Student Leadership

Student Council

The Student Council is a representative body that meets once a month. The Student Council is divided into a Primary Council and a Secondary Council, each led by their own Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls. The Primary Council is made up of one student representative from each Year 3 - 6 homeroom, elected by their peers. The Secondary Council is made up of one student representative from each Year 7 - 13 homeroom, elected by their peers.

The purpose of the Student Council is as follows:

  • Represent student feelings, opinions, and interests.
  • Give students a share in decision making.
  • Encourage students to participate in school activities.
  • Help students understand and accept their role in school government.

Issues discussed at Student Council meetings range from uniform, concerns about the Coffee Shop and lunchtime issues to suggestions as to how to further develop the campus and links with community partners and charities.

Recent school developments attributed to the Student Council are the new school jacket, improvements in food service as well as variety in the available equipment at break times.

‘Students thrive on the leadership opportunities available. The student council plays a full and active part in making improvements in the school. The councillors feel listened to and know that their suggestions will be given full consideration. Their impact is evident across most aspects of the school; from their concern for car park attendants to wear high visibility jackets, to further improvements to the healthy meals on offer, to curriculum changes such as extra PE time for Years 10 and 11 and changes to the ICT IGCSE syllabus choice options.’ Education Development Trust (EDT) Accreditation Report, June 2017

Student Council

Head Boy and Head Girl

The Head Boy & Head Girl are considered to be role models and must act accordingly. They are chosen from students who exemplify good behaviour, grades and attendance. The Head Boy & Girl may be asked to represent the school at public events and may be asked to make speeches. It is the highest honour the school can give to any student.

In Secondary, the selection process for Head Boy & Head Girl involves each candidate collecting two nominations from two different teachers to demonstrate that they are suitable candidates. Candidates must write a personal statement, explaining why they are the best choice for the position. Each candidate is interviewed by the Head of Pastoral Care. In the interviews, each candidate will be asked a number of questions relating to the role of Head Boy & Head Girl. The final decision rests with the Head and Deputy Head of Secondary. The Primary Head and Deputy Head Boys/Girls are selected by the children applying in writing to the Head of Primary, outlining their reasons for applying and ideas for development. Strong candidates are then invited to interview where they must impress in order to be appointed.

The role of Head boy and Head Girl includes jobs such as running and organising the Student Council and supervising the Prefects. In addition, the Head Boy & Head Girl will participate in flag raising, talking to the whole school about various issues, giving speeches at award ceremonies and other events in the school throughout the year.

Student Leadership for 2020-2021 Academic Year

“This year I am looking forward to being a key part of student leadership at HeadStart being the Head Girl for 2020-2021. I’ve had an amazing first year as Deputy Head Girl and truly feel I’m prepared for the year ahead with all the experience I’ve gained. I’m excited to work with a new team of student leadership and make sure that we continue to create a positive and caring atmosphere around the school”. -Lucy Mester, Head Girl

“Taking on the role of Deputy Head Boy last year has allowed me to gain many different essential skills, such as public speaking, communication and organising. I feel truly grateful to be able to contribute with the leadership team as the role of Head Boy this year and am also planning to work harder to achieve success for both myself and for the Headstart community. This year, there are many things we have planned that must be done, so I would like to encourage more students to express their opinions and suggest positive changes to the school. I hope everyone has had a great start to the year!” -Hyunseung Lee, Head Boy

“Hello, My name is Nutcha and I am currently studying in Year 12. I have been in HeadStart my whole life and I’m very honoured to take on the role of Deputy Head Girl. HeadStart is my second home where my most precious memories are made, and I would like to strengthen that positive atmosphere where all students will be able to create such cherishable memories like mine. I promise to work hard to become a model student and encourage others to work hard and enjoy school life”. Nutcha Phaisamran, Deputy Head Girl

“Hello, I’m Calvin and I’m currently in Year 12. I am Dutch/ American and HeadStart’s 2020-2021 Deputy Head Boy. I’ve been at HeadStart for over 15 years and have watched the school grow from a small homeschool for a handful of students to what it is today. I’m excited to take on this role to work with students, teachers and parents around the school to create a fun and productive learning environment. I hope I can leave HeadStart knowing I made positive contributions to the community”. -Calvin Van Der Laan, Deputy Head Boy

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