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Weekly Update #30,

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are outlined here for easy reference. If you have questions or require further assistance please email [email protected]

Date Time Event Who for? Location
20 June 10.00-11.00am New Foundation Parents Meet & Greet Foundation department Foundation building
20 June 5.45-10.00pm Surprise evening event Y12 & 13 & teachers Junkyard Theatre
21-22 June 8.30 am - 4.00pm Year 13 Residential trip Y13 students & teachers Burasari Resort
23-24 June 8.30 am - 2.30 pm Year 11 & 12 residential trip Y11/12 students/teachers Splash Jungle Hotel
21 June 8.15-9.15am Y1 Language Options for Next Academic Year Year 1 parents Primary hall
24 June 8.45-10.15am Reception Graduation Reception parents Foundation building
  3.00-8.00pm Dance Recital practice Dance students & teachers Sports hall
    Last day of Dance/LAMDA/Jiu Jitsu/Tennis & Academy practice    
27 June 2.15-3.15pm Secondary Awards Ceremony Secondary students & parents Sports hall
28 June 1.00-2.00pm Primary Awards Ceremony Primary students & parents  
  2.30-3.15pm Year 6 Graduation Ceremony Year 5-6 students/Year 6 parents  
29 June 4.30-6.00pm Sports Awards Ceremony Academy students & parents  
30 June   House Winners Prize/Activity Day    
01 July 8.00am - 3.00pm Parent Teacher Conferences (PTCs)    
University Offer News

Congratulations to four of our graduates who are some of the longest standing students enroled at HeadStart. Between Poom, Yok, Pailin and Kiwi, they have received 16 offers to study at an impressive list of universities in Thailand, England and the Netherlands. We are so very proud of what they have accomplished and wish them the very best in their future pursuits!

Dance Recital 2022

Welcoming everyone to the annual Dance recital that will take place in the Sports Hall on Saturday, 25 June from 18.00-20.00. The Dance Recital is a story of four students who accidentally get sucked into a computer and end up travelling through different worlds. Will they find their way back or not? We shall see! Click here to buy your tickets! If you require additional information please email Ms Mina at [email protected]

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Dress Up Day for Ocean Conservation

A big thanks to all of the students and teachers who made a big effort to dress up for our ocean conservation awareness day.

Laguna Marathon Teacher Fundraiser

Well done to the HeadStart teachers who ran in the Laguna Phuket Marathon on the weekend in support of the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation. “We did it! Sam was 35th out of 2,000 runners and came third in his age category! In total (so far) we have raised £950. Thanks to everyone who supported us with the the fundraising!” -Donna, Sam, James and Mike

IMG 20220612 WA0010
Prom 2022

We hope that all of the Secondary students enjoyed the much anticipated Prom of 2022! Everybody looked amazing; Secondary ladies, your outfits were fabulous! Secondary gentlemen, very dapper! Access the large album of high quality photos of the Prom HERE! .

PE Sports

Football News

This week saw the final games of our Panthers Female Championships. With some outstanding performances and fierce competition between the HeadStart Mums, HeadStart Staff team, Panthers U13 girls and Panthers U/O15 Girls. This was the first year of the Panthers Female Championships and we are looking forward to having more girls and ladies football competitions in the next academic year. Great job and thanks to all involved -Coach Paul

Our girls teams had the opportunity to have a workshop led by ex-professional footballer, Shannon Moloney. The workshop motivated and inspired our female players through Coach Shannon’s story to professionalism. We hope that our players can take and apply the experiences shared by coach Shannon and use it in their own games, and their lives outside of football too. Thanks a lot Coach Shannon! -Coach Paul

20220614 160518

A fantastic display of quality football and a winning mentality was shown by our HeadStart Panthers U11 FC Boys footballers, as we hosted British International School Phuket for a friendly fixture. The boys impressed with their performance in front of many enthralled parents and spectators. We look forward to more fixtures with BISP next year. Great Job Panthers! -Coach Paul

20220615 173319

Basketball News

The HeadStart Basketball team celebrated another win and a loss for the first time, and I mean literally. With our senior lineup (16 & Over) and youth league boys(16 & Under) both participating in separate halves of a split four quarter game against Phuket Wittayalai School.

The senior boys coasted most of the way to victory, but we were tested late in the game (in this scenario was the 2nd quarter) as PKW closed the gap and almost stole the game in the last minute due to some great defensive traps and steals leading to easy transition buckets. Luckily the boys (25-23) escaped with a narrow margin of two points and because of this, unfortunately the youth boys suffered a loss in there battle. PKW lineup were just too good on the day, but the young Panthers showed glimpses of some good quality basketball. From week boys are competing in the Phuket Summer Comp tournament starting June 20th - July 4th. -Coach Mike

IMG20220613191134 1
Student News

During term One, inspired by Wall-E, Year 6 students were tasked with designing a robot that could help to save the world from different causes of the ongoing climate catastrophe. Over the past 6 weeks, the students have been creating scale models of their visions using cardboard sculpture and recycled materials. Last weekend we were invited to present these creations at the ONE Phuket sustainability fair. The students worked exceptionally hard to get their robots ready for presentation in time, working during extra lunchtime and breaktime sessions. Additionally three students then gave a presentation about the project and explained the functions of their robots to an audience at the fair. We are exceptionally proud of all the hard work and passion the students have shown during this project, with the creativity and innovation they have shown giving us all hope for the future. -Thomas Dagnall

English Department

One of the advantages of being ‘experienced’ (or just old) is that one builds up quite a repository of teaching resources. Today, as a collaborative way of beginning to make sense of the sprawling plot and multitude of characters in Dickens’ Great Expectations, students worked together to piece together plot points and interpret Dickens’ deliberately evocative names. Interestingly, I developed this resource over 14 years ago. You can see me- with far fewer wrinkles and less grey hair- delivering a similar lesson here: Click here for link! -Mr. Pollicutt, Head of English

Student Success Out of school

Congratulations to Tiger in Year 2 for coming in second place on the TJDT Tour 2022-2023 at the Blue Canyon Country Club Lake Course Phuket on the 17-19 June 2022. Click on photos to expand

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