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Weekly Update 36

Congratulations to our Year 13 graduates!

We are very proud of your success and wish you the best of luck as you continue your educational journey.

Full article with details of graduation, photos and speeches will be announced in next week’s update and on the school Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/headstartphuket/

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Dates for your Diary

26 June Winning House Reward Trip to Cinema, Sizzler and Pizza Hut
27 June Ballet recital at 3:15 pm
29 June End of Year Activity Day / Last day of school: wear House shirts
30 June Teacher Training and sign off day

Reports Released to Parents

This is a notice that student reports will be released to parents on 29 June. To access the reports you should log into the Parent Portal. If you require a printed copy please contact the front office.

29-30 June Itinerary

29 June Student activity day: wear House shirts and get ready for some active fun!

30 June Teacher training and sign off day.

After School Programmes This Week

Just a reminder to parents that there are no ASPs this week with exception of the football and swimming academies as well as some catch up classes for tennis and dancing. Catch up classes have been communicated with parents individually by email.

Foundation Department News

By Ms Fiona Scott, Deputy Head of Foundation

Reception Transition

Reception to Year 1 transition comes to an end this week. They have enjoyed four weeks up in Primary to get used to their new learning environment before joining their Year 1 classes next year. As part of the transition, the Reception children have also been eating lunch in the main Dining Hall and will be joining Primary for the assembly on Tuesday morning.

Next week we will bring you news of our Pre - School and Early Years transition which takes place at the end of this week.

Outstanding Progress

This week I have taken some time to visit our Foundation children in different classes. I have very much enjoyed watching them take part in their lessons around the school. I have seen a huge jump in confidence in all of our children; from singing and dancing in Music classes, incredibly strong swimming and participating in PE lessons, to increased focus and concentration in Art lessons. Each one of our students has made super progress this year and I am extremely proud of all their efforts and hard work. A big thank you to all of our specialist teachers who plan fun lessons and amazing activities to ensure all of our children enjoy taking part and achieve to the best of their ability.

Foundation Final Week of Term Events

Monday 26 June We will be having a visit from Secondary students who will be joining us for some story telling.

Wednesday 28 June Reception Graduation. 8.30am in the Sports Hall. All Reception parents welcome.

Thursday 29 June Last day for students - Foundation activities morning. Please wear House colours.


As part of their Pirate theme students in Foundation dressed up, have been walking the plank, jumping overboard and catching treasure!

Reception theme of Pirates was continued into their swimming lesson. Children were walking the plank over the water and taking part in boat races and hunting for sunken treasure. The children developed their water confidence and had great fun also.

Primary Department News

Year 6 Graduation Trip

By Ms Jessica Armstrong

Year 6 had an excellent end to the year on the residential trip to Borsaen Villas. Surrounded by stunning nature, they took part in a number of team building activities before relaxing in their own private pool villas. The next day, they were able to participate in activities of their choice such as cycling, fishing and peddle boating. Not a single person felt too homesick as there was so much to do and enjoy!

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Year 3-6 made some fantastic abstract paintings in their after school Art class.

In Year 2 music class students perform melodies on xylophones in teams of two.

Mandarin End of Year Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have earned End of Year Awards in Mandarin class!

Year 1 Linshan, Joshua / Year 2 Stella, John / Year 3 Ilias, Ethan / Year 4 Salina, Savva / Year 5 Summer, Damir

Year 4 self portraits made in Art Class.

Some of the Year 5s were practicing their gymnastic balancing.

Year 5 led their own end of term talent in class this week with singing, gymnastics, dancing and comedy which brought laughs and a good ending to a good year!

Cooking in Thai Class

Year 5 students learned how to cook a Thai dessert which is called ‘kanom co.’ The students put a great effort into finishing cooking and they tasted so good!

Secondary Department News

By Ms Elizabeth Mason, Head of Secondary

Congratulations to our Year 13 students who are graduating from our Sixth Form. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors. It has been a pleasure working with each one of you. Good luck!

Here at HeadStart there is no stopping us and the events and activities and well as deep curriculum just keeps developing.

This week has seen the completion of the Post 16 program. In week one, students in Year 11 and 13 were off at their work experience placements. They were shocked, in some cases, by the long hours and commitment needed, but they stuck it out and we hope they have learned a lot.

There will be a Year 10-13 Art exhibition will be in the atrium from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday. Please come along and support the students who have contributed their artistic talent to the event.

There will be visitors book please leave comments on the exhibition and art work. Thank you

History Bee and Bowl

By Mr Richard Cramp, History Teacher

Last weekend the History VAP students flew to the Asian History Bee and Bowl Championships in Singapore with Mr Cramp and Miss Milner. The competition this year was double from last year and the increased competitiveness was notable!

In the individual Bee competition, Albert (Y11) came 4th overall in Geography and 5th in History in his age group. There were 18 finalists, out of a few hundred across Asia, so well done to him there. Well done to Nutcha and Calvin (Y8) too who also qualified for the Bee championships.

In the team Bowl competition, Albert (Y11) and Sarah (Y10) were only 4 questions away from making the semi-finals in their age range! It was very close. The Middle School team were up against very difficult competition, but they held their own and competed well.

We had a couple day trips out in Singapore too, visiting the amazing National Museum, eating in China Town, visiting the Marina Bay and watching the light show and shopping!

Theatrix For Life – Nadia and Noi

By Mr Joel Adams, Founder of Theatrix

As part of the Post Sixteen Program, Theatrix performed their interactive forum play, ‘Nadia and Noi’ for 35 students. The play addressed teen problems of bullying and relations with the opposite sex. After showing the short play once, ending without a satisfactory resolution, the audience was invited to explore how ‘to build a nurturing and safe environment’ for the two teen girls depicted in the play. The students were active and engaged in seeking answers for the girls’ problems, sometimes through discussion but most of the time by taking the place of an actor or actress and showing how the different actions or decisions taken could have been better.

Year 8, 9 and 10 students in Mandarin class got awards for their excellence, great effort and improvement throughout the year.

Year 7 made some fantastic clay masks in Art class.


The French crepes restaurant in Secondary school has finally closed the doors after 2 and half days of great success!!! Good crepes, excellent service and staff, nice customers!!!

House News

By Mr Nick Carter, House Coordinator

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…The HeadStart House Champions 2017 are…


The Cheetahs simply deserve to be recognized as our House Champions this year. They performed constantly well for the entire academic year, and their drive, and their determination to succeed NEVER faltered! They won nearly all of the weigh your waste challenges, many of the secondary House quizzes, and also a large majority of sports competitions and sports days. Yet, every time I set the other Houses the challenge to try and beat them, they would respond with an even greater determination to succeed. I hope you will all agree that they were very formidable opponents, and therefore very deserving winners, with a massive 3,679 points! Very well done, Cheetahs!

Finally, I had so much fun as House coordinator. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have, and I hope you are already looking forward to next years competition. In fact, next years competition starts NEXT WEEK. On the last day of school (Thursday, 29th June) you must ALL come to school in your House shirts for a day of fun House competitions. And the points you gain next week will count towards next years total! So, when you come back to school after the summer break, the games will have already begun!

On Monday the Yellow House enjoyed watching Despicable Me 3 in the cinema and eating at Sizzler and Pizza Hut as a reward.

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