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Weekly Update 35


Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the HeadStart calendar on the website School Life → Calendar but we have outlined upcoming events here for easy reference.

17 June Under 18 Football Team Play BIS at 11:00 am at BIS
19-20 June Year 6 Graduation trip at Borsaen Villa and Spa
21 June Thai Parents Meeting
22 June 6th Form Party at Anthem Wake Park 2:00-5:30 /Under 10 Football at 4:30
23 June End of Year Awards Ceremony / Year 13 Graduation / Prom 2017: wear regular uniform
26 June Winning House Reward Trip to Cinema, Sizzler and Pizza Hut: wear House shirts
27 June Ballet recital at 3:15 pm
29 June End of Year Activity Day / Last day of school: wear House shirts


We are proud to present the HeadStart community with one complementary copy of the 2016-2017 Yearbook per family. The Yearbook will be available to families in the last week of school. Stay tuned for details on where to pick up your copy.

0 Front and Back cover

Year 6 Graduation Trip

Every year there is a buzz about the Year 6s completing their Checkpoint exams and graduating from Primary to Secondary. In order to celebrate, a trip has been organised on the 19-20 June which includes activities such as team building, golf, paddle boats, cycling, fishing and so much more. Destination Borsaen Villa and Spa in Phang Nga http://www.borsaenvilla.com/

We wish all the Year 6s a great time of adventure and fun!

Year 6 Graduation poster

Sixth Form Celebration at Wake Park–22 June

The students in Year 11, 12 and 13 are welcome to join a school sponsored party at Anthem Wake Park on the 22 June between 2:00-5:30 pm. DJ Maddie will set the mood with some chilled beats and there will be a complementary BBQ for the students prepared by the Wake Park restaurant. Additional activities provided by the wake park such as rock climbing, wake boarding or playing on the floating playground must be paid for by the students separately.

While the school will provide transportation to get to the venue we must request that parents provide transportation back as school buses are on their regular bus route at that time.

End of Year Awards Ceremony and Year 13 Graduation–23 June

HeadStart’s end of year Awards Ceremony for Years 3-13 will take place on 23 June, 2017, between 1:00-3:00 pm. Around 80 awards will be given to the students who have worked hardest to earn them. The ceremony will also include a graduation segment for the Year 13 students who will be leaving HeadStart and continuing their educational journey in various parts of the world.

It is with great pleasure that we announce a guest singer will be coming to entertain our students but specifically to wish our Year 13 students a fond farewell. Christy Gibson (คริสตี้ กิ๊บสัน) is a professional Anglo Dutch singer and performer of Mor Lam and Luk Thung, which are traditional styles of music in Thailand. She will be performing a mix of Thai and western music alongside our very gifted dancers and singers.

All parents of students who will be receiving awards have been sent a personal invite to the event. Parents should RSVP with our front office by writing to [email protected]. A limited amount of seats will be on offer for other parents who would like to attend the event. Bookings must be made through the front office.

Prom 2017–23 June

Secondary students are invited to come and join the fabulous Masquerade that will take place on 23 June, 2017 between 6:00-10:30 pm (depending on your age) at Sunsuri Hotel, Nai Harn http://www.sunsuri-phuket.com/. Tickets are 750 baht and can be purchased in the front office starting on 16 June, 2017.

This is a student generated event with lots of exciting activities planned including a photo booth, games, live DJ, prizes, costume competition and lots more! There will be a sumptuous food buffet served between 7:00-8:00 pm and free flow drinks through out the evening. Friends from other schools are also invited to join the fun.

Year 7-9 should arrive at 6:00 pm and be picked up by parents at 9:00 pm from the hotel lobby.

Year 10-11 should arrive at 7:00 pm. The party ends at 10:30 pm.

Winning House Reward–26 June

On Monday 26th, June ALL students from the WINNING HOUSE should wear their House shirt to school to show everyone that they are this years CHAMPIONS!

Years 3-13 Winning House will be heading to Central Mall’s SFX cinema to watch ‘Despicable Me’ #3 and eat at Pizza Company and Sizzler (8:00-12:00).

Years 1-2 will be staying at HeadStart to watch a movie and there will also be a special delivery of pizza from Pizza Company (10:00-12:00).

29 June–Wear House shirts!

Lastly, Thursday, 29th June is the last day of school and it is House Activity Day! So, we would like ALL STUDENTS and STAFF to wear their House shirts AND PE SHORTS on this day. Primary students in Year 3-6 should also bring their SWIMMING COSTUMES! There will be a full day of fun / sporty / creative House activities going on, so don’t forget to wear your House shirts!

Minions banner

Summer Camps

Coach JR and Coach Brown are still accepting signups for the Football and Aquatics Camps. The cost is 5,000 baht which includes 15 hours of skill development and lunch. Limited space is available, sign up before it is too late!

Aquatics Camp

Football Camp

Sports Department News

By Mr Richard Lukats, Athletics Director

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence” –Confucius

Sports Academy Award Ceremony

As the Athletics Director of HeadStart School, I would like to congratulate all of the following students formally thank the teachers, parents and most importantly our fantastic young students for their hard work and commitment to each sport. The Sports Awards Ceremony is designed to celebrate the individual and collective efforts our students have put into their respective sports over the year.

Although all the successes this year have been down to a collective team spirit, it is important to also recognise some of the stand out individuals that have contributed so much to the team effort whether by their performance or the spirit and attitude they have shown over the year.


Football Awards Presented by Head Coach JR

Under 9 Most Improved Player of the Year Heras Gomez Lapassapon
Under 9 Player of the Year Sean Corley
Under 11 Most Improved Player of the Year Sam Stowe
Under 11 Player of the Year Lukas Fisher
Under 13 Most Improved Player of the Year Phakdeemak Paphonsan
Under 13 Player of the Year Benjamin Lavorel
Under 15 Most Improved Player of the Year Jonathan Lavorel
Under 15 Player of the Year Alexandre Pravin
Senior Boys Most Improved Player of the Year Tobias Assmann
Senior Boys Player of the Year Brendon Edouard
Most Enthusiastic Footballer John Hall
Basketball banner

Basketball Awards Presented by Head Coach Ball

Most Improved Player of the Year Nuchanart Bussarakam
Senior Girls Player of the Year Nattanicha Chaloemtoem
Most Enthusiastic Basketballer Eve Whittaker
Swim banner

Swimming Awards Presented by Head Coach Brown

10 Years and Under Most Valuable Female Swimmer Yejin Lee
10 Years and Under Most Improved Female Swimmer Fleur Masson Sauter
10 Years and Under Most Improved Male Swimmer Dima Golyanitskiy
10 Years and Under Most Valuable Male Swimmer Cameron Smith
11-12 Years Most Improved Female Swimmer Anna Meakin
11-12 Years Most Improved Male Swimmer Kirill Kochetkov
11-12 Years Most Valuable Female Swimmer Sasha Syrkina
11-12 Years Most Valuable Male Swimmer Matvey Zakharov
13-14 Years Most Improved Female Swimmer Lucy Mester
13-14 Years Most Improved Male Swimmer Tyler Overmann
13-14 Years Most Valuable Female Swimmer Emmie Parsons
13-14 Years Most Valuable Male Swimmer Nazar Zakharov
15 Years and Over Most Improved Female Swimmer Natasha Chaloemtoem
15 Years and Over Most Improved Male Swimmer Peter Guglilmi
15 Years and Over Most Valuable Female Swimmer Lisa Kim
15 Years and Over Most Valuable Male Swimmer Vova Vladimirov
Most Enthusiastic Swimmer Matvey Zakharov

Swimming Academy Coaches Award 2017 Eve Whittaker in Year 10

Football Academy Coaches Award 2017 Vincent Edouard in Year 9

Thanyapura Open League Swim Meet

Over the weekend, the Aqua Panthers had the fourth and final installment of the Thanyapura Open League swim meet. Throughout the year, the swimmers accumulated points that ultimately put the Panthers in 1st place with 8,519 points! This accomplishment was made possible by everyone who participated! Overall, this was a great finish to the season and I am very excited to see what the 2017-2018 has in store!
-Coach Brown​

Football News

Our Under 11 and Under 13 Boys Football Teams played the Wat Suwankiriwong School from Patong this week. We hosted the local school here at HeadStart on Friday 9th and Thursday 15th June. The Under 11s beat Wat Suwankiriwong 4 - 2 with all the boys putting in a great performance, but a special mention for Ryan Van Der Sluijs who had an awesome game! The Under 13 Boys team followed up the Under 9s success with a resounding 11 - 2 victory on Thursday. The Under 13s played some of the best football we have seen this year by any HeadStart team, they passed and moved with great fluidity and played “total football”.

The Under 9s will be playing the same school at home next Thursday 22nd June at 4.30pm. The Under 18s will be playing at BIS on Saturday 17th June, kick off at 11.00am. We wish both teams good luck in their respective games.

Foundation Department News

By Ms Fiona Scott, Deputy Head of Foundation

End of Term Emotions

Time is quickly running away and soon the summer break will be upon us. Many of our families are already preparing for their overseas trips and many children are looking forward to finishing school and are getting excited about what awaits. It is usually around this time, where excitement is mixed with tiredness that emotions run high in children. Just this week whilst being on duty and listening to children play, minor issues have easily become bigger problems. When these minor issues are amplified, tantrums and tears can occur; names may be called, children fallout with friends and sometimes children lash out. These can all become major incidents for our little ones. It is important to remember that when children lash out, they are not meaning to hurt their friends, but it is sometimes when these emotions run off track, that children get into trouble.

We must remember that we all get angry and frustrated – they are perfectly normal emotions. However, they can become exaggerated by tiredness. In class, children learn about emotions in the same way that they learn other things such as reading and writing. When teaching children about coping with emotions, we tell children that it is ok to get angry and cross. It is how we deal with it that they need help and guidance with.

Just like the other things that children learn, the skills for managing emotions come easier to some children than to others. Learning these skills from a range of sources, including parents, siblings and friends, can lead children to pick up some useful and some less useful ways to handle their feelings. As parents and teachers, we have a job to do, and our role is to encourage children to practice the coping strategies that work best, that don’t hurt others and to be good role models. Here are some tips that may help with the summertime blues.

Resist getting cross when your child has a tantrum or gets angry. Take a deep breath and count to 10. Let them be upset. Give them a cuddle but remind them that it is never ok to hurt others and hitting out is never the right thing to do. Avoid time out and instead try and offer alternatives to diffuse their emotional state. This will help them to take some time to calm down. Above all, try and make sure your child is getting enough sleep at night.

Foundation Events Next Week

Final week for Reception to Year 1 transition. Reception children will be eating lunch in the main dining hall to help them get used to the bigger surrounding. Lunch will be at the usual time of 11.30am.

Dress Up Day

Foundation will be celebrating and having a dress up day on Wednesday 21st June. The theme is Pirates for Early Years and Reception, and a free dress up choice for Pre – School. Costumes need only to be simple, please do not go out and purchase an outfit if you do not have one already.

Preschool were balancing on one foot and Reception​ were developing gymnastic skills.

Year 3 working hard and developing their front and back stroke techniques followed by some fun activities.

Year 5 Yellow were extremely happy to receive praise from our librarian today, as Khun Mai awarded them all 10 merit points each. This is to acknowledge their excellent behaviour in the library over the year. Khun Mai said they were the only class to receive such an award, so I am also very proud of them! By Mr Brady

Primary Department News

Year 5 students designed and planned their own experiments and investigations to answer their own questions about different liquids and their effect on dissolving. They were able to show their knowledge of the processes involved as well as prove their ability to conduct fair and reliable scientific tests. By Mr Brady

Year 5 students in Chinese class enjoy a Chinese Tea Party. To celebrate our achievement for the whole year, we organized a tea party with authentic Chinese tea. Students tasted green tea(绿茶 )and red tea(红茶. By Ms Wei Wang

Year 6 students have a great time in Thai class during the transition week.

Secondary Department News

By Ms Elizabeth Mason, Head of Secondary

Another busy week here in secondary with Years 11 and 13 out on work experience. We have a range of placements from journalism to volunteering with animals. Generally positive feedback from our students and their managers. We await the weekly update from them next week when they get back to school and will publish their experiences.

Prom is almost upon us on the 23 June, and for people like me, as a working parent, it is not always easy to get time to shop for outfits for the children. Therefore I have asked Ms Tammy to present some Prom dresses from her vintage clothing collection. These are up on the Secondary floor and are for hire to try and make things easier for those parents who do not want to or have time to trawl the shops.

Please note that the end of year school reports will be published to Secondary parents via our parent portal by the 29 June. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any access issues.

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for May 2017!


Congratulations to the Secondary cooking team who represented HeadStart in the Iron Chef Kids competition last week and won 2nd place! Good teamwork and a great outcome!

Congratulations to these Year 7 students class who received awards for their excellence and great effort throughout the year in Mandarin class.

Around the Island

Trash Hero Phuket, part of Trash Hero World, which is a non-profit organization that arranges beach cleans throughout the world, is looking for two committed organizers to attend to and to organize weekend beach cleans once every two months. This is a voluntary position.

We have been cleaning beaches in Phuket since August 2016 and have picked up over four tonnes of trash. At present we clean one beach every weekend, rotating from north to south. One organizer does the northern beaches, two organizers will do the central beaches and one organizer will do the southern beaches. This means any interested organizer will only do on average of one clean every eight weeks.

Your main responsibility will be to organize, promote and attend the cleans. Cleans normally take no nore than two hours, on a Saturday or Sunday. You will be expected to take merchandise, water, bin bags and gloves, so a car is necessary.

We must stress that we are looking for committed individuals only, who are able to organize cleans for the next six months.

In return for your commitment, you help us reduce the damage caused by plastic pollution on marine and coastal ecosystems, you help set an example by educating and inspiring others to take action.

Please message us through our Facebook page to apply and to ask for more info <www.facebook.com/trashherophuket>.

Students from HeadStart International School
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