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Wen Xing

Mandarin Teacher
[email protected]

Hello, I am Wen, born and grew up in China. I hold a literature master degree from Tianjin Normal University. During my spare time, I study drama in education, attend communication workshops, take part in eco-games workshops and WWF environmental education. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated Mandarin language educator with a unique approach to teaching that is deeply rooted in promoting holistic education. Having had the privilege of teaching at Tianjin Jinghai School, affiliated to Beijing Normal University for 2 years, I am committed to creating an immersive learning experience that goes beyond textbooks and exercises. I firmly believe that language is a gateway to culture, history, and personal growth. As a firm believer in holistic education, I go beyond textbook learning to cultivate a deeper understanding of Mandarin. Just as I approach my travels, I treat each lesson as a voyage of discovery. I encourage my students to explore the cultural genes hidden within the language by delving into the history, customs, and traditions that shape its essence. With a focus on embracing the local language during travel, I emphasize that true connection with a culture can only be achieved through linguistic understanding. Traveling is not only a passion of mine, but it also serves as an essential source of inspiration for my teaching. My insatiable curiosity about the unknown propels me to create a classroom environment where questions are celebrated, and exploration is encouraged. Your stories and experiences become invaluable tools for our collective journey. Together, we will unlock the profound connections between language and culture, fostering a deeper appreciation for the essence of Mandarin and the world it encompasses.

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