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10 Year Anniversary Celebration

On 10 June 2019, HeadStart celebrated 10 years of ‘Inspiring a Love of Learning’ with a variety of festive activities, refreshments and musical entertainment. Families were invited to take photos in the photo booth and gifts were given to over 50 students who have been enroled at HeadStart for the past decade. The management team took time to appreciate all of the staff who have worked above and beyond to make HeadStart the success it is.

“The 10 years of history and growth that we celebrated on 10 June, 2019, was not about numbers and the development of our facilities, it is about education and growth of character, it is about the personal journey each of us has travelled over the last 10 years. It is about each choice and decision that has brought us all here today to be part of the vibrant, inspiring and exciting learning community which we together call HeadStart. I am proud of what we have become and achieved together but also humbled and grateful to all of you my fellow educators, parents and staff for your individual contributions which make us the school we are today. In closing, I want to renew the personal commitment I made 10 years ago, and that is that I will continue to give my very best during the next 10 years working together with you to build and support a team of dedicated teachers and individuals and together to continue Inspiring a Love of Learning in our children and students.” Mr Jazon Edouard, Founder and CEO

Click on THIS LINK to read the entire 10 Year Anniversary message from Mr Jazon Edouard.

Christmas Market and Festivities 2018

International Day 2018

On Friday, 30th of March, HeadStart hosted it’s annual International Day. Representatives from Thailand, England, Philippines, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, France, Australia, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, Ireland, South America and Spain, South Africa, Korea, India, Nepal, China and Russia dazzled the HeadStart community with fantastic costumes, delicious food and exciting performances. A big thank you to all of the HeadStart community for getting involved and helping to make the event so successful.

Halloween 2017

On 3 November, the students and teachers celebrated Halloween with an all day dress up, snack competition, a mini concert from Divalicious, a treasure hunt for candy, ‘Wrap the Mummy’ game as well as a great lunch and snack buffet of perfectly frightful delights prepared by Chef and his team. The students had the chance to vote for the best dressed teacher as well as participate in an online #headstartphuket photo competition. Over 125 people received printed out photos from the Instaroid team.

Wai Kru Ceremony 2017

Songkran Festival

On the 6th of April, 2017, HeadStart celebrated the much loved traditional Thai festival of Songkran. The day started with making merit by offering food and dry goods to the monks. During the day everyone wore flowery shirts. Teachers and staff participated in a parade, the students prepared a lovely Thai dance after which the students poured water on the elders (management) hands. The day ended with a fun water throwing festival on the Football Pitches.

International Day 2017

On the 24th of March the HeadStart community celebrated International Day in a grand flurry of colour, music, dance and a delectable international food buffet prepared by over 20 different countries. Our deputy teachers rocked the stage with amazing handmade costumes and a carnival style dance from the Philippines while Switzerland gave a humorous live demonstration on how cheese and chocolate are made meanwhile throwing little bits of tasters out to the audience. We were lucky to have a guest appearance from Adele as well as the Queen of England who dropped by to give us a wave. We were treated to a Coco Channel fashion show with a guest appearance from David Guetta from France after which HeadStart’s CEO came out on stage to give some life to the party with a Caribbean number. It is safe to say that International Day is one of the communities favourite events.

In International Day 2017 You Tube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNmkCYDEyTc

Primary Trashion Show

Fair Trade Week

Fair Trade Week at HeadStart was all about raising awareness for Fair Trade and allowing the students to make connections between the foods they eat and the farmers who grow the food. We welcomed some local Fair Traders and parents to put their products on sale for the HeadStart community. It was well received and the students especially enjoyed a visit with a sheep from the Vanich Farm http://www.vanichfarm.com/ and the breakfast all made from local produce.

Christmas Market 2017

On the 14th of December we organised HeadStart’s first Christmas Market. It was a great time of festivity as we were treated to our singers and dancers performing in the atrium, a visit from Santa and his elves as well as over 25 booths selling interesting as well as delicious treats.

His Majesty the King’s Remembrance Assembly

HeadStart held an assembly in honour of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej for the occasion of his birthday. Year 9 - Year 11 students prepared a song called ‘King of the Land’ accompanied by a Thai modern dance. The song is truly meaningful as it is a tribute to the King who tirelessly worked during the 70 years of his blessed reign and who was so dearly loved by all of his people.

International Day 2016

International Day 2015

International Day 2014

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