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Weekly Update 33

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FC Porto Summer Football Camp

Young football lovers will not want to miss this exciting opportunity to join the FC Porto Football Camp at HeadStart! Three of FC Porto’s own coaches will be on site to run the camp and work with the players. The camp runs from August 16 - 19 and is open for players from 6-16 years old.

Only 50 places available so sign up now to join the fun. See the poster attached for more details and information.

Registration and payments must be made by registering on the tab on our website on the front page named ‘Football Camp.’


Thank You Note From Jo Ann

Dear Headstart staff, parents and students,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your extraordinary fundraising efforts. Because of your generosity, I am now able to get the treatment I need for my heart operation. I would like to say Thank You to the following:

To the PE Department for organising the ‘Swimathon’ and to every student who participated and their sponsors. To Mr. Carl and Mr. Drew for coming up with the weight loss challenge.

To all the teachers, staff, and students who participated in the bake sale and purple day event.

To the administration of Headstart: Mr. Jazon, Ms Miki, Ms Anisa, Mr. Whittaker, Mrs. Scott and Khun Jit for all your support and making me feel that I am a part of a big family.

To my fellow Deputies for their prayers and support.

I am overwhelmed by the support of this community and again Thank You! I will forever treasure all of this in my heart.

“May the Lord reward your good work” – Ruth 2:12.

So much love, Jo Ann Bretana Capalihan

Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

By Ms Erika Cramp, Head of Creative Arts Faculty

As you are aware, our end of year Musical, Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits, which will be produced by the Year 3, 4, 5, 6 students along with numerous Secondary students, is nearly upon us. Students are working very hard in their music lessons as well as in after school clubs to make sure everyone is ready for the big day. This year we will be performing in our brand new theater at HeadStart. There will be two performances, both in the evening. Our first concert is on the 16th of June and our final night is on the 17th of June.

As our Creative Arts Faculty is growing our performances are also becoming better. In order to continue putting on high caliber performances we have had to raise the price of our costumes. These costumes cannot be found at the local market and are tailor made to fit our students. Costumes for the class performances will be 500 Baht each and costumes for our dancers and main roles will be more, depending on the costume.

If your child is involved in the class performance as well as being a main actor/ dancer you will need to pay for more than one costume. If you would like to see a breakdown of the cost you are very welcome to contact me and I can provide you with the information. This money will solely go towards costumes that your child will get to keep. Please pay the money either to Mrs Cramp or your homeroom teacher (Year 3 – 6 only) no later than Wednesday 1st June.

Good News! Parents will not need to pay a ticket to come and watch as in years gone by.

In order to make an accurate order for the costumes please also let us know if your child will not be here on the 16th or 17th of June.

Extra rehearsals In addition to our usual Friday rehearsals (3:00-5:00 pm) we will also have 2 Saturday rehearsals. Please pencil in the following two dates:

Saturday 4th June 1:00-4:00pm

Saturday 11th 2:00-5:00pm

All students with speaking roles need to attend these rehearsals. Please let Mrs Cramp know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. ([email protected])

Thai Parents Meeting Invitation

We would like to invite all new Thai parents for a meeting on Tuesday the 31st of May 2016 in the Sixth Form Study room (Secondary floor) at 08.00-09.00. There will be a presentation of MyiMaths, the Parent Portal, Bug Club, which is an online reading programme. We will show you how you can access these programmes to support your children’s teaching and learning. The meeting will be presented in English and Thai.

‘Thank You’ Thai International Day Organisers

We wish to express our appreciation to the International Day organisers for the Thailand for donating over 23,000 Baht, the left over funds that were collected for the event to the school’s next charity appeal. The Thai parents have asked us to reserve the funds for next year when we announce our next charity appeal.


Awards Ceremony

HeadStart’s end of year awards will take place on the last day of school, the 1st of July 2016. The awards ceremony is a time to acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of the students from the 2015-2016 academic school year. Below you will find a list of the awards that will be presented at the End of Year Awards ceremony. We encourage students and parents to attend this event.

Student News

Exciting times are ahead for HeadStart Year 11 students!

By Mark Goodman, Head of Secondary

The Year 11 students have now just about finished their grueling Cambridge iGCSE examinations and will be breathing a huge sigh of relief that the four week battery of tests is finally over. Advice from Year 11 students to the current Year 10 students is ‘‘start revising now!” (However…….our Year 11 students did receive the same advice last year………hmmmmmmm!)

After a short break of just one week to regroup, refresh, reflect and rejuvenate themselves, the students will be going on their two week work-experience courses kindly arranged by local businesses in Phuket such as hotels, restaurants, media companies, accountancy groups, law companies and a hospital. This will often be their first real taste of work and usually helps them decide what direction they want their real working lives to go.

Does the panache of working in a hotel really pan out? Do they really want to be a doctor? Is accountancy for me?

After two weeks of work experience, which is often boring, exciting, frustrating and hard, we hope that our students learn by seeing, doing and asking! Once the students have finished, they will come back to school to prepare a presentation to the current Year 10 students - usually about how hard work experience was and to revise early for their iGCSE exams, and thus, the circle repeats itself! Will the Year 10 students listen? We do hope so!

Outstanding Student Work in ICT

Students from years 7 - 10 were nominated for their excellent work in ICT during term 2. They received a USB stick, a postcard home to their parents and are displayed on the wall in ICT 1 to celebrate this. Well done Anna Belova, Kiki Ngernanek, Maria Bessonova and Marco Bokobza de la Rosa.

Roll of Honour

Preschool visited the Bird Park last week. The children were very well behaved and enjoyed the bird show and especially feeding the ostrich!

Our Early Years children have been very excited to learn about “Pirates” this week. We have created pirate hats and telescopes, made pirates ships from recycled materials, sailed in a pirate ship and made origami boats and sailed them on water! We even found gold coins around the classrooms! We are having a pirate dress up day next week too! Ooh ahh, so much fun! By Ms Nikki and Ms Laura

In Thai class the Early Years students focused on learning about animals. We created lots of activities. We learned how to say their names, played matching games and sang songs and danced to animals songs such as ‘jab-bpoo-dam’ & ‘guk-gai.’ By Khru Sue

On Monday pirates secretly visited Reception Yellow, and took our teddy! We’ve been looking for Teddy all week, and we thought that we should write letters to the pirates to ask for Teddy back. The pirates must have read our letters, because they left some clues and a treasure map which lead us back to Teddy. We followed the clues all around the school, then found a treasure map of the indoor play center, and followed it to find teddy under the tables in the reading area. When we got Teddy back we asked him questions about where he’d been. He was a little bit frightened of the pirates, so we’re very glad Teddy is back and safe with us, and we all gave him lots of cuddles. By Miss Amy Drew

Last Sunday our senior winners for this year’s HeadStart’s got Talent competition performed at Hard Rock Cafe in Phuket. Divalicious, consisting of Qistina Nurul and Dasha Gorodtsova in Year 7, Lucy Mester in Year 8 and Juliana Mester in Year 9 opened the stage on Sunday night with a performance of Black Magic by Little Mix followed by their competition winning song, ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child. The crowd loved the performance and the girls did us proud! By Ms Erika Cramp, Head of Creative Arts

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HeadStart Thai Etiquette Competition 2016

By Khru Nee, School Director

On the 25th of May 2016, the Thai department hosted our very first “Thai Etiquette Competition 2016”. This competition aims to raise the awareness of Thai culture in the school.

There were 14 Thai students who participated in the competition. The Thai management team, Thai teachers and Thai parents were very impressed by our students good manners. We would like to thank the Thai parents for being supportive during training last month.

Congratulation to these following students for winning 1st place. They will compete with other Thai schools in Phuket in mid August 2016. Good luck!

Foundation Level Male : Tete Reception Female : Mook Reception

Lower Primary Level Male : Oscar Year 3 Female : Ingfah Year 3

Upper Primary Level Male : Karn Year 6 Female : Nae Nae Year 5

Sports and P.E. Department News

Football News

Our Under 13 and Under 15 Boys have been invited to play in the ‘Hong Kong Schools Soccer 7’s Invitational’ at BISP on the 3-4th of June. Please inform the coaches if your child will not be able to play. Coaches attending: JR , Erec, Chai

Friday: Under 13 team leave school on Friday 3rd June at 8:00 am and return to school for 1:00 pm. Under 15 team leave school at 1:00 pm and return to school at 6:00 pm.

Saturday: Under 13 team leave school at 7:30 am and return at 1:30 pm Under 15 team leave school at 12:00 pm and return at 4:30 pm

Under 13 Team

Romeo Perthuis, Benjamin Lavorel, Vincent Edouard, Thomas Nuetzel, Nam Bouchara, Calvin Van Der Laan, Reece Edouard, Phakdeemak Paphonsan.

Under 15 Team

Kim Minseo, Vasco De Graff, Jonathan Lavorel, Alexandre Pravin, Dewit Prasong, Brendon Edouard, Laurent Edouard, Ivory Sarzynski, On JH

Swimming news

‘Swimming in the rain’ By Darren Beanland, Athletics Director

Dear parents, the weather has certainly changed now it seems and we are definitely in the rainy season now! Whilst our swimming staff will always ensure that health and safety are the most important consideration and will always ensure this is the first thing that is considered, we will still be having swimming lessons if it is raining. If it is raining too heavily or there is thunder and lightning then the swim lesson will be cancelled and children will be brought inside. However, if it is not heavy rain and there is no thunder and lightning we will continue our swim lessons. Please could all parents help with this by ensuring that their children are still ready to swim on swim days despite potentially inclement weather. It can also be great fun too to swim in the rain as shown in the pictures below.

Basketball news

U15 Girls Basketball vs BIS

In what was a really closely contested game from start to finish, Ours U15 girls just came short against BISP U15 girls. There were however huge positives to take from the game, where against a much more experienced side the girls played extremely well. Passing and movement off the ball was excellent at times and the defence was very organised and secure too. The girls should take hear form this performance and we will look forward to a re match hopefully before the end of term. Well done to all the girls who played: Sarah, Jiraya, Pee, Miaow, Lisa, Natasha, Eve, Grace, Cecile, Athena, Lecksi, Melanie.

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