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An Afternoon of Festive Christmas Celebrations

What a wonderful way to bring to a close our first term at HeadStart Cherngtalay campus! After kicking off our Christmas celebrations with festive musical performances by each of our Primary homeroom classes, we received a visit from Santa and then welcomed parents into our classrooms to share some Christmas cheer through creative craft activities. Our congregation then moved out to the Atrium to enjoy our special Christmas Fair with a whole range of traditional treats on offer including decorated gingerbread, sausage rolls and macarons as well as the opportunity to buy a special, last-minute gift or to take part in one of our Year 6 community service craft projects!

Year 1 Outing to Layan Beach

Year 1 had the opportunity to go on their first field trip of this academic year. The trip to Layan Beach was part of our Geography unit, ‘Phuket Paradise’. At the start of this unit, the class received a letter from a child in London named Ben. Ben is coming to Phuket for his Christmas holiday and the children have spent this term answering a number of questions he asked about Phuket. During this trip, they answered the questions “What are the beaches like in Phuket?” and “What animals will I get to see while at the beach?”

Contributing to Shark and Turtle Conservation in Year 4

Year 4 joined their friends from Chaofah City campus on a trip to Panwa Aquarium to find out all about the conservation and rehabilitation projects there. To begin with, the students explored the aquarium and found out about its different projects. They then took part in their very own Bamboo Shark release, contributing to the continued protection and rehabilitation of this precious but endangered little shark. Finally, the students were introduced to the variety of turtle species being cared for by the aquarium’s staff as they recover from unfortunate interactions with human beings, including becoming entangled in plastic waste and accidentally encountering the propellors of local boats! Year 4 are learning about ways in which they can continue to contribute to keeping our seas and oceans healthy and full of life.

Loy Krathong Primary Assembly

During our Loy Krathong Primary Assembly, Year 6 students presented a role play about the history of Loy Krathong. Year 5 students showcased traditional Thai dance, and our talented Thai parents treated us to a special performance representing Northeast Thailand or Isan. Our Primary teachers, led by our Thai teacher, also treated us to enchanting traditional Thai dances, adding a touch of cultural richness to the festivities. To top it off, both students and parents enjoyed making Krathongs and floating them together, strengthening the bonds within our school community.

Science Week

Science Week at HeadStart Cherngtalay was an exhilarating exploration into the world of weird and wacky investigations, bringing an extra layer of excitement to the regular classroom routine. Students delved into hands-on activities that sparked their curiosity and fueled their passion for science. In lessons, budding scientists concocted lava lamps, crafted bubble snakes, and delved into the microscopic realm with awe-inspiring investigations using microscopes. Crystallisation studies added a touch of geological mystery to the mix, captivating students with the mesmerising process of crystal formation. See below to find out some of the great learning that has been going on!

Year 3 Field-trip to the Botanical Gardens

Year 3 had a super trip to the Botanic Gardens on Tuesday. Some highlights were seeing the magnificent Cactus Garden, feeding the fish and taking soil samples at various locations in the gardens. Connected to our learning on Rocks, we will now analyse our soil samples. What an excellent first trip for Year 3 North!

Halloween Celebrations

Innovation and Creativity Under the Sea (in Year 2!)

In Year 2, we embarked on an exciting project of creating ocean dioramas. We began by planning meticulously, researching the creatures that inhabit the ocean environment. The students showcased their creativity by crafting underwater scenes with vivid colors and intricate details, from coral reefs to the deep-sea abyss. What truly impressed us was how these young learners used their initiative, coming up with innovative ideas to make their dioramas stand out. In addition, each student wrote two interesting facts about their chosen marine creatures, adding an educational element to their artistic creations. It was a fantastic hands-on experience that not only deepened their understanding of the ocean but also fostered their problem-solving and artistic skills.

Transporting Year 3 Back to the Bronze Age

Year 3 had an awesome time creating some ‘beakers’. ‘The Beaker Folk’ were a group of people suspected of bringing Bronze to Britain. They also brought amazing clay pots which they used for storage and drinking. We had so much fun recreating our own beakers.

Investigating Dissolving

Year 5 have been investigating dissolving. They tested a variety of materials to find out if they were soluble or insoluble, whilst also considering the variables which needed to be kept the same

Primary Wai Kru Ceremony 2023

On Thursday 5th October, it was the turn of our Primary children, parents and teachers. Congratulations to Anna and Shanjin, our Head Girl and Head Boy, who did such an amazing job of compering the event, to Charlie in Year 1 and Jolie in Year 6 for their sincere speeches thanking their teachers and to Sophie in Year 6 for leading the student pledge. The students were followed by our very own Year 3 teacher, Ms. Davies, who spoke so eloquently about her own childhood experiences and why she is so proud to have become a teacher. Once again, the high point of our ceremony was the children’s singing, with a performance of the classic song from Matilda, “When I Grow Up”, a fantastic celebration of what it’s like to be a child. A special mention should go to Sophie and Bella in Year 6 for their solo parts and to Mr. Costello, our music teacher, for arranging this musical masterpiece!

A sincere thank you goes out to our Thai Department for organising such a memorable event. Also to all parents - thanks for your unwavering support. Your efforts in bringing in flowers and participating in the event contributed to the warmth and success of this special occasion.

Developing Core Skills with Numbers and Words in Year 1

In Year 1 this week, the children have begun our latest maths unit on addition and subtraction. To begin with, we have been learning how to use Part-Whole models and now understand that this links to addition. We also know that the Whole is always bigger than the Parts. In reading lessons, we have been continuing to develop our phonics skills, learning 20 phonemes so far this term. The children are also developing their ability to segment and blend to read words.

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Courageous and Curious Investigators in Year 4

This week in Science, Year 4 learnt about the digestive system. They were courageous and curious investigators as they carried out a fun (and messy!) experiment to investigate the digestive process and the various organs that are involved in it. The Year 4s were engaged in their learning and did a fantastic job recalling the names of digestive system organs and their functions. Way to go, Year 4!

Inquisitive Investigators in Year 5

Year 5 have been very inquisitive this week! They constructed a circuit to then test different materials to see which were electrical insulators and which were electrical conductors. If the bulb lit, it was an electrical conductor and if it didn’t, it was an electrical insulator.

Healthy Eating Mural Competition

At the end of our Primary assembly, we also found out the winners of our first ever Primary school competition - to design a healthy eating mural for our school lunch room wall. Congratulations to Charlie and Zed (Year 1), Freya, Nika and Gabriel (Year 5) for your creative and entertaining designs! Thanks also to Sophie and Bella from Year 6 for announcing our winners and for being the instigators of this initiative, demonstrating their own creative and collaborative attributes.

Next up, we will be looking for children to volunteer their time and energy to turn our winning designs into the final mural that will adorn our lunch room!


The 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar is the traditional Chinese festival known as the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 29th. On the occasion of this joyful festival, students from our Mandarin Language classes joined Ms. Yuru in giving a presentation to our Primary classes and celebrated by sharing delicious mooncakes together. “Though miles apart, we share the same bright moon,” so don’t forget to enjoy the moon and eat mooncakes with your family, and send greetings and blessings to your friends. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Dr. Seuss Inspired Science Fun!

Things certainly got off to a sticky start in our Science Club ECA! Inspired by ‘Bartholomew and the Oobleck’, a book by Dr. Seuss, students from Year 3 and 4 have been investigating the non-Newtonian properties of this peculiar material over the last two weeks. Simply made using just two ingredients - corn starch and water (you can add food colouring if desired) - Oobleck (pronounced “OOOO! Bleck!”) acts like a liquid when you gently run your fingers through it; however, apply a sudden rapid force to it, and it becomes solid! You can even bend and tear it. The particle science behind this peculiar phenomenon is complex (suspended particles and such), but the fun that can be had with it is immense as our young scientists discovered!

IMG 0153IMG 0150make Oobleck edit

Dedicated and Enthusiastic in Foreign Language Mandarin lessons

This week in Foreign Language Mandarin lessons, Year 1, 2 and 3 students have been enjoying their learning journey by reading and writing numbers in Mandarin. Their rapid progress and evident joy in the process are truly amazing. Through various engaging methods such as songs, games, hand signs, and videos, they embraced the challenges with determination. Some have even mastered writing numbers up to thirty, a testament to their dedication and enthusiasm!

Creativity and Imagination in Art Club ECA

Creating a night garden with watercolours can be a fun and educational project for our young pupils. This activity allows them to explore colour mixing and texture while also learning about art techniques and the concept of a night garden. This art project not only helps young pupils develop their painting skills but also encourages creativity and imagination while learning about the natural world and the concept of night gardens.

Year 5 Using Inquiring Minds to Explore our Solar System

Our Year 5 learners blasted off into space this week on their field trip to the Planetarium. The students had the opportunity to experience an interactive tour of our Solar System and learn from a real astronomer.

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