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Weekly Update 37


By Ms Erika Cramp, Head of Creative Arts

As we reach the end of the year there are many things to look back on. This was my first year at HeadStart and what a year it has been! It has been such a privilege working with our incredible students. From a Creative Arts point of view we had an action packed year. We had our ‘Littlest Christmas Tree’ production by Foundation to Year 3 in Term 1. Term 2 saw the debut performance of our newly established orchestra at the Opening Celebration. This day also featured performances by our new Dance Programme as well as a collaboration between the choirs and the orchestra for the final performance. Later in Term 2 we had Creative Arts Week. This was an action packed week including a drum circle, performances by our parents, performances by our choirs, orchestra, dancers and soloists every morning in the atrium and, of course, ‘HeadStart’s got Talent’.

Last week saw our production ‘Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits’ coming to life. Our team and students have worked incredibly hard ensuring that the event was a spectacular success. The dedication of Fabienne Mester, Jackie Feliciano, Hayley Milner, Joel Adams, Myriam Adams, Jody Leow and Wasana Promtong has made this event possible. Thank you all so much for all your hard work and always putting the students first.

We are already planing our events for next year. Watch this space! There is more to come.

2015-2016 Yearbook

We are pleased to announce that the 2015-2016 Yearbook is available for purchase at the school shop.

Yearbook 2016 Cover

HeadStart wishes our World Scholars team the best of luck on their competition in BKK this week! Follow their news by clicking ‘Like’ on the HeadStart Facebook page.

Details for Last Day of School–1st of July

Friday the 1st of July is the last day of school. In the morning, we will have ‘activity day’ which is very exciting. Students will split into House Teams and play a number of fun mini-Olympic games against the other Houses. All students and teachers should wear their House shirts. After lunch, homeroom teachers will have a time of reflection with their students. At 1:45, students will change into school uniform for the Awards Ceremony. We invite all parents and students to attend this momentous occasion. There will be a special surprise at the end of the ceremony. The year will end with ice cream available in the Atrium.

House News

This week saw the final House points added. Our students have taken part in weekly quizzes, fortnightly ‘Weigh your Waste’ competitions, Giant Scrabble, Eyeball Race, HeadStart’s Got Talent, fortnightly sport competitions, Sports Day, Swim Gala, World News competitions and many more. The results you see today doesn’t include the 28,000 merits our students have collected throughout the year. These will be added to get our final House results which will be announced in assembly on Monday morning. Our winning House will also be rewarded with a movie and meal at Central on Wednesday.

4th - Blue with 2,392

3rd - Red with 2,474

2nd - Green with 2,494

1st - Yellow with 2,554

By Erika Cramp, House Coordinator

Secondary Parents Information Meeting held on 8th June

On the 8th June, the management team at HeadStart held an informative meeting with parents of secondary students highlighting the milestones the new school had achieved. It was good to see a great turnout from parents. For parents that could not attend, please find attached the PowerPoint presentation that was used. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact MR Goodman by writing to [email protected].

Ali baba Musical

On the 17th and 18th of June 200 Year 3-6 students performed the musical called ‘Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits’ in the Sports Hall. It was a great adventure of colour and music and we are proud of our students and teachers for the hard work they put in to make such a fantastic production! For over 100 photos of the production please click ‘Like on the HeadStart Facebook page.

Art Exhibition 2016

As we entered the final stages of our first year at our new school the art department took the opportunity to show- case some of our students excellent work around the school entrance and atrium. Examples of work from Year 1 to Year 12 were on display.

Saturday Thai Culture Club–Early Years to Year 1

Students learned about the benefits of rice. We organised lots of activities including growing rice in plastic bottles, learning what type of food in which rice is used, how rice is grown, etc. We had the chance to taste some foods made with rice…yum!

Saturday Thai Culture Club–Year 2-4

Students learned Thai language through games and songs. They learned rhyming words and diphthong words. They learned how to work in teams and how to cooperate with others which is very important skill in life.

Saturday Thai Culture Club–Year 5-7

This month the students in Year 5-7 learnd about ‘Nang Talung’ which is a folk shadow puppet spectacle from the southern region of Thailand. They learned the history, the name of characters. They then made the puppets and put together a play by putting a white screen up in order to display the puppet show in a traditional manner.

Reception Astronauts

Meet the 2016 class of Junior Astronauts. Reception have learnt all about space and the planets during our space topic. Now we’re ready to explore the universe but we know that there is no air in space, so before we go on our mission we’ve all made helmets that give us air so that we can breath in space! To infinity and beyond! Ms Amy & Ms Danielle

Reception Learns About Space

This week Reception have been learning all about Space and have done lots of space activities. We have made telescopes, rockets, UFO’s and a giant piece of art. This has been one of our favourite topics this year! By Ms Danielle

Primary Transition Morning

Primary enjoyed a taster of things to come as they spent a morning with different teachers and different classrooms as part of our transition process. Some of the children have been busy preparing work for their new teachers and are very excited to meet them in August. By Ms Fiona Scott, Deputy Head of Foundation and Primary

Recycling in Year 4

In year 4 we have been working on a recycling project in English, Humanities and Science. We rescued throw-away items to create new models and tested different materials to see how well they would act as a water filter for dirty water. We have also collected lots of ideas for how to better recycle at Headstart and voiced them in persuasive letters for Mr Jazon to read! By Ms Armstrong

Year 5 Science

As part of their work on force and motion, Year 5 Yellow have conducted experiments to analyse air resistance. They made a variety of parachutes, ensuring they only changed one variable to test its effect on air resistance. They enjoyed designing their own experiments and having the chance to see the classroom from a different perspective.

Y7…A Well Deserved French Breakfast!!!

From Benjamin and Keanu:

For the end of the year we organised a French breakfast. It was fantastic! We had hot chocolate, blueberries, raspberries and apricots jam on toasted baguette and we tested two kinds of butter, French butter and Danish butter, both were delicious!

From Stella and Rosie:

We started the day in the French class but we were in for a surprise. We were told to go to the canteen. When we arrived we saw plates, bowls and we guessed we were going to have a French breakfast. C’est bon le petit-déjeuner français!

From Calvin:

Le petit-déjeuner c’est bon ! Nous mangeons du pain grillé avec du beurre et de la confiture, ce sont des tartines !

French IGCSE

As a part of our French IGCSE project ‘Describing the world around us’ we entered the heart of Phuket Town to revisit the 1930’s during the time when the Chinese worked at mines in search of tin. After that, we went down Thalang road and Soi Romanee in old Phuket Town and discovered many Sino-Portuguese houses and shops. For a snack, we stopped at the China Inn Cafe where we had a look inside to see the typical Sino-Portuguese architecture. That was very interesting!!!

Le 21 juin, nous sommes allés dans la vieille ville de Phuket. Nous avons visité le musée de l’étain “Thai Hua”. Nous avons aussi observé les anciennes maisons sino-portugaises. A la fin de la visite, nous sommes allés dans un café pour boire un verre!

Zeno, Carl, Artyom, Victor, Farez, Maeva, Andrea and Nikol.
Thank you to Teacher Nittaya for coming with us! By Francoise laosuwan

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