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Weekly Update 31


Road Safety by Paul Kennedy, Head of Pastoral Care

Thailand currently ranks third in the world in annual road-death rates, with 44 fatalities per 100,000 people. From 2005-2015 Phuket the average number of people injured in traffic accidents is 4,952.55 per 100,000 and the death toll in Phuket is 72.04 per 100,000.

How can you be safer on the roads? Don’t assume anything. Just because someone is indicating right, doesn’t mean they won’t suddenly turn left. There is no highway code and driving tests are practically a formality. Therefore, you should always expect other drivers to do things you don’t expect. This includes running lights, not indicating, overtaking on blind corners and anything else you can think of. Most of the roads are narrow and can have a few potholes, so don’t drive fast. The roads can also become very slippery when wet, so even more care should be taken during the rainy season, especially on motorbikes. Wearing a helmet and other safety clothing will help reduce serious injury or death when involved in an accident when riding a motorbike or scooter.
When driving a scooter/motorbike in Phuket you need to have a high level of attention; an awareness of likely hazards; good anticipation; and excellent observational skills.

Jo Ann fundraiser

For Flag Raising the Deputy teachers sang a song called ‘What Faith can Do’ and ‘I Feel Better When I’m Dancing’ in honour of Jo Ann and her upcoming heart operation. HeadStart has managed to raise over 170,000 Baht for this cause. We only need 30,000 Baht more to reach our goal! Let’s rally together on Wednesday as we wear her favourite colour PURPLE for Casual Clothes Day and give a donation for this cause!

Year 8 Parents Meeting

You are cordially invited to attend a Parent Teacher Meeting for your Year 8 child on Wednesday 18th May from 3:10 pm onwards. Your child has already been given an appointment card to fill out by asking the teachers for appointment times. Please do ask your child for the appointment card. I look forwards to seeing you on Wednesday. By Mark Goodman, Head of Secondary

Child Protection Policy Announcement

As part of our child protection policy we do not allow adults and students to share bathrooms. Please refrain from using the Sports Hall bathrooms and changing rooms as they are designated for students only. Members of staff are under strict orders to keep adult visitors out and if seen they will politely remind you to leave. We request that you treat our staff with kindness and respect and comply with school policy.

Ali Baba Rehearsals

The Ali Baba rehearsals will continue on the 27th of May for all main characters. The rehearsal will be from 3:00-5:00 pm. We are getting very close to our end of year performance so it is very important that all main characters attend our Friday rehearsals. If there is a serious reason someone can’t attend please email me at [email protected] at least 24 hours before the rehearsal. By Erika Cramp, Head of Creative Arts

End of year examinations Information

As the end of the academic year approaches us rapidly, it is time to turn our eye to the End of Year Examinations. For Secondary, the only years that do traditional end of year exams are years 7, 8 and 10. For year 9, we will use the Cambridge Checkpoint results on the end of year report. Years 11 and 12 are doing their ‘end of year exams’ now in the form of Cambridge iGCSE and AS Level examinations. HeadStart school set examinations in ‘core’ subjects (English, maths and science) and Thai as a First Language. The exam timetable is shown below.

There are revision packs available for all the major exams administered by HeadStart and they can be found on the school website http://headstartphuket.com/secondary/exam-revision-guides

  English Maths Science Thai
Year 7 Wed 8th Paper 1 Tue 7th Paper 1 Mon 6th, Wed 8th Thu 9th
  Thu 9th Paper 2 Fri 10th Paper 2, 3    
Year 8 Mon 6th Paper 1 Wed 8th Paper 1 Tue 7th, Fri 10th Mon 6th
  Fri 10th Paper 2 Thu 9th Paper 2, 3    
Year 9 N/A N/A N/A Tue 7th
Year 10 Mon 6th Begin Paper 2 Fri 10th Single paper Mon 6th Set 2, 3: Science Paper Thu 9th
  Tue 7th Finish Paper 2   Mon 6th Triple: Chemistry  
  Fri 10th Set 1: Literature   Tue 7th Triple: Physics  
      Wed 8th Triple: Biology  
Saturday template Power Point May 2016

House News

Good news for all parents and students! Since it has been a challenge to remember which Fridays to wear your House shirts it has been decided that for next academic school year students will wear their House shirts every Friday. For now please observe that students should wear their House shirts on the following days: 27 May / 10 June / 24 June

After this week’s House Quiz the points are as follows:

House Points

Art Class Fun!

After School Foundation art students making Picasso inspired heads.

Year 7 Have used mixed media to create colourful towns.

Year 7 have used the Headstart school building as inspiration for their graffiti/street art designs.

Student News

The Early Years students have been jet setting around the World this week! Miss Nikki was the pilot and Miss Laura was the flight attendant on Early Years Airways! After a sometimes bumpy journey we arrived in three different countries. On arrival we have danced to music and created beautiful art work from Korea (cherry blossom finger paintings), Africa (safari animals and tribal masks) and Mexico (sombrero’s)! We hope you enjoy looking at our work work in the Foundation building and coming on this journey with us! By Ms Bellis and Ms Rutherford

Reception classes visited the Aquarium as part of our ‘Under the Sea’ topic. We learnt about all the different habitats the fish live in, and the huge varieties of fish and under the sea creatures, from the very very big, to the very very small. We especially liked watching the fish being fed by the Scuba Diver. By Ms Amy & Ms Danielle

Year 3 students in the ‘Learning Thai as a second language’ class were having a serious time memorising their lines for a family conversation. By Khru Sue

The Year 2-3 Primary Yoga group worked on teamwork and trust by completing a number of partner poses! They did a great job and had a lot of fun along the way! By MS Kate Thongsen

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Last weekend, sixteen year 10 students embarked on their DofE International Award assessment weekend journey accompanied by Mr Brown and Ms Milner, kayaking from Ao Yon to Koh Bon, via Koh Lon. Students dug deep in to their energy reserves throughout the 6 hours of kayaking and beach cleaning before setting up camp for the night and cooking a well deserved meal.

Well done to all the staff and students involved in a great weekend and good luck to the remaining eighteen who are going n their journey this weekend! Craig O’Nions, DofE Coordinator

Sports News

Football News

Our senior boys team played BISP on Saturday the 7th of May. Despite missing some key players they were still able to claim a well deserved 2-2 draw against a strong BISP side. The boys now have one game left in the league which they play next Tuesday at Republic in Chalong. Kick off is 5:00 pm. Please make arrangements to be there on time. By Mr Beanland, Head of Athletics

Swimming News: SEA Flying Fish Swim Meet

On the weekend our Swimming Academy represented HeadStart at the ‘SEA Flying Fish Swim Meet’ which hosted teams from Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, France, Philippines. Overall there were 16 teams present for the competition. Our team did exceptionally well coming 7th in the competition. Well done students! A big thank you to all the parents for your supports and cheers despite the hot weather!

Top 5 Point Point Earners

Vova = 104

Bailey - 98

Reiley - 88

Jiraya - 84

Qistina - 72

Other Point Earners: Juno, Shane, Kwan (Danielle), Nazar, Innes, Emmie, Matvey, Armin, Peter, Kiki, Artem, Kate, Eve, Julianna, Joey

29 New school records

Bailey Pike - 5

Lewis Amonoo - 5

Vova Vldimirov - 4

Qistina Nurul - 4

Matvey Zakharov - 3

Reiley Pike - 2

Emmie Parsons - 2

Jiraya Prieur - 2

Artem Kiselev- 1

Danielle Lynch - 1

Cameron Smith - 1

Natapol Wannakitti - 1

Top 3 Individual Placings (Medalists) Qistina (Nurul) Elyssa

Jiraya Prieur

Bailey Pike

Reiley Pike

Vova Vldimirov

Overall top 3

Vova Vldimirov - Tie for 3rd place overall

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