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Bomnuri Kim

"Hello. My name is Lisa. I graduated with the wonderful HeadStart class of 2019. I am currently studying Biological Sciences at UCL in London and would like to share with you the thoughts and lessons that I have learned. In just 6 months time, I have experienced the steepest learning curve. Before this point, I didn't really know what people meant when they said that going to university was a turning point in their lives, but now I am beginning to understand. Yes, I have learned more about Biology through attending lectures, laboratory sessions and other practical work, however, I have learned so much from the people that I have been surrounded by. My new friends, colleagues, fellow students and professors are all from such diverse backgrounds and are so caring. They care about current issues even though it might not be the area that they specialise in. They know how to appreciate the importance of diversity, acceptance and collaboration regardless of their degree, nationality and backgrounds. Compared to their mindsets, I have realised that I am quite a careless person. The world we live in right now places so much emphasis on achievements so much so that it blinds people to the hidden jewels and joys of other aspects of life that are just as important as tangible success. I did what I thought I had to do as a student with the guidelines provided but I was not sure about what really mattered and quite frankly, I didn't really care! I can't really point out one thing that matters more than the others as I am still an amateur homo sapien, however, one of the things that I have realised is that I haven't appreciated the significance of human interactions, of verbal communication in shaping an individual's soul. In short, I have had many small but valuable experiences while studying at UCL that have made me realise that I am only a small frog living in a small pond. To be fair, my parents have told me this all along but it is different when you actually experience it. I am committed to continue my learning journey and learning more from my interactions with the people I have and will meet. I will never stop investigating how I can be a better contributor to society and all living organisms on earth and maybe beyond!"

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