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Sasha Miftakova

My name is Sasha and I'm a HeadStart International School graduate. After my departure from Phuket, I returned to my home country in Ukraine and was successfully interviewed and enrolled at the private media school in the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts to study History of Arts and contemporary art. During the course of my studies I was officially employed as a part time decorator and a painter for themed sales in stores around my city. After a certain period of time I came to the realization that I want to explore my options in a different field and tried my luck in teaching. I became an English tutor for Ukrainian children at an English speaking school and have really enjoyed the experience. This led me to ending my studies in the art school so that I could focus on work. I was then faced with Covid-19 quarantine and consequently the closing of the English school which has put my teaching on pause. This unfortunate situation has motivated me to search for work online and I have since become a full time online translator translating texts from from Russian to English which has given me an opportunity to support my family at this uneasy time. I am currently in the process of organizing a summer camp with my teaching colleagues which will be an interactive two-week English camp for children. I have also been exploring job opportunities in hotel management for the summer and therefore will be moving to the Black Sea for the high season. In conclusion, this year has been an interesting adventure of self-exploration as I have worked in different spheres and tried to find what makes me happy. I do plan on continuing my studies abroad next year.

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