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Weekly Update #36, 15 June 2018

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the calendar on the website School Life → Calendar but we have outlined upcoming events here for easy reference.

Date Time Event Location
15 June 6:00pm Secondary End of Year Party Hilton Hotel Karon
21-22 June All day Year 11-13 Camping Trip Adventure Mountain Club
23 June 9:00am Saturday Thai Culture Club At school
25 June 1:30pm End of Year Awards /Y13 Graduation Sports Hall
26 June 8:30am Reception Graduation Sports Hall
26 June Morning Winning House Reward TBA
26-28 June Afternoon Foundation/Primary PTC Classrooms
27 June 3:25pm Year 7-8 Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC) Sports Hall
28 June TBA End of Year Activity Day Classrooms/Sports Venues

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Fire Alarm

Dear HeadStart Community,

We have recently had a couple of false alarm evacuations of the school buildings. Please do not be unduly concerned by this, as although they were false alarms (i.e no threat to human life or the fabric of the building), they proved that our alarm system and our evacuation procedures are of the highest standard. The alarms were triggered as a result of a member of staff carrying out a harmless procedure, however as the procedure was carried out many times, this caused a build up of particles that triggered the sensors in that room. The member of staff would not have realised this as these particles would have been naked to the human eye, thus the build up would have triggered the alarm without the member of staff being aware there was an issue. Although it is always frustrating when learning is disrupted for any reason, when it is disrupted for an evacuation we must all within the HeadStart Community accept the frustration and work with the Senior Management of the School, and the appointed Fire Marshall’s, to evacuate the school quickly and completely. Only by doing this will we be able to ensure the welfare of our students, staff and visitors to the school.

For these reasons we must ask that all parents and visitors to the school site follow the instructions of the Fire Marshall’s (they will be wearing high visibility vests that are orange and yellow), without exception. Please note that the Fire Marshall’s job is to ensure the welfare of everyone who is on the school premises and therefore their role is not complete until everyone is accounted for at the Assembly Point (the Covered Astro Pitch). Time spent persuading visitors to the school site to evacuate is time that could be spent on ensuring the safety and welfare of our most important clients - the children! So please act accordingly during an evacuation and also encourage others to do so, so we can all remain safe.

Football/Swimming Summer Camps 2018

Football and Swim Academies have swim camps available for one week prior to the start of school. Each camp will start August 13 and finish Aug 16th.

Aquatics and football camps costs 3,500 Baht and will run from 9:00am-12:00pm (aquatics) and 1:00-4:00pm (football). Each session will include technical development and other sport related skills.

Swim Lessons are for students who need to develop water confidence and stamina to be on par with their class. These will run for 30 minute sessions.

Please click the below forms and sign up! Space is limited!

Football Camp Signup: https://goo.gl/forms/1PnUwsRHKz6h2FTG2

Aquatics Camp Signup: https://goo.gl/forms/PHJR7AK3mFDpFVTp2

Swim Lesson Signup: https://goo.gl/forms/KPzkoPG0nczQqXQH2

Charlie’s Angels Performance

On the evening of 2 June, 2018, over 120 students from the Dance Academy performed a fantastic rendition of Charlie’s Angels for an enthusiastic crowd of over 400 people. The show was a great success thanks to excellent planning and months of preparations by Ms Fabienne Mester, dance school manager, and the teachers who worked tirelessly to make it possible.


Dance Awards 2018

Congratulations to the following students for winning the end of year dance awards:

  • Julliette Guillerey–Dancer of the Year

  • Quentin Simonici–Most Improved Dancer of the Year

  • Anastasia Buneeva–Hip-hop dancer of the Year

  • Maria Zavalnya–Cheerleader of the Year

Business Computing Technology Week

By Mr Mason, Head of Business, Computing & Technology Faculty

We have had an interesting and fun packed week which kicked-off with a whole school assembly. The assembly had a student-led introduction with their reflections on how Business, Computing or Technology has inspired them. Mr Hurley explained to the audience the timing, expectations and prizes available to the winners of the Dragon’s Den Business competition.

During the course of the week our students enjoyed a series of events including: QR Quiz, Binary Treasure Hunt, the Logo Challenge and the ever popular Dragon’s Den business competition.

A special thank you; to the Sixth Form students who aided and assisted with the activities and were fantastic role models to the younger students during the course of the week.

And most of all a huge thank you to the Faculty team for all of their hard work and dedication during this very exciting and demanding week: Ms Jean, Mr Hurley, Mr Barker

“Makey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It’s a simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between”. (Source: makeymakey.com)

Dragons Den 1

“HeadStart Dragons Den, 2018” (Business & Computing Faculty Week event)

The winners of the Dragons Den business competition were announced on Monday, 11th June.

Over 80 students took part in the school event, which brought together some of the most entrepreneurial business minds in both Primary and Secondary School. Students had to successfully pass through two stages of selection:

• Stage One: The best six business ideas, chosen by Business teachers (Mr Hurley & Mr Mason)

• Stage Two: School presentations, followed by a student vote

Winners of the competition this year were as follows:

Primary Prize

First place: Matana Gires, Nisha Heitmann & Huiming Bui (Bridging School C) - “Spring Bottle”

Secondary Prize

First place: Kiki Ngernanek (10Y) & Patrick Kim (10B) - “Motion Tracking Sensor”

Certificates were also awarded for best 2nd & 3rd place winners. Achievement & effort awards were also celebrated.

Sports Department News

The Aqua Panthers finished the season out with a bang! For the second year running, the team placed first in the Thanyapura Open League! We had an incredible crew this year and I am looking forward to building on our success next season.

June 22nd, Nazariy Zakharov will be traveling to Singapore for the Neo Garden Singapore Nationals to swim against some of the worlds top athletes! He will be competing in the 100 & 400 Freestyle. We all wish Nazariy good luck! Coach Brown

Student News

Foundation stars of the Week

A very big well done to our Super Hero Stars of the Week in early Years - Woojin, Fynn, Gail and Polina. Not only have they been working this week but also showing good manners every day.

In Reception, Namo, Taisiya, Eva, Liam, Din and Yasya have also had a great week = working hard and making super progress in all lessons.

Well Done Foundation, we are very proud of your hard work and super efforts!

This week, children in Reception sang a Scottish folk-song about a little man who lives in the moon, Aiken drum. ​​Using all the instruments available in the music room, they worked in groups to create their own version of what he could look like. By Ms Myriam Adams

We wrapped up our weekly Ukulele/Recorder After School Club of 14 hard-working students, mainly from Year 2, by inviting all the parents into our learning experience and seeing a performance on both instruments. All students will be able to access the online resources and keep up their music playing skills throughout the holidays. By Ms Myriam Adams

Children in Reception Blue and Yellow enthusiastically performed “Cheche Coolay” a call and response action song from Ghana at the Foundation/ Primary parent meeting.”

Year 1B have been enjoying doing their Movement and Music lessons. They have done a variety of activities and types of dances. The children have been working in pairs to create shapes. They have also been creative as a small group. By Ms Fiona Whittaker

House News

By Mr Nick Carter

Wow, what another great year of House competitions!

Before I tell you the final results, it’s very important that we thank all of our fantastic House Captains, who worked really, really hard for the entire year to ensure everyone had lots of fun.

Red Phoenixes ~ Jewelry, Nathalie, Jeremie, and Romeo

Yellow Cheetahs ~ Eva, Nina, Lucy, and Reece

Green Dragons ~ Mary, Ryan, Anna-Mali, and Calvin

Blue Tigers ~ Emily, Dylan, Lika, and Innes.

As a way of saying a very special thank you, the Captain’s will all be attending the House Captains last supper pizza party, with me, on Friday 22nd June in the schools executive conference room!

Now, I’m not sure if you are aware, but Miss Brellstaff will be your new House Coordinator next year. So, please give her a warm welcome! Finally…..it’s time to announce this year’s House Competitions winners.

In 4th place … this House had seemed to get a little down this year…and you appeared to give up far too easily. Where was the resilience? Where was the grit and determination to keep fighting? You won the competition two years ago…so, I challenge you next year to get back to your winning ways! In 4th place with 5,639 points…The Red Phoenixes!

In 3rd place … this House has had a fantastic year! And, in fact, you spent most of term 2/3 in 1st place. But, for some reason, in recent weeks you fell a little bit by the way-side. My challenge to you next year is to remain strong and consistent throughout the competition. In 3rd place with 6,103 points … The Green Dragons!

In 2nd place … this House were consistent throughout the entire year. You were always somewhere near the top. Sometimes you were 1st…sometimes you were 2nd. You even dropped into third place for a while, but you always managed to pick yourselves up when you were down. You were by far the most consistent House this year. In 3rd place with 6,125 points … The Blue Tigers!

So…your winners… The Yellow Cheetahs. You were always in contention, and before I counted the merits you were only 70 points behind the leaders. So, by virtue of the all-important merit count … you are the 2017/18 term 3 House Champions with a score of 6,263 points!

Lastly, I want to extend a massive THANK YOU to all students and staff who helped and assisted me during my time as House Coordinator. It has truly been a wonderful experience, and I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did!

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