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Welcome to HeadStart’s Secondary School. We are a diverse school community with families from over 40 different nationalities. We offer outstanding learning opportunities for students from a wide range of previous academic experiences and backgrounds. At the same time, we consistently achieve some of the finest academic results in the country (5 Top in Thailand Cambridge Assessment International IGCSE Achievement Awards 2018) and our students achieve value-added results that reflect outstanding progress. Our Sixth Form students go on to study Medicine, Engineering and Sciences at some of the best Universities around the world.

These successes are a testament to our outstanding teaching faculty, our commitment to ongoing professional learning, and to our whole-school learning culture. Indeed, at HeadStart we are all learners.

As well as supporting our students to achieve success in all areas of school life, we offer our parents weekly activities and support covering everything from University Prep sessions to homework and parenting training. In addition, our extensive range of community based events enable the whole school community to regularly celebrate the amazing talents of our students and raise awareness with issues relevant to our school community.

At HeadStart, we believe in the concept of pastoral care: the notion that children can’t flourish academically unless they are happy, supported and well cared for. This holistic approach, in which success is more than just about good grades, defines what we do. I am incredibly proud of the high level of pastoral care that we offer all of our students, care that is coupled with outstanding teaching and academic mentoring which includes personalised learning programmes and Academic Boosters which ensures every child has the opportunity to reach their potential.

Our extensive extra curricular activities (ECA) programmes ensure that every HeadStart student has opportunities to flourish outside of the classroom whether through sports, music, the creative and performing arts or any other hobbies.

The Secondary School curriculum focuses on supporting young, confident adults to reach their potential. Students should leave us prepared to face the challenges of university life and beyond. Our focus on involvement outside the classroom, alongside academic excellence, aims to create the opportunity for students to become change agents in both their local and global communities. Our courses are designed to meet the academic, personal and cultural needs of our students and better equip them for future challenges, while at the same time creating enjoyable learning environments that inspire and motivate.

Students follow the full range of subjects, which are linked to the National Curriculum of England but are modified to create courses appropriate for an international education. HeadStart is a registered Cambridge Assessment International Education School, Pearson Education Centre, Registered SAT and LAMDA Centre. We offer a world-class curriculum and international qualifications that are recognised across the world, including IGCSE, AS & A Levels, BTECs and LAMDA qualifications. As part of the Cambridge network, we work together to develop passionate and committed learners who are prepared for their future.

We believe that for a student to be successful, a strong support network needs to be in place. Academic success is likely when students have high levels of self-esteem and self-efficacy as a result of positive relationships with teachers and a well-rounded curriculum. This requires outstanding teachers and tutors and a healthy home and school partnership – all of which we are proud to say exist within our school.

I hope that the website provides you with a glimpse into the life of the school, as well as the positive learning opportunities and experiences that students face on any given day. I welcome and encourage any prospective parents to visit us and to see for yourself the wonderful school that is HeadStart.

A HeadStart secondary student will leave here ready to face the world with confidence.

Contact Information

Name Position Reason for Contact Email Address
Richard Lukats Head of Secondary   [email protected]
Mathew Sillett Deputy Head (Pastoral) Pastoral Issues/concerns Year 7-11 [email protected]
Timothy Davidson Deputy Head (Academic) Academic Matters: Examinations, Curriculum [email protected]
Indu Bedi Deputy Head (Sixth Form) Sixth Form Pastoral Care/Academics/Sixth Form Options [email protected]
Yardenna Jones BTEC Coordinator BTEC inquiries [email protected]

Teachers email contacts can be found here → Staff List.

Homeroom Homeroom Teacher HR Classroom
7 Blue Lewis Kendell English 3
7 Green Lee Sumsion English 2
7 White Katie Roberts English 1
7 Yellow Lynda Kite History
8 Blue Benjamin Wilson Maths 1
8 White Sam Kasim Maths 3
8 Yellow Lauren Davidson Maths 2
9 Blue Alice Cardall Languages 6
9 White Mani Rasheed Languages 7
9 Yellow Thomas Martin Secondary Thai 1
10 Blue Luke Wysoczanski Computing 1
10 White Aaron Dempsey Computing 2
10 Yellow Letitia Bekker Computing 3
11 Blue Patrick Graham Music 1
11 White Patrick Brown Geography
11 Yellow Tara Garman Music 2
12 Blue Giovanni Guarino Biology
12 White James Snell Geography
12 Yellow Emma Marsh Chemistry
13 Blue Yardenna Jones Classroom 1
13 Yellow Sarah Gratton Psychology
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