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15 May 2012
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Final Exams

After the break (31st May - 4th June), students will have their final Year 2 exams. Here is the schedule:

Wednesday June 6 : English Reading Comprehension test - Students will be given a story on the day of the test and will be asked various comprehension questions. The story will not be sent home prior to the test. Students will be helped with spelling their answers if needed. The focus here is on comprehension (understanding of the English language and subtleties in the story).

Thursday June 7 : English Grammar and Writing test - Students will have to look at 5 images and find the inspiration to write 5 sentences about them. Students will not be helped with spelling or vocabulary for this part of the test. Some review grammar questions will be asked (nouns, verbs, punctuation, synonyms, antonyms, compound words).

Monday June 11 : Mathematics test - A review from the whole year.

Tuesday June 12 : Science test - A review from the whole year (forces and movements, weather, recycling, 5 senses, living and non-living things)

Wednesday June 13 : Humanities A review from the whole year in both Geography and History (Phuket, continents and oceans, time-lines, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, Jane Austen, Fridjof Nansen, Great Fire of London)

Although this seems like a lot, the review in class should be sufficient for an average student to pass the exams. We are not trying to trick the students and the questions require general knowledge, not specific details. All questions will be read aloud to the students. This is the last year students have ‘‘home-made exams’’. We have based our tests on the Cambridge format. Starting KS2, they will pass the official Cambridge exams. We aim to prepare them adequately for these.

Some review lessons are scheduled and books will be sent home to study. If your child has some areas of weakness in a subject and you feel some extra help is needed, please contact me or Laurence for help.

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