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At HeadStart, every student and member of staff are allocated to a House. The emphasis on the House system is to instil in every student a sense of T.U.F.F. (Teamwork. Unity. Friendship. Fun.) and the students work together in order to win as many points as possible for their Houses. Students and teaching staff should wear House shirts every Friday unless otherwise announced. We have four Houses as follows:

  • Red Phoenixes
  • Yellow Cheetahs
  • Green Dragons
  • Blue Tigers

The main competitions the students participate in are:

House Quiz

During every Monday mornings homeroom session the students compete in a quick quiz on varying categories (movies, animals, Halloween etc). Then, all the houses points from each home room are tallied to find out which House has the most points.

Weigh Your Waste

As part of being an eco-friendly school, the students are encouraged to only eat as much food as they need. Every Friday lunchtime all the wasted food is placed into their respective House bins and then weighed. Whichever House wastes the least amount of food is the winning House.

House Merits

At HeadStart we reward students and/or groups of students for anything that promotes themselves or others as remarkable and responsible human beings (academics, hard work, effort, teamwork, fairness, respect etc). All the House Merits are also tallied towards their Houses total score.


Every two weeks the Houses compete in a sporting competition (Basketball, Football, Tennis etc). In each competition, we instil a sense of gender equality and we ensure that an equal number of boys and girls are represented by each House. Teachers also create their own competitions, and these can be as wide and as varied as Sports Days, HeadStart’s Got Talent, Language Day. Again, all of these competitions involve points towards the student’s Houses. Every week at the all-school assembly, results from the previous week’s competitions are announced and the students are informed which position their House are currently placed (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th).

Finally, at the end of the academic year, the House that gained the most points are rewarded with a House prize such as a pizza party, excursion to Splash Jungle or a trip to the cinema.

House Logo

Painting new House banners! Thank you students for a great job!

House shirts
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