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Wipawee Lhuangon

Art Technician
[email protected]

My name is Wipawee Lhuangon and I have worked at HeadStart International School since 2019. I initially started as a graphic designer but I am now working as an art technician for the art department. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Communication Art from Sripatum University in 2018. My favourite thing about working in the art department is that I get to help my students with their art projects and I support them in finding their own creativity. I am really looking forward to this new Academic year, as I am sure students will continue to surprise and amaze me with their fantastic talents. Outside of work I am also really passionate about art. I enjoy spending time in Art and History museums. I love to travel and discover new countries. I enjoy Procreate digital art, going to the beach, listening to podcasts and one of my favourite hobbies is surf skating.

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