-10.15am Reception Graduation Reception parents Foundation building
  3.00-8.00pm Dance Recital practice Dance students & teachers Sports hall
    Last day of Dance/LAMDA/Jiu Jitsu/Tennis & Academy practice    
27 June 2.15-3.15pm Secondary Awards Ceremony Secondary students & parents Sports hall
28 June 1.00-2.00pm Primary Awards Ceremony Primary students & parents  
  2.30-3.15pm Year 6 Graduation Ceremony Year 5-6 students/Year 6 parents  
29 June 4.30-6.00pm Sports Awards Ceremony Academy students & parents  
30 June   House Winners Prize/Activity Day    
01 July 8.00am - 3.00pm Parent Teacher Conferences (PTCs)    

Secondary Timetable Changes from Monday 13th June

All secondary students are advised to check their timetables on the Engage portal as there are some changes commencing on Monday 13th June:

  • Year 12 are commencing Year 13 lessons
  • Year 11 (not on the portal) will follow this program: click here
  • Years 7-10 have some minor updates

Exam results

AS, A Level and BTEC results will be available to collect from school on Thursday 11th August from 2 p.m.

IGCSE results will be available to collect from school on Thursday 18th August from 2 p.m.

If you are not going to be in Phuket to collect your results in person, please contact Mr Davidson [email protected] for instructions on how to access your results online.

Casual Clothes Day 16 June

Just a reminder that everyone is invited to a casual clothes day on the 16th of June in exchange for a 50 Baht donation that will go towards ocean sustainability and the Oceans For All Foundation.

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Humanities Workshop

The Humanities Faculty ended their 3 workshops on ‘Making it Stick’ this week with Mr Benham and Miss Jones delivering a splendid session about ‘Interleaving’. Essentially, Interleaving is a learning technique that involves mixing together different topics or forms of practice rather than ‘blocking’ topics together. The causes of World War 1, for example, can be taught along with the unification of Germany 43 years beforehand. Alternatively, we can also continually assess our students throughout the years by revisiting what has been learnt and along with the current topics they are studying. On top of improving our long term memory of any given topic, the practice of interleaving has been shown to give students a deeper understanding of what is being learnt as it helps to provide meaning across not only topics, but academic disciplines too. -Mr Cramp

Sports and PE News

Congratulations to Oak in Year 12 on being acknowledged by the Phuket Governor for his outstanding basketball achievements. Oak was selected to join and represent the Phuket Provincial team to compete in the Thailand National Youth Games. His team came in 3rd place out of teams from all over Thailand.

Basketball News

In a emotional farewell game for Coach Naomi and Panther star Big man Judah the Panthers were up against BISP in their third game in the mini tri-series with Panthers leading the series 2-0.

Unlike there previous meeting where the Panthers won in convincing fashion, the Panthers were chasing BISP pretty much the whole game. Struggling to deal with match up zone defence that BISP was running, it wasn’t until late in the 4th round that the Panthers finally found there groove. The basketball gods were on our side and with the boys knowing it was the last time we would see coach Naomi and Judah playing a home game, they made some late game 3 point heroics and circus shots that included a bank 3 pointer and one legged fadeaway from the ground almost after Pinyo took a backwards dive, but somehow was able to chuck up prayer that was obviously answered.

So with some luck on our side and the inspiration drawn from the emotional farewell, the boys never gave in and kept fighting all game to finally take the lead in the mast few minutes if the 4th quarter. The Panthers managed to hold on and win by two points despite the game going down to the last possession in the visitors hands, where a last second 3-pointer was shot.

Great game of basketball! The boys did their long serving coach and fellow teammate proud. That WIN was for coach Naomi and Judah. We would like to thank them for all that they have done for the school and coach for all the years of devoting her spare time in helping both the basketball and volleyball programs. We wish you and your family all the best in the future, we are sorry to see you guys go and you will be missed for sure!

Panthers 45
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Student News

During Term 3 in Year 6, the students have been learning about two types of argumentative writing - persuasive and balanced. Through our shared novel, ‘Eye of the Wolf’ by Daniel Pennac, we have considered a number of controversial issues, including child labour and zoos. In preparation for writing a balanced written argument about zoos, this week the children took part in their first ever Harkness Debate. This is different to a more traditional debate (with two sides for and against) in that each participant takes on a specific role. So, in our debate on zoos, we were joined by a zoologist, a school teacher, a zoo owner and even a Blue Wolf who has spent the last 10 years locked in an enclosure!

By first considering and then listening to these multiple perspectives, the children were able to gain a deeper understanding of this complex issue which should support their writing. -Mr Alex Bell

Congratulations to our Secondary Students of the Month for May 2022. These students have been recognised for their academic efforts and achievements in each of our 8 faculties. Well done - we are proud of you!

Secondary student of the month
Social and Emotional Learning Update

This week we have continued learning about empathy and how we can “put ourselves in others’ shoes.” Everybody has problems in their lives from time to time, and we must learn how to help others in these times of need. By coming from a place of empathy when trying to help others, we breed compassion, understanding, and a sense of community. With empathy, we can relate to our friends and peers on a deeper level and reinforce the notion that although times are tough, we are not alone in our struggles. When we practice putting ourselves in others’ shoes, we can walk with our friends to help them through their challenging times. -Lauren Rose (EAL & SEL)

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