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Weekly Update 32

Examination Announcements

May we remind all parents and students that GCE AS and IGCSE examinations are taking place every day this month (including on the Bank Holiday) and we would appreciate the noise level being kept low around the secondary area. Thank you to all the students who are behaving so well at this very important time.

IGCSE Results–Mr Millington

All AS and IGCSE students will be able to check their own results on 13th August, 2013.

To access your examination results online, please follow these instructions:

Go to the candidate results website at https://myresults.cie.org.uk

Enter your username: collect from Mr Millington

Enter your password: collect from Mr Millington

Your results will be available to view online from 06:01 (UTC/GMT+1) on Tuesday, 13 August 2013.

You may print them out for reference, however, these printouts cannot be used as official documents.

HeadStart will provide the official printed record of your results.

If you have questions about your examination results or the time at which results are released, please contact:

Ralph Millington

Email: [email protected]

Please do not share your username or password with another student.Your username and password will only allow you to access your own results and are confidential.

Year Book Photo Shoot

Since the last Year Book was such a success, we are organising the production of the 2012-2013 HeadStart Year Book again this year. This document will be an 84 page book printed on glossy paper featuring the students, their teachers and the main events of this academic school year.

We have scheduled class photos with a photographer on the 13th and 14th of May. Please assist us in making sure your child is dressed in school uniform (not P.E. uniform) on the day designated for your child’s class photo. If your child is a Cheerleader, on the school Band or a Prefect please take extra care to also pack your child’s costume or badge for this.

Please see the following table for details of when your child’s class will be taking their photo:




Staff picture


Year 7B

Year 7A


Year 8B

Year 8A


Early A



Early B



Morning Break


Rec. A

Rec. B


Year 3B

Year 3A


Year 4B

Year 4A


Year 5A

Year 5B


Year 1B

Year 1A


Year 2B

Year 2A


Year 6B

Year 6A




Year 9A

Year 11 & 12


Year 9B


Year 10



Sticky Rice






French class

Whole school Picture

Year 8 Business Enterprises–Mrs. Rachael Mayfield

Due to high demand Year 8 mini enterprises are not being displayed tomorrow, but next Friday the 17th. This is due to the large amount of orders. We look forward to seeing you next Friday. Friday the 17th.

From the Thai department

Thai Culture Club May

Saturday Thai Culture Club for May will be held on Saturday the 18th of May at School, Phuket town and Chinpracha House Museum. We will be featured the theme of Phuket old town. If you want to join, please sign up your name with the Thai teachers.

Art Department Announcement–From Jody Leow

Despite the students wearing an apron throughout art lesson that covers their front and back, some students still manage to get paint on themselves. If you have an old very large t-shirt for your child to wear under the apron as extra protection could you have your child bring it in and keep it at school for art lesson. Thank you very much!


Year 8 goes to Extreme Adventure!

Year 8 goes to Extreme Adventure
Cheewarat NiniEarly Years Visits the Fire Stationyear 5 learns Batik Paintingnew HeadStart campus will look likeUnder the Sea
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