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Weekly Update #4, 20 September 2019

Dates for Your Diary

Upcoming events can be found on the website under School Life → Calendar and are also outlined here for easy reference.

For daily updates and news follow the HeadStart Facebook Page

Date Time Event Location
21 September 8:30am BISP Open - Swim Academy BISP
23 September 12:00pm Sixth Form University Fair BISP
24 September 8:30-9:30am Thai Parents Meeting Secondary Hall
26 September 8:15am UPrep Talk: Standardised Testing Primary Hall
26 September 10:00-11:00am Reception Messy Play Morning Foundation Building
27 September 10:30am Student Council Meeting TBA
28 September 9:00am Saturday Thai Culture Club TBA via email
28 September 7:00am U9 to Over 15 PISAC Football UWCT
30 September 8:15am World Music Workshop for IGCSE students BISP
03 October 8:15am Positive Parenting Meeting Talk 2 TBA

Meet Mr Timothy Davidson, Head of Science. Mr Davidson is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his subject and always ready to help anyone who needs his assistance.

Timothy Davidson

Meet Ms Jaysel Dollolosa, a Deputy Teacher in Year 2. Did you know that Ms Dollolosa has been teaching at HeadStart for the last 8 years? Jaysel is hard working and always has a cheery smile on her face.

Jaysel Dollolasa 01
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Sontana Baci

School Director
[email protected]

My name is Sontana Baci. I come from Songkhla, the deep south of Thailand. I joined HeadStart International School in 2010. I hold a bachelor of Thai Language Education as well as a Master degree in Educational Management. HeadStart International School welcomes all international students and Thais. With over 40 nationalities represented in the student body, you will soon feel the mixture of our international progamme as well as the appreciation that we are living in Thailand. We strongly believe that HeadStart is a ‘family’ school, where our youngest and oldest students study and live happily side by side. Our favourable pupil-teacher ratio means that each child is an individual and receives the needed academic and social support. HeadStart International School is a recognized Cambridge International Examinations centre and all students sit the IGCSE examinations here in May/June and November sessions. The Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international curriculum for 14-16 year olds, leading to globally recognized and valued Cambridge IGCSE qualifications. Students who have completed Year 11 with 5 passes at least at grade C, receives a certificate that is the equivalent to M.6 in Thailand This will enable them entrance into many international university programmes in Thailand. I am very proud to be associated with HeadStart and I am delighted at the many achievements of our students.

Thai Parents Meeting Invitation on 24 September

I would like to invite all new Thai parents to a meeting with our Thai management team on Tuesday, 24 September 2019 at 8.30 - 9.30 in the Secondary Hall located on the 4th floor. There will be a presentation about the Thai curriculum, expectations, Thai homework policy. This meeting is applicable for parents with children in Foundation through Secondary.

We have welcomed a few parents who have had their children enroled at HeadStart for awhile now. They will be sharing their valuable experience on how they support their children in order to ensure a successful experience learning Thai at HeadStart.

I look forward to see you there.

UPrep Meeting on 26 September

Our first university applications are already being prepared for this year’s cycle and Year 12 and 13 students will be attending the TISUC University Fair on Monday 23rd to meet admissions representatives from all over the world. This is a reminder for parents that they are also an important part of this process.

Our second UPrep Talk is happening this coming Thursday 26th September and the topic will be Standardised Testing.

We will be talking about the different tests students need to do to gain university entry, for example SAT and IELTS, so that parents can understand what these tests are and how they are used by universities. We will be exploring the time-frames for doing these tests and how to fit them around school based academic tests such as IGCSE and A Level. This is useful for any parents and standardised testing applies to universities all around the world, including Thailand. However. it will be of particular importance for parents of students in Year 11, 12 and 13. We will be in the Primary Hall and we will begin at 8.15 - we hope to see lots of parents there!

After School Programmes (ASPs) Notice

ASPs are off to a great start this week with hundreds of happy HeadStart students in sports, clubs and boosters across the school.

Please note that we will continue to accept adjustments and new enrolments until the 27th of September. From that date, students may cancel ASPs, but will not be allowed to sign up to other ASPs for the remainder of Term 1. If you need to make any last minute adjustments please email Ms. Van Der Laan at [email protected]

LAMDA Classes

LAMDA classes kicked off with a bang this week. 117 students, 12 teachers and 16 classes with bags full of fun, laughter and new skills. It’s not too late to join. Contact our Director of CAPA at [email protected] to sign up.

Music Lessons

We are now offering our very own instrumental lessons here at HeadStart. Lessons are available in piano, drums, voice, guitar, saxophone, clarinet and flute. Contact [email protected] for more information and to reserve your spot.

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Effortless Running–Date Change!

Our bodies are purpose-built for running. Then why does running feel like such hard work to most of us? Beginner runner, weekend warrior or full-on marathoner, all levels are welcome in this masterclass. Learn the secrets of an effortless run by using the Laws of Nature to your advantage. Join coach Erik in this active workshop and start running like the wind!

→ Who: parents with all ability levels

→ When: Monday 25 September 2019

→ Where: HeadStart running track

→ Time: 8.15 am - 9.15 am

→ Bring: Running gear and a water bottle

HS Masterclass FB

Reception Parents and Children Messy Morning!

Please join us for a messy morning! This opportunity will give you the chance to get involved, wet and messy with your children whilst learning the benefits of messy play. Parents please arrive any time after 10:00am in your clothes ready for a morning of fun, games, painting and getting messy. Don’t forget to send your child to school with messy clothes and a towel as normal.

→ When: Thursday, 26 September

→ Time: 10:00-11:00am

→ Where: Foundation Messy play area

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Sam Khan

Head of Foundation and Primary
[email protected]

I was born and grew up in London, England. If any of you are familiar with the sport of Rugby Union, I grew up very close to Twickenham Stadium! I graduated in History from the University of Teeside in 1992, and in 1999 completed my P.G.C.E. and have now been an educationalist for over 17 years. As well as my teaching experience, I have a total of 12 years of experience as a curriculum manager and school leader, having served as an Assistant Head, a Deputy Head and Head Teacher. In my most recent role, in the Middle East , I worked as a School Improvement Consultant. I am a passionate believer in the transformational nature of education and learning. I believe that children learn best when they enjoy their learning and feel secure when facing tasks that are stimulating and challenging. Pupils should feel valued in the classroom and feel confident that enthusiasm and good learning will be met with recognition and praise from the teacher and peers. As a school leader I am committed to the challenge of motivating the whole school community to help every individual pupil realise his or her talents, whilst at the same time ensuring that our pupils are empowered with the essential skills to be able to make a positive contribution in an increasingly globalised world of rapid change and innovation. I believe that schools where success is celebrated, and challenges faced head on in a professional culture of support, trust and honesty are schools that ensure the best possible outcomes for all its students. As a school leader I am committed to creating an empowering and enabling school culture with a powerful ethos of positivity and hard work.

Homework, Bug Club and Diagnostic Questions - Parent Meeting

A big thank you to all the HeadStart parents that attended our parent meeting on Tuesday. The meeting was an opportunity for me to share with parents HeadStart’s homework policy and some of our homework resources. Our common sense approach towards homework is based on the principles that homework should link directly to the learning happening in classrooms, and that homework should help promote in our young learners organisational and study skills that will prove invaluable as they progress to Secondary education, and beyond.

Please find my meeting presentation in the download below and thank you once again for your ongoing support and enthusiasm.

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David Pollicutt

Head of English
[email protected]

My name is David and I joined HeadStart International School in 2018. I am from the UK and grew up in the large port city of Bristol. I studied English Literature at the University of East Anglia, and trained to teach at The Institute of Education in The University of London. I taught in East London for four years, before moving to teach for eight years as Head of English in Viet Nam and China. I am a firm believer in developing students to be natural enquirers, following the Sir Ken Robinson model of best preparing students to use transferable skills for the shifting landscapes of their futures. I seek to encourage an epistemological approach in my lessons, urging students to evaluate the efficacy of the information they consume and the validity of interpretations. I am passionate about literature and will often be chortling at David Lodge’s tragicomedy or swooning at Ian Mcewan’s literary sleight of hand. Outside of the classroom I am a keen student of Philosophy, Politics and Film. I am a particular fan of the intellect and charisma exuded by Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris and the late and much missed Christopher Hitchens. I have a terminal case of devotion to Tottenham Hostpsur Football Club; it teaches me patience and humility.

England Literary and Cultural Trip information

Thank you to the parents who attended the England Literary and Cultural Trip information meeting this week where I gave more details about the itinerary and prices. I am really hopeful that this exciting opportunity can go ahead. The good news is that it is not too late to sign up for it. Due to demand, I am now happy to extend the trip to Year 8 students as well. Key points to know are as follows:

→ Dates in England: 30th June- 6th July

→Price: C. 55,000-80,000THB- This depends on numbers of students signing up. Price includes flights, accommodation, transport, entry into venues and two meals a day.

→ Next steps: I need a firm confirmation of interest by email to [email protected] by Monday 23rd September. Once this has been received, numbers of students will be collated and a precise quote will be given. The first payment of 3000 THB to reserve your child’s place will then be required by Friday 27th September. This payment will be followed by a schedule of staggered payments for the remaining amount.

I am available in school should you have any more questions after looking at the documents below and I can also be contacted for this purpose via email. Is London calling you….?

Positive Parenting Presentation

Our first Positive Parenting Talk, was a great success. Thank you to all those parents who attended and discussed the myths and realities of parenting. As a group, we broke down the different parenting styles and shared experiences as well as the strengths and challenges of parenting.

Our Positive Parenting Talk sessions, aimed at Foundation to Year 1 parents, are free and will run fortnightly in the Primary Hall, focusing on a different topic each coffee morning. Parents are welcome to attend all or specific sessions. Join us in two weeks on October 3rd for our Positive Parenting Talk 2 - Raising confident, competent children: Values, Skills and behaviours to encourage in children.

Many people think that discipline is the essence of parenting. But that isn’t parenting. Parenting is not telling your child what to do when he or she misbehaves. Parenting is providing the conditions in which a child can realise his or her full human potential. –Gordon Neufeld

Art Competition to Raise Awareness for Oceans

The HeadStart art department presents two art competitions. Vote by pressing ‘Like’ on your chosen photo and it will be published in the upcoming book made by Oceans For All. The book aims to educate locals and tourists alike to care for our oceans.

Don’t Feed the Fish

Lifespan of Plastic

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Zak Brown

Head Swim Coach
[email protected]

My name is Zak Brown, and I have a deep passion for swimming. I hail from Bakersfield, California, where I discovered my love for the sport at the age of 10. Throughout my high school years, I had the privilege of leading our team to four consecutive league championships, a testament to our hard work and dedication. After graduating, I pursued my swimming journey at Bakersfield College while representing the esteemed Bakersfield Swim Club. As a part of this club, I had the opportunity to compete in various competitions across California and even ventured to different states for national level meets. These experiences shaped me both as an athlete and as an individual. Seeking new challenges, I made the decision to move to Niagara Falls, New York. There, I continued my swimming career at Niagara University as a Division One Swimmer. During my time at Niagara, I achieved remarkable accomplishments, setting three school relay records and graduating with a degree in marketing and logistics. Swimming has not only shaped me as an athlete, but it has also shaped me as a person. For over 19 years, I have been teaching and coaching swimming, working with athletes of all levels, from beginners to aspiring Olympians. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience, enabling me to meet inspiring individuals from all corners of the globe. Swimming is more than just a sport to me - it has become a lifestyle. The invaluable lessons I have learned through swimming have stayed with me throughout my life. In 2016, I joined the HeadStart team, and it has been an amazing journey thus far. I am thrilled to continue working with the students, supporting and nurturing their swimming abilities. Together, as a cohesive team, we will strive for excellence in the pool this year, pushing ourselves to new heights.

Sports Department News


This weekend we have 21 Aqua Panthers heading to compete in our first meet of the year, the BISP Open! This meet is a good opener for our swimmers to have a refresher on how swim competitions run and also to test their racing skills. Many of our swimmers have never competed before so I am excited to see them get up and compete. The first race starts at 8:30 with the 100 meter Individual Medley. I hope to see you poolside on Saturday!

Weekend Swimming

This is a reminder that there are no swim lessons on 21st of September due to the Swim Academy attending a competition at BIS. I look forward to seeing you all next week (September 28th). As a reminder, here are the dates we have scheduled for classes: 7, 14, 28 September, 12, 19, 26 October, 2, 16, 23 November, 7, 14 December. Please make a note on your calendar now to avoid future confusion.

Football News

HeadStart Boys Football Academy played five matches in five days this week against UWC International School and Witterpole Thai School.

HeadStart were far stronger than UWC in all age categories, dominating most matches with some excellent displays from Lukas, Austin and Natee all put in great performances and shooting from all over the pitch. When our Under 15s played the UWC Over 15s the team had to work hard as a group to ensure the score line was respectable. The team stuck to their task well in a difficult situation.

Witterpole provided a great challenge for our Under 11s and showed us that we still have to work hard on our passing and defending. The game was a great experience for our team and we learnt a lot from it. By Coach Asa

Students News

It has been another lovely week in Preschool, with so many activities keeping the children very busy! We have really enjoyed learning all about farm animals. By Ms Charlotte Myers

Reception have had such a fun time learning about The Jungle this week! We went on a safari with our own made binoculars, we created our own jungle animals and named them and had so much fun working with all the jungle related activities. Ms Candice & Ms Milly

Year One learned all about the book “Aaaarrrgghhh, Spider! this week. We started off by creating our very own pet spiders and wrote descriptive words about them. Then we decided to take them for a walk around the playground to learn about their likes and dislikes. And finally we practiced writing sentences about our adventure. Here are some pictures that were the inspiration for our stories. By Ms Lauren Rose

image 13 image 5 image 4

Year 3 embarked on a dangerous journey into the tomb of Tutankhamun. They crawled through tunnels to enter the tomb, filled with poisonous gases. In the darkness of the tomb, they each had 10 seconds to study the treasures inside before it became too dangerous. Outside they had 10 seconds to draw one of the items that they had discovered. Photos can be found by clicking on the link HERE By Ms Nicola Fallows

Year 5 students in the ‘Thai First Language’ class have been learning about Thai tones by practicing reading different words and writing them on beautiful flowers. By Kru Fon

Year 9 English students in the Shakespeare set worked collaboratively on Thursday to explore a route into characterisation in their narrative writing. This class is mainly comprised of developing language learners and they had to be precise with their vocabulary in order to direct their artistic colleagues accurately. The artists were sat facing away from the board while their group members described the image that they saw. Old, bearded men, ballerinas and aliens all got recreated to varying levels of accuracy!

Students had a great deal of fun both doing this activity and when viewing each other’s ‘masterpieces’ but of course, there is a serious learning message too as they developed a greater awareness of the precision of their diction. This is one of the skills which is imperative for Section B of their English Checkpoint examinations at the end of the year. By Mr David Pollicutt

It’s been a bit tense in AS Level Physics lessons this week. It’s no wonder….as they’ve been learning about tension! By Mr Timothy Davidson

IMG 20190917 084218

This week we have some fantastic outcomes in Year 12 Art from Aleksandra Gordzievskaia who has decided to investigate the topic ‘Out of Place’. Beautifully painted artist copy and development. Well done! By Ms Samantha Gill

IMG 20190913 121242IMG 20190913 121310

Year 11 Drama students have been hard at work rehearsing their coursework. Looking forward to seeing the final product in the next few weeks. By Ms Hayley Milner

Charity Concert

We are helping the Ministry of Education to promote a charity concert call ‘Body Slam Live in Phuket’. This concert aims to raise funds for Phuket Rajabhat University students who cannot afford their university fees. In 2017, Toon Artiwara, the Body Slam lead singer rose to national hero status in Thailand when he led 2,215 km with 555 day charity running from the end of Thailand to the other and he raised over 1.3 billion Thai baht to raise funds for Thai government hospital and this time he hopes to give some help to Phuket community.

This concert will take place on Saturday 28th September at Phuket Rajabhat University. Ticket is 1,000 baht. Please contact Kru Nee by writing to [email protected] or the office for further information.

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