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Weekly Update 31


Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the HeadStart calendar on the website School Life → Calendar but we have outlined upcoming events here for easy reference.

13 May Chicago Stories: end of year Dance Academy recital
16 May Secondary PISAC (inter school) Athletics Day
18 may Reception to Year 1 Parent Meeting
19 May Casual Clothes Day for Charity
22 May Key Stage 3 / Year 10 / Primary Progression Exams begin
31 May Reception to Year 1 Parent Transition Meeting
5-9 June ICT / Design and Technology Faculty Week
08 June Reception to Year 1 Student Transition
09 June Academy Sports Awards and BBQ
10 June Swim League round 4 at Thanyapura
12-13 June Year 6 Transition to Secondary
16 June 6th Form Party at Anthem Wake Park
19-21 Year 6 Graduation to Secondary trip to Borsaen Villa and Spa
23 June End of Year Awards Ceremony / Year 13 Graduation / Prom 2017
26 June Winning House Reward Trip to Cinema
29 June End of Year Activity Day / Last day of school

Thai Parent Meeting Invitation

By Kru Nee

I would like to invite new Thai parents who have just joined HeadStart in Term 3, for a parent orientation meeting with the Thai management team. This meeting will take place on Wednesday 17th May 2017 at 08.15 am in the Primary Hall. I will give a presentation about the history of HeadStart, an overview of the curriculum and school polices.

Reception to Year 1 Parent Meeting Invitation

By Mr Andrew Whittaker, Head of Foundation and Primary

We would like to invite all of our parents from Reception and Year 1 to attend a meeting on Thursday 18th May, at 8.15am, in the Primary Hall to discuss the questions that have been raised regarding:

  • the teaching of phonics;

  • classroom organisation;

  • the role of our experienced, qualified teachers within the classroom.

At the meeting I will give a presentation and then there will be an opportunity for questions and answers; Kru Nee will be able to provide a translation for our Thai parents after the presentation as well.

Please can you reply to my secretary, Khun Aon, to confirm that you will be attending this meeting at: [email protected]. Please reply by Tuesday 16th May.

The YES School

We have started collecting in toys and clothes for The YES School in Rawai. All donations can be placed into the coloured boxes in the school atrium. Items can be placed in any of the coloured boxes, as this appeal is not a House event. Donations will be on going, so you still have plenty of time to clear out cupboards and wardrobes.

Water Aid Assembly by Year 9–Casual Clothes Day 19 May

To raise awareness of the importance of water in the world, HeadStart is organising a fundraising event (a MUFTI - Casual Clothes day) on Friday 19th May.

The funds will be donated to WaterAid; a charity which works to improve quality of life through sustainable approaches to water, sanitation and hygiene education, using local skills and practical, sustainable technologies. WaterAid work in some of the poorest communities in 27 countries in the world.

To launch the Event, the Year 9 students gave presentations in the Secondary and Primary Assemblies this week. For the MUFTI day on 19th May, students will be asked to make a donation of 50 Baht each (& have the option to donate more if possible). Please encourage students to come dressed in the colour BLUE! Many thanks and much appreciation for supporting this worthwhile Event!

WaterAid Year 9 Assembly

Head Lice Policy Reminder

In order to minimise the spread of head lice, HeadStart has reviewed and up dated the school policy. Please take the time to read it as the updated policy does provide information on how to spot and treat head lice.

The school will now operate a new system for students who need to be treated with head lice and what they must do when returning to class. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Nurse Jelo or Mrs Scott if you have any questions regarding our new procedures to manage head lice at HeadStart.


House News

Well, the Cheetahs were back to their winning ways, taking the top spot in this weeks Weigh Your waste challenge, wasting only 4.8kg of food.

The Green Dragons were the Secondary House Quiz winners for the second week running. That secures their position in 2nd place, but the third placed Blue Tigers continue to chase them, helped by their 2nd place finish in the Year 7 Gladiator Ball House competition.

However, the current 4th placed House, the Red Phoenixes, are also helping their cause by actually winning the Year 7 Gladiator Ball competition. Well done, Phoenixes!

There’s not many weeks of competitions left now, so I urge all students and teachers in all four Houses to continue to keep their eyes on the end of year prize (to be revealed soon!).

Houses May

P.E. and Sports Department News

By Mr Richard Lukats, Athletics Director

PISAC Secondary Athletics Meet

On the 16 May, 2017, selected Secondary students will be brought by school transportation to Thanyapura for the PISAC 2017 Athletics competition. Parents are welcome to come and support starting from 3:30 pm and ending at 6:30 pm. Students returning to school should be picked up from HeadStart by 7:00 pm. Please note that times are approximate.

Swimming Camp

The week before school starts (14-18th August) HeadStart will be running an aquatics camp. This camp will entail:

  • Technique Work

  • Video Analysis

  • Academy Style Training

  • Dry land Fitness and Exercise routines

  • Water Polo

  • Overview and game play

  • Small Competition on Friday.

  • Trophies and prizes given out after event.

This camp is not limited to the academy swimmers, but to join your child does have to be able to swim 25 meters unassisted (if you are unsure please contact Head Coach Zak Brown for confirmation of your child’s eligibility).

Age groups will be separated in order to maximize our time together.

We will need a minimum of 10 participants for the camp to go ahead.

If interested, please click on the link below and fill out the form:

Football Camp

Coach JR will be running a Football Camp between the 14-18th August. The Football program, will include exciting games/ football challenges and footwork exercises to help develop football techniques and strategies. Students will be grouped according to their age and ability in order to maximize effective instruction. Coach JR and his coaching team will ensure a positive and fun-filled soccer experience for each student. Awards will be handed out to selected players at the end of each day with a trophy at the end of the camp. All players will have fun, improve their skills and leave with a new found love of football and friends.

Coach JR needs a minimum of eight (8) players to attend to make the camp viable.

If interested, please click on the link below and fill out the form:

Flying Fish Swim Invitational May 2017

By Head Swim Coach Brown

550 athletes spent the weekend at BIS for the annual Flying Fish Swim Invitational! The Aqua Panthers placed 10th out of 16 teams and had several outstanding races. Nazar Zakharov broke the meet record for the 13-14 boys 400 meter freestyle by over 6 seconds! Our individual top earner were Vova Vladmirov and Jiraya Prieur, who scored 86 and 84 points respectively. Our next competition is on June 10th at Thanyapura to close out the 4th and final session of our league meets.

Other top point earners were:

Lisa Kim - 78 / Emmie Parsons- 76 / Eve Whittaker - 50 / Peter Guglielmi- 50 / Andrew Amonoo - 49 / Nazar Zakharov- 44 / Sarah Ngarmseang- 42 / Juno Wannakitti- 40 / Dima Golyanitskiy - 28 / Natalie Hallermann- 22

Early Years children learning how to safely climb with confidence and also have fun!

Foundation News

By Ms Fiona Scott, Deputy Head of Foundation

Signing In and Out

To ensure we continue to operate a safe and secure department we are reminding all parents to sign their child in and out of school at the beginning and end of each day. All homerooms in Foundation have a book which will be available outside your child’s classroom for this purpose.

Early Years students have been learning about parts of the body in their Thai class.

Reception classes visited Phuket International Hospital to see what the Doctors and nurses do there. We learnt about X-rays, the emergency room, the dentist, and got to try out some of the equipment in the rehabilitation center. By Ms Amy Drew

Primary News

Eco Awareness

Michelle, founder of ‘Upcyclers Phuket’ has been recently working with our Eco Group to help raise awareness of plastic pollution and the harmful effects it has on marine life. Michelle put our young Eco Warriors to the challenge to see if they could produce a trash mosaic in under an hour, from plastic materials collected from local beaches. They definitely rose to the challenge!

Penny Dreadful and the Rat

In Year 2 Blue this week, the children have been reading a book called ‘Penny Dreadful and the Rat’. As part of their learning, the children took part in a ‘Conscience Alley’. This involved the children trying to persuade ‘Penny’ to either tell the truth or lie about losing her class pet rat. The children spent time working in small groups to decide on the reasons to lie or tell the truth. Penny decided to tell the truth because she felt it was “the right thing to do”. By Mr Paul Williams

IMG 1870

This week students in Year 4 learned about rhyming words.They worked in groups and created their own rhyming words.

Year 6 students in Mandarin class got awards for their excellence, improvement and great effort during the year.

Secondary News

By Ms Elizabeth Mason, Head of Secondary

Thank you to all the parents for supporting your child by attending the Year 7 and 8 Parents and Teacher Conferences. We had a good turn out of approximately 60% in Year 7, and 65% of parents in Year 8 attending the meeting.

I hope the information I gave during the presentation clarified a few points of differences within the Key Stage 3 Year groups. I also hope that you have been given a clear outline of upcoming events planned for the students for the last few weeks of school.

Examination period continues and we wish all students the best of success at this busy time.

Year 12/13 Duke of Edinburgh Silver International Award Assembly

The year 12 and 13 Duke of Edinburgh Silver International Award students gave an inspiring assembly this week. They showed a ‘Top Tips’ video which they had produced to explain the purpose of their Adventurous Journey and to encourage future participants of the Award.

As a show of gratitude for all their help and support with the Adventurous Journey, the students presented gifts of appreciation to Ms.Katy and Mr.David from Topper Sail Phuket. Well done and many thanks to all involved! Mr Lowcock

DofE Assembly 2
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