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Weekly Update #16, 15 December 2023

Dear HeadStart Community,

We wish you all the jolliest of Holidays! Our heart is filled with thanks for the support from our families and teachers who have contributed to our HeadStart students’ shining successes this term. As we wrap up the year, we are full of gratitude for being part of this wonderful school community. May your holidays be filled with laughter, love, and merriment. Here’s to more enjoyment and success in the coming year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - Mr Drew and Family

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Christmas Fair

A big thank you to everyone who came out to support the Primary children Christmas caroling, vendors and student led activities. We hope everyone had a lovely time together as a community in this special way.

📸 Click here to access photos of families with Santa at the Christmas Fair!

📸 Click here to access photos of the Primary children performances!

📸 Click here to access photos of the Foundation children’s Christmas Stay & play sessions and a visit from Santa!

Merry Fit Christmas!

  • Wishing all the HeadStart community a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Parents Social Fitness group. Hope to see you running in 2024!
  • A very well done to all our parents who attended our parents fitness classes this term. Stay active and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. From BT, Natalie and Grant.
Parent Meetings

Year 11 Mock Exams Presentation on 12.12.23

On the 12th of December Ms Indu Bedi, The Head of Senior School, and Mr Timothy Davidson, the Deputy Head of Secondary (Academics), delivered a presentation to the parents of Year 11 students. This presentation explained the structure of IGCSEs, why we run mock examinations for IGCSEs, what we do with the data gathered from the mock examinations, and what life is like in the Sixth form for a student at HeadStart International School. The slideshow from the presentation can be found here. The slideshow itself has information regarding the dates of the mocks, the cost for entering for IGCSE examinations and the entry requirements to study a subject at A-level in Y12 and 13. There are also slides highlighting the differences between A-levels and Level 3 BTEC qualifications. I hope this slideshow acts as a useful reference point and that the parents who attended are now confident in what is occurring in the next steps of their child’s education. -Mr Tim Davidson

Year 9 Options Fair on 10.01.24

On Wednesday the 10th of January we will be holding our Year 9 options fair. From 3.20pm until 5.00pm, stalls will be set up in the Sport’s Hall to present all of the GCSE and IGCSE subjects on offer at HeadStart. During this time, students and parents will be encouraged to visit the stalls and discuss the subjects they are interested in with the relevant subject teachers. This will then help to guide the students’ subject choices for Years 10 and 11.

Prior to the Subject Fair, I will deliver a presentation to any interested parents in the Primary Hall from 2:30pm until 3.20pm. This presentation will explain the options available for students to study at GCSE/IGCSE. This will include discussing the compulsory subjects, the optional subjects, and how a student’s choices may affect their options for Sixth Form and beyond. After the presentation, parents will be taken down to the Sport’s Hall to meet their children and then attend the Subject Fair. Straight after the Options Fair I will send out a Google form to all Y9 students to ask them for their provisional option subjects. I look forward to seeing you all on the 10th of January and I hope you have a restful and enjoyable break. -Mr Timothy Davidson, Head of Secondary, Academic

Community Links - Celebrating the Generosity of our School Community

Congratulations HeadStart Chaofah children and their families! Our Phuket Sunshine Village Fundraising drive for Term 1 has now ended and we are so proud to announce that, as a school community, we have raised the incredible total of 274,114 Thai Baht! With the aim of raising 3,000 Thai Baht per PSV child, this means HeadStart Chaofah campus has sponsored all of the 100 children at Phuket Sunshine Village. Special mention goes to the students of Year 4 who showed great creativity, enthusiasm and commitment to run their own bake sale, giving all of the Primary children an opportunity to join in and participate in the spirit of giving. Combined with the amazing sum raised at our Cherngtalay campus, this means our HeadStart community as a whole has raised an astonishing total of 443,494 Thai Baht for the children of Phuket Sunshine Village! Such a contribution can make a huge difference to the lives of PSV children and serves to strengthen our ties with the local community and develop ways in which we can educate our own students to share the good fortune that we enjoy.

Bake Sale for Phuket Sunshine Village

Last week Year 4 have been working hard to raise money for Phuket Sunshine Village. On Monday, the pupils rolled, cut and baked the cookies. On Tuesday, we then decorated the cookies with different coloured icing and designs. Each class also made a banner for the stall and lots of posters to hang around school, so everyone knew about the sale. Everyone had lots of fun and we raised over 9,900 baht. All the Year 4 teachers are really proud of the hard work all the pupils put into this project, well done! -Mr Edd Moseley

House News

On the 11th December the House winners from City and Cherngtalay enjoyed a trip to the SFX cinema at Central Mall, where we watched the new Wonka movie followed by a delicious lunch at either sizzler or the pizza company. It was a great morning enjoyed by all. Well done to the Cheetahs at City Campus for winning the term 1 House Prize and the Blue Tigers for winning at the Cherngtalay. It is still all to play for for the term 3 prize, so keep joining in all house activities to win those crucial points for your team. A Merry Christmas to all! -Ms Hannah Norman, House coordinator


This week Year 1 all went to Ao Yon beach. The children were extremely excited and could not wait to go. At the beach, the children applied skills and knowledge they had learnt in humanities to identify different physical and human features in the area. They then enjoyed some time with their friends on the beach, sharing toys they brought with them and playing games together. The children were all amazing ambassadors for our school, showing superb behaviour throughout the trip. -Mr Liam Moore

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Neil Roscoe

University Counsellor
[email protected]

I’m Neil Roscoe and I have taught Science and especially Biology for over 20 years. My degree is from the University of Leicester and I qualified to teach at the University of Sussex, in the UK. I most recently taught in an international School in Shanghai, China, before moving to Phuket and also in a number of private boarding schools, including Roedean, prior to that. I believe that every student has a number of talents or gifts (and this doesn’t necessarily mean being good at Maths). School is about finding what you really love to do, what gets you excited, and channeling these into a career or a way of earning a living, or perhaps even to change the World! This is why it is my pleasure to help HeadStart students into a suitable degree course to help hone these talents. If you are a sixth form student, I look forward to meeting you shortly and supporting you in your applications. When not teaching, I’m interested in travel and flying. I learned to fly small planes in the United States, which has brought many hours of fun. I also enjoy music and sometimes painting (watercolour), which can be a real source of relaxation. I look forward to another year at HeadStart and helping the students to find their niche in life. There are a number of crises the World is facing today, from climate change and habitat destruction, to war, poverty and global recession. HeadStart students will undoubtedly become some of the scientists, lawyers, economists and politicians we will need to find the solutions. We all have a part to play.

The Apprentice Program, Y12

The conclusion of the Apprentice program at HeadStart was marked by an air of excitement and accomplishment. Over the past few weeks, Y12 students had immersed themselves in a transformative experience aimed at refining their application and interview skills for internships. The program, which was completed as part of UPrep class, provided a unique opportunity for students to engage with seasoned professionals like Dr. Marsh and Ms. Bedi, who represented various companies.

Students submitted their CVs and cover letters, each vying for the coveted internship placements. The interviews, conducted by senior staff members, were moments of both nervous anticipation and valuable learning. Staff such as Mr Armstrong and Ms Tuppen, with their wealth of experience, carefully deliberated and identified the recipients of the internships for each company. As the term draws to a close, winners have emerged, their outstanding performance and potential recognized through the award of prizes and certificates at a ceremony taking place in the last week of term. All participating students gained invaluable insights into real-world job dynamics, not usually covered as part of the academic curriculum. The program, praised by Secondary Head Mr. Lukats, is significant in preparing students for professional success, not only for university, but also for their first job application. The Winners are as follows:

  • Theo Phumess and Kyungkuk (KoKo) Kim (Four Seasons)
  • Rungradis (Mix) Ruthirawut (Yipiyap)
  • Christina Fisher, Mary Beirwolf and Alice Li, (MoMA)
  • Dylan Reynolds and Eva Ducasse (WWF)
  • Valenzo Vu-Guerin and Damir An (CISCO)
  • Justin Huang (Smart Works)
  • Alisa Boltovskaia and Mason Gibson (Bain & Co)
  • Sabai Pucharoen (ISHR)
Eco News
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Robert Gratton

Head of Humanities
[email protected]

I am an experienced educationalist with over two decades working as a teacher, school leader, teacher trainer and researcher with the UCL Institute of Education. A History graduate, with PGCE in Secondary Education, a Masters in Guiding Effective Learning, and with a decade spent investigating the nature of Collaboration, I have been fortunate to work across numerous innovative and forward thinking projects within education internationally. This has included leading Curriculum development within Sweden, establishing new schools such as the UCL Academy and co-founding a centre for education in the outdoors focusing on wellbeing, creativity and sustainability in Wales. I am an advocate for the human centred approach to individual, societal and global sustainable practice. My passion for the Humanities is derived from a belief that we can utilise an education through the Humanities subjects to empower learners to become critical, compassionate and collaborative global citizens. To become life-long, life-wide learners and to become better prepared for an unknown future. To HeadStart I bring this commitment, this drive and this ambition to use the Humanities to transform the lives of each and every learner. My second year here at HeadStart will see a reinvigoration of the Humanities and a renewed drive to ensuring every learner activates their capacity to become a fully active and internationally aware learner.

“Sometimes, you have to step outside of the person you've been and remember the person you were meant to be. The person you want to be. The person you are.” - H.G. Wells

Welcome to the final HeadStart Eco School update of the calendar year. A big thank you once again to all the families, around 59 individuals, that joined us at Nai Harn for our December Beach Clean. Our next Beach Clean will take place at the end of January. We will share upcoming dates and locations for the remainder of the academic year on our return in January. A further thank you to all who donated plastics to our Plastic Collection Drive. After three days of sorting we have filled three large bins with plastics that we can reuse and repurpose. Our next drive in February will focus on collecting just plastic straws and bottle tops. So get collecting.

COP28 (28th Conference of the Parties) began on the 28th of November. HeadStart Eco School Committees have spent the term establishing themselves as groups, identifying their campaigns and in some cases taking action. The Foundation & Key Stage 1 Committee have been super busy designing their recycling collection boxes. These will be in classrooms collecting leftover paper from January.

1. Did You Know: Our nudge campaign to improve food waste collection has been successful. Since the campaign began we have noticed a big drop in tissues and sticks being placed into the food waste collection bins.

2. Something To Think About: A reshare of some useful links to help support a more sustainable festive period.

3. Interesting Links: Environmentally friendly Christmas/Festive Period and
Sustainable Christmas - Thailand.

4. Request: Please keep any Christmas Cards you receive rather than throwing them away in January. We will be collecting unwanted used Christmas cards in January to repurpose them as new cards next December.

Students Volunteer News

The Family Volunteer Group is open to everyone who is interested in volunteering. We have over 5,000 members from various schools across the country. We are very happy to report that a group of HeadStart students came to join as volunteers at the ‘World Blind Union Asian and Pacific Region’ general meeting 2023 held in Phuket. Members joined this event from 21 countries: Papua New Guinea, Demoreste, Philippines, Japan, Laos, Korea, Vietnam, Australia, Cambodia, New Zealand, Tonga, Brunei, China, Fiji, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Samor and Thailand. There were a total 250 members.

Fura, Pear and Mix joined as volunteers to help with the event on 26 November by helping to be guides for the blind, translate for the attendees. I would like to express my admiration and thanks to HeadStart and to the students who came to volunteer and help with this event. -Khun Parichat Sangkham, Founder of the Family Volunteer Group

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Student Success Out of School

Well done to all of our students who participated in The Blue Tree Spartan Race last month!

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Promotions from Around the Island

Ramada Hotel, Chaofah

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